Those who can take out private insurance and from when, have the private health insurance association

Who can take out private insurance and when


Compulsory insurance limit

The Compulsory insurance limit or Annual income limit represents the dividing line between compulsory insurance and employee exemption from insurance. The limit is set annually by ordinance by the Federal Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs in line with the average wage and salary development.

Who can assure himself private?

Private health insurance (PKV) can be taken out by anyone who does not have compulsory insurance in statutory health insurance (GKV), but insurance prepaid is. This applies to the following groups of people:

• Self-employed and freelancers (exceptions may apply to artists, publicists and farmers)

• Officials and other persons entitled to benefits

• Employees with an income above Compulsory insurance limit (2020: 62,550 euros)

• People without their own income or with an income below the de minimis limit (450 euros per month). These are e.g. B. housewives, housewives or children.

• Students, provided they can be exempted from compulsory insurance in the SHI or are at least 30 years old.

At what point can I switch to private health insurance?

As soon as you are free of insurance, you can switch to private health insurance. This is for

  • self-employed the time from which you (mainly) are self-employed,
  • Officer the time from which they receive aid,
  • people without income the time from which the income ceases,
  • students the beginning of their studies. The application for exemption from compulsory insurance as a student applies retrospectively.

For employee the following rule applies:

  • If you start a new employment relationship or change employer and look forward to an annual wage above the compulsory insurance limit for the next twelve months, you are exempt from insurance immediately from the start of the employment relationship. This time can be any day of the year.
  • On the other hand, if you, as an employee subject to compulsory insurance, receive a salary increase that foresees that your annual wages will exceed the current compulsory insurance limit for the next twelve months, you will not be exempt from insurance until January 1st. It is also a prerequisite that your income also exceeds the compulsory insurance limit for the year that then begins. If the salary was raised on January 1, 2020, you would not be able to join the private health insurance until January 1, 2021, provided that your income is also above the then compulsory insurance limit.

If you remain legally insured as a voluntary member after the end of the compulsory insurance, you must adhere to the GKV’s notice period to switch to the PKV. This is two full months towards the end of the month. So cancel your till. B. on March 25th, you can take out private insurance from June 1st.

For prospective officials and their families if you are entitled to a grant, a clear and understandable range of information is available at

The private health insurance service portal for privately insured

If sick, then at least well informed. The service portal for privately insured persons offers a lot of information about visiting a doctor and hospitalization:

  • extensive doctor, clinic and drug search
  • Audit software for private bills
  • Legal bases and consumer tips

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