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Private health insurance, private supplementary health insurance and something… =)

There are people who are not in one Private health insurance are allowed to switch because they are below the compulsory insurance limit due to their income. You are forced to use statutory health insurance. But if you still don’t want to do without the much better range of services offered by private health insurance, you should take out supplementary health insurance. Such additional health insurance is the best way to benefit from additional services that you would otherwise not receive or pay dearly for.
Treatment by a doctor in a single room, dentures or expensive glasses are just a few examples of the benefits that can be secured with supplementary health insurance. The list of advantages is very long, so professional advice is recommended. Let yourself be convinced by an additional health insurance.
The contributions of such additional health insurance are also impressive. A lot of benefits and uncomplicated administrative procedures also convince the last of the need for additional health insurance.
With the right supplementary health insurance, you can "afford" getting sick again.

Private supplementary health insurance

After the income limit for private health insurance (PKV) rose in 2013, it increases again. In 2014, too, consumers can expect an increase of over 2.5 percent compared to the previous year. The income limit is likely to increase by 1,350 euros. While it was still 52,200 euros in 2013, the compulsory insurance limit is now set at an annual gross salary of 53,550 euros. Only if employees achieve this income within a year can they withdraw from statutory health insurance and switch to private health insurance.

Special termination right according to § 204 Insurance Contract Act

All tariffs that will be affected by an upward premium adjustment can be terminated in accordance with Section 204 of the Insurance Contract Act. Alternatively, the customer has the right to switch to a cheaper and equivalent rate from the same company. After notification of an increase in the premium by the private health insurance company, the customer has a statutory right to terminate the contract. Alternatively, a customer can ask the insurance company to switch to an equivalent but cheaper PKV tariff. Especially with regard to the services and the equivalence of a tariff, a PKV comparison of the test winners from Stiftung Warentest can be very useful.

Premium adjustments as the biggest obstacle to sales
The brokers surveyed almost unanimously confirm a clear downward trend for private health insurance, which is attributed on the one hand to homemade problems such as cheap tariffs with strong increases in premiums and numerous reimbursements as a result, but also to legal regulations such as commission capping and the switch to unisex.

In contrast to the GKV, the PKV offers much better health services. Depending on the tariff, privately insured persons are entitled to treatment by a chief doctor and a one-bed room, and they receive a high reimbursement of costs for visual aids, alternative healing methods and dentures. In contrast to the statutory health insurances, insured persons of private health insurance can put their health protection together individually. Customers, in particular, who are affected by a PKV premium increase by Barmenia health insurance in 2014, should think about a possible change in the tariff or the provider. Barmenia could also raise the premium for tariffs for full private health insurance for customers under the age of 18.

Private health insurance offers many advantages for your child and even for the whole family if you choose the right health insurance. A private health insurance for children does not necessarily have to be associated with high costs – compare the most important providers of private health insurance for children here for free! A loan comparison or a comparison of the most important DSL providers can also be useful.

In addition, with regard to the risk assessment, the intermediaries wish that this should not be carried out exclusively through risk assessment programs. Instead, a larger human component is desirable because, above all, the risk assessment requires the individual assessment of an experienced risk assessor.

An example shows how advantageous private health insurance is: The statutory health insurance funds have reduced the benefits for dentures, for example for inlays and implants, to a minimum in recent years. Insured persons therefore have to pay most of their dental treatment themselves. This often results in costs of several hundred euros for them. In private health insurance, insurers usually reimburse 75 to 80 percent of the treatment. Depending on the tariff, it can even be 100 percent. "All in all, the brokers make it clear that, from their point of view, private health insurance can only go into a successful future by returning to high-quality products", study director Christina Barschewski concludes.

Private health insurance

Private health insurance is suitable for all those for whom statutory health insurance is not compulsory, including civil servants, freelancers, the self-employed and employees whose income is above the compulsory insurance limit.
A private health insurance has the decisive advantages on its side, it covers all costs in the event of illness. Private health insurance contributions are completely income-independent and are assessed on the basis of risk, gender and age. Therefore, it makes sense to take out private health insurance if possible at a young age, because it also saves money.
The most important thing, however, is the extensive range of services offered by private health insurance, which is much larger than that of statutory insurance. Many insurers that offer private health insurance are also characterized by premium stability. Nevertheless, a careful comparison of the individual insurance companies and their benefits is worthwhile.

More information on private health insurance on Wikipedia.

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