Liability insurance test, all winner

Liability insurance test

A liability insurance test gives you a good overview of which over 150 providers of private liability insurance in the German market with a very good Price-performance ratio come up. In our private liability comparison you can then use the services of in the test well rated providers compare directly and complete online immediately. In the brand new private liability insurance test 2017 by FINANZtest we show all test winners at a glance.

Liability insurance test, so you can find the right protection!

The number of 45 million customers in liability insurance in Germany speaks a clear language. For the Germans it is important to protect themselves against financial risks with a liability insurance. Only 25% of the population does not yet have such protection. On Liability insurance test shows that there are many very good offers on the market. We want to give you some information and assistance for your personal selection.

These are the best liability insurance in the test

If you harm others, you have to damages accomplish this with all his fortune. At a Liability insurance test it’s always about theirs individual living conditions to take into account. Do you need a singletar or a family liability insurance? Do disabled children live in their household, do they own dogs or horses and do they spend more time temporarily abroad? All these questions are important to you matching liability test winner make sense.

Basically, three criteria make a very good liability insurance:

The benefits of liability insurance

The amount of the coverage of the liability

• The corresponding annual liability tariff

The Stiftung Warentest and also we recommend to carry out a private liability comparison every five years. Because new tariffs are mostly more powerful and also attractively priced. Also FINANZtest has determined that there are a lot of very good liability insurance on the German market. Nevertheless, the scores of the test winner in the liability insurance financial test 2014, a range of 0.7-1.5, so significant differences in the performance rating.

The question of how reliable liability insurance companies pay in the event of a claim has not yet been able to investigate a third-party liability insurance test because the corresponding data bases are missing. We can rely on the experience of Kronwinkler Versicherungsmakler GmbH and use them for our evaluation.

The Test winner in the liability insurance test are the following providers over years and tests:

In particular, we would like to test the liability of Franke&Bornberg for Focus Money from the year 2015 and briefly present the results:

Test winner single tariffs

providers Surname coverage final grade annual Fee
InterRisk Concept XL 10 million. 1.3 56,23 €
Liability insurance Darmstadt Just better 20 million. 1.5 66.64 €
VHV Exclusive guarantor 50 million. 1.5 65.46 €
Adcuri Premium 10 million. 1.6 73,85 €
Gotha insurance Liability Top 20 million. 1.6 66,88 €
Janitos Best Selection 10 million. 1.6 74.79 €
Swiss Life Prima Plus 20 million. 1.6 74.22 €
DOMCURA Comfort protection 10 million. 1.7 54.98 €
Degenia premium 15 million. 1.8 62,00 €

Test winner families liability insurance

providers Surname coverage final grade annual Fee
Swiss Life Prima Plus 20 million. 1.5 86.22 €
Adcuri Premium 10 million. 1.6 88.24 €
Liability insurance Darmstadt Just better 20 million. 1.6 92,82 €
VHV Exclusive guarantor 50 million. 1.6 94.02 €
InterRisk Concept XXL 10 million. 1.6 89,25 €
DOMCURA Comfort protection 10 million. 1.7 68.72 €
Degenia premium 15 million. 1.8 77,00 €
Gothaer Liability Top 20 million. 1.8 103.24 €
Janitos Best Selection 10 million. 1.9 111.79 €

These criteria are taken into account in a meaningful liability insurance test

A private liability insurance provides for:

damage to property

They accidentally damage third-party property and are liable for damages.

personal injury

Their actions hurt a stranger. You will be liable for all your medical expenses, hospital costs, possible rehabilitation benefits and any resulting pension payments.

financial losses

From a previous damage to property or personal injury the victims have a financial disadvantage, which must be compensated.

Defense against unjustified claims for damages

Each liability insurance also has a so-called passive legal protection function, which averts unfounded claims for damages on its behalf and for you.

In the liability insurance hedged risks

Financial test here speaks of a so-called compulsory basic protection. This basic protection is the Scale for each liability insurance test. In this basic protection, at least the following benefits should be covered as damage risks:


Damage caused to the masonry of dwellings and houses over time due to escaping moisture and may then have to be replaced with the complete renovation of a wall. If, for example, you as a tenant drill a water pipe in the wall, which is completely moistened after some time and must be rehabilitated.

Internet damage

Damage caused to the computers of other persons due to the inadvertent transmission of malicious programs or viruses. Think of your children, who are not always surfing the internet under your supervision!

Beware of foreign dogs or horses

Dog Liability If you guard the dog of a neighbor who is excitedly biting a stranger, you will be held liable as a dog sitter for this damage.

water pollution

All damage caused by water-damaging substances in your household should be covered by the liability insurance in the basic protection.

rented property

Damage that they cause as a tenant in the apartment. It can also be an apartment should also be included as a liability insurance.

Liability protection abroad

All personal liability insurance benefits should also apply during a temporary stay in Europe or worldwide. This also for a short term rented apartment.

pension insurance

All risks that arise after the conclusion of liability insurance should be covered within the scope of the services provided until the annual demand and notification of new risks.

• House and landowner’s liability

In 2015, FINANZtest examined the liability insurance policies for landlords and owner associations specifically for house and landowners under the motto “play safe”.

In addition to the benefits of the basic protection, it is of course important for the liability insurance test the Services to rate, which are insured without surcharge in the offered tariff. These can be, for example:

  • Benefits for disabled children
  • Services in a construction project. In most cases, construction totals of up to € 100,000 are included.
  • Services for a heating oil tank
  • key loss
  • loss coverage
  • complacency damage
  • Dog liability
  • Pet owner liability
  • Water damage liability

Our assessment:

Basically, it is between so-called Allerweltsrisiken and existence-threatening damage risks to distinguish. Standard services are important in the base, while life-threatening damage risks must be secured as well as possible. It must also be weighed with what probability such damage occurs. You should under no circumstances underestimate the risk of personal injury.

If you active at leisure On the go, be it mountain bikes, skis or inline skates, the speed is always big enough too existence-threatening personal injury to cause. These days too Internet risks ever more serious. If your kids surf online and accidentally destroy an online business with a virus, the amount of damage is enormous.

These sums insured are to be assessed in a liability test

A flat-rate coverage of 10 million € for personal injury, property damage and financial loss is reasonable and sufficient. Other sums insured are more the exception. At least, please set a flat-rate coverage of € 5 million.

Only with a coverage of more than € 5 million can your liability insurance cover long-term pension payments if you seriously injure a person. For this reason, we also recommend default coverage, which in such a case also covers the amount of the cover. Finally, the statistical numbers say that about 25% of Germans just do not have appropriate liability insurance, insofar obese this Demand-loss coverage important!

This is understood as a best performance guarantee in the liability insurance test

The insurer also guarantees for claims for damages that are not expressly described in his terms of insurance and co-insured. Insofar you him prove, that another liability insurance in Germany would pay for this damage. You must have the appropriate current insurance conditions this provider with their liability insurance submit.

For the Liability Insurance Test, this guarantee means that these providers rank in each case in the top ratings. With offers from these providers you are well protected in any case. These tariffs are often too Match tariffs called because they represent the services of other providers / match.

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