Additional offers for liability

Additional offers in addition to private liability insurance

With a private liability insurance you have taken the most important measure to secure your financial existence. We want to give you a quick overview of important supplements and additional offers for private liability. For more information on insurance, for example, see Please check whether you are sufficiently insured in the following performance segments: In addition to the private liability insurance We have the following information for you with the appropriate Comparison computer compiled:

Public liability insurance, professional liability insurance

Entrepreneurs, the self-employed or freelancers need company liability or public liability insurance for their work. As part of their activities, they are not covered by private liability insurance, but require special insurance cover. In fact, every business is liable for all or part of its property for property damage or personal injury caused by business owners and their employees.

Personal injury with permanent physical damage can very quickly go through the treatment and lifelong pensions in the millions. Small and medium-sized companies are threatened with these payment obligations in their existence.

Cyber ​​insurance

Millions of computers worldwide are attacked daily with malicious programs, Trojans and viruses. The hackers are also happy to choose smaller and medium-sized companies, because the data there is not protected to the extent that, for example, at a bank or a large insurance company. Any system linked to the Internet can be hacked. In the so-called Darknet hacker programs are auctioned to the highest bidder and are an ever-increasing danger for large and small companies. The demand for cyber-protection policies is increasing accordingly and we will inform you in detail in our cyber-insurance comparison.

Legal expenses insurance

Being right and being right is not always the same. Even the most peaceful person can unexpectedly be affected by a legal action and alone the lawyer’s fees can reach unexpected heights depending on the amount in dispute. With a legal expenses insurance you can have your chances of success in a lawsuit examined and then also at the expense of legal expenses insurance fight this dispute. Without legal expenses insurance they go with their private assets in submission and are alone the judicial claim defenseless. Legal expenses insurance


Your liability insurance is for damage you inflict on others. But if damage to your own property in your home, so no rented damage, only a household insurance continues to help you. With a home contents insurance here you insure property against fire, burglary, water damage, storm and hail. If you have valuables in the house, you should increase the corresponding sum insured, because usually only about 20% of the sum insured for it. The same applies to bicycle theft in home contents insurance.

Home Insurance

not only their property in the building, but also the building itself needs protection. A value determination sheet records the value of the building and accordingly selects the sum insured. With homeowners insurance, you can secure the risks of storm, natural catastrophes (flood, earthquake, snow pressure), fire and even the impact of motor vehicles. If your house or apartment suffers a total loss, the residential building insurance will take over the reconstruction on the same, or in another place.

accident insurance

In brief German insurance, a sudden external impact on the body involuntarily leads to damage to health, provides the accident insurance in the event of permanent disability. As soon as a neutral appraiser has determined the disability and has determined the appropriate degree of disability (articulated tax), the accident insurance provides. You can insure a single payment or an accident pension.

Car liability insurance

Every year at the end of the year, the run begins on the change in the vehicle liability insurance. We offer in our page a comparison calculator to get the best deals for your vehicle at a glance. In many cases, direct sellers such as HUK 24 are the cheapest with the car liability offers. Make your own picture and compare the prices carefully.

Car Liability

Our tip for the right protection on holiday trips abroad. Choose the right car rental provider. In any case, we recommend Sunny Cars, because the rates of Sunny Cars include the best possible rental car liability rates. Likewise, the favorable full to full tank regulations and the exemption of excesses for smaller parking rims or tire damage.

Travel liability insurance

In the best case, your private liability insurance should include the additional service abroad protection. This means that you are also protected from personal liability benefits for temporary stays abroad. For the vacation planning, however, not only the liability insurance is important, but it is also the appropriate travel cancellation insurance against unwanted cancellation costs. In any case, a foreign health insurance in your luggage. How to find the cheapest travel protection at the best price, we show you in our partner portal

care insurance

The statutory long-term care insurance is far from sufficient to cover the increased costs in the care services. If you do not want your children to lie on their bags all of a sudden because their parents have to fill the gap in their care costs, then it’s worthwhile to take out additional care insurance as early as possible. We will explain you which tariffs are suitable for you. Our recommendation is the care day money insurance.

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