Applied psychology – ib university

Applied psychology - ib university

Degree in Applied Psychology

graduation Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.), 210 ECTS points
study mode Full-time study
duration 7 semesters
beginning October 1st (winter semester) / summer semester 2020 in Munich


At the IB Hochschule you can study applied psychology without an NC! The course deals with practical experiences, human experience and behavior. In doing so, people are taken into account in their entirety, their living environment as well as in the special areas of life and situations.

Through an intensive and integrative link between teaching and applied research, individual and needs-oriented psychological qualification takes place. The particular dynamics of the social challenges of our time and the associated psychosocial needs are trend-setting for the professional application of psychological knowledge and should be brought to bear in the Applied Psychology course.


  • Fields of activity and basics of psychology
  • Health Psychology
  • General / Cognitive Psychology, Developmental Psychology, Differential and Personality Psychology
  • Social Psychology, Comparative Cultural Psychology
  • Organizational Psychology, Educational Psychology
  • Psychological diagnostics and test procedures
  • Cognitive-behavioral, psychodynamic and humanistic approaches to psychology
  • Neurobiology / Neuropsychology
  • Scientific work, research methods

"The current state of research in psychology must finally be used comprehensively, holistically and integratively in order to efficiently and sustainably support people in various areas of life and situations in coping with critical life events. From such a perspective, it is not a question of labeling or stigmatizing people in a deficit-oriented manner, but rather of providing psychological support to them in an appreciative, empathetic, authentic and scientifically sound manner."

Prof. Dr. Werner Leitner, Vice President for Research, IB Hochschule

Career prospects and fields of activity

The Bachelor of Science in Applied Psychology opens up many opportunities for you in a growing job market and qualifies you for psychological support and support in different areas of life, life situations and different institutional contexts. Your areas of activity include a. psychosocial health, prevention, counseling in life crises, conflict management in social groups and learning in different ages.

  • Clinics, medical practices and advice centers
  • Own psychological counseling practice
  • Cooperation in applied research

Through the integrative conception of teaching and research, they study close to relevant research projects and thereby develop an interesting profile for diverse professional options. A master’s degree can be connected.

At our information events you have the opportunity to get to know your course better. In a short presentation we will introduce you to the different courses and the corresponding perspectives. We will then inform you about the content, organization and structure of your studies.

admission requirements

  • University entrance qualification (general or subject-specific university entrance qualification or university entrance qualification, or successfully completed vocational training in a profession similar to the desired course and three years of professional experience)
  • successful admission interview

tuition fee

The monthly tuition fee is € 585 per month (€ 3,510 per semester).
The entire seven-semester course costs € 24,570 plus matriculation fee of € 330 and examination fee of € 690 (one-off).


The course can be financed through BAföG, student loan, educational loan and scholarships.
More on student finance options.

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