Single seam: clothes for children with disabilities

Single seam: clothes for children with disabilities

One seam: clothes for children with disabilities

With your help, we offer tailored clothing for children with disabilities. Our goal: a studio for employees with disabilities


With your help we realize our first collection of individually tailored clothing for children with disabilities.

A studio for employees with disabilities, who receive new perspectives and help shape the clothing: from the first idea to the final needle stitch

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As parents of a disabled child with Williams-Beuren syndrome, we know them daily challenges in finding suitable and functional clothing.

  • You don’t have time to do business because you take care of your child 24/7!
  • You don’t get clothes that really fit. Neither in store nor online!
  • You don’t want to justify yourself for your child’s needs!

At some point, we could no longer bear these challenges and took the solution into our own hands. In 2018, we founded sole sewing to bespoke clothing for children with disabilities offer. With wo (h) ll feel factor in modern, timeless designs made of wool and silk.

  • Your child often spits and vomits?
  • It freezes or sweats very quickly?
  • You have to wash constantly?
  • Can’t find suitable clothing for your child?

It was the same with us!
That is why we offer Clothing for children with disabilities with a feel-good factor:

  • Tailored individually to the special needs
  • With "Roll-off effect", i.e. when spitting, liquid rolls off like a lotus flower
  • Quasi "self-washing" & anti-bacterial:. hang up in the evening, fresh in the morning
  • made of Wool silk
  • Handmade in Hamburg
  • Complete set consisting of body, pants and pullover in a matching design: a child doesn’t have to walk around like a parrot!

Our wool silk comes from mulesing free sheep. The natural lanolin content has an antibacterial and nourishing effect. Overall you need 70% less clothing in relation to cotton.

No matter whether your children have food probes, stoma, ports or other entrances and exits to the body, are suffering from cancer or have completely different needs. We tailor the clothes individually to your child’s needs!

Your child doesn’t need tailored clothing, but you want to help?
Then take over the bill for children who urgently need tailored clothing. It is our goal that every child receives the clothes that they need and meet their own needs.

A vision is only as good as it is lived!

Every child should be able to move in a unique and seamless way! Unfortunately, the reality is different. With the money from this campaign, the first collection of our tailor-made clothing for children with disabilities will be realized.

The idea of ​​a studio for employees with disabilities is a matter close to our heart. With the second funding goal, we want to establish a sewing studio for people with disabilities and actively involve them in the manufacturing process. Not only in production, but also in generating ideas, developing & Design and other business processes from sole seam. Because people with disabilities know best what needs they have.

With Your help we can only sew first collection of tailored clothing for children with disabilities to offer. And thus give children with disabilities and their parents back a bit of normalcy!

Our vision: a studio for employees with disabilities
We want to include people with disabilities in our daily work and give them a new perspective. Your ideas should be brought into the work of sole sewing.

There is a little Einstein in every person!

Please help us to live the thought of inclusion together!

The founders Sandra and Christian Brunner have a daughter with a disability and could not find suitable clothing on the market. Out of their own hardship, the idea came up for sole sewing and the foundation in August 2018. Now Sandra and Christian want to give a little bit of normalcy back to other affected parents in everyday life – a matter close to their heart!

Sandra Brunner, founder
"Everyone should be encouraged according to their individual skills!"
(Textile expert, >10 years of retail & Sales experience)

Dr. Christian Brunner, founder
"I am the dad of a disabled daughter and with passion!"
(Prom. Diplom-Kaufmann, >15 years marketing, market research & branding)

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