Birthday sayings for mom – congratulations for the mother

Birthday sayings for mom - congratulations for the mother

Birthday sayings for mom

Mom is the best – everyone knows that! And when a mother’s heart has a birthday, it is actually like when Easter and Christmas coincide. In short: A mother’s birthday is one of the most important, most beautiful and, above all, very special days of the year. A mother does a lot for her family, is always open to problems or when good advice is needed. She is a comforter, housewife, a perfect cook, an all-round talent with many skills and simply the best there is in life! Clearly that the chosen birthday wishes for dear mom have to be just as special, beautiful, unique and impressive. We have put together a great selection with what we believe to be the best birthday sayings for mom – from very warm, loving, soulful and intimate words to profound, profound, wise and meaningful lines to appreciative, grateful, appreciative and most respectful phrases everything is included!

Birthday sayings for the best mom in the world can be expressed as you like. How about, for example, an original birthday saying that you have written on the birthday cake? Maybe dear mom is celebrating a milestone birthday and you are ordering a delicious Sacher cake or Black Forest cherry cake from the confectioner? A loving lettering in combination with a successful photo of your mother is sure to be perfectly received and is the icing on the cake of every congratulation. So you can leave out the real cream for coffee and cake …

The most beautiful birthday sayings for the best mom in the world

Mother’s birthday is a good opportunity to tell her how much you love, appreciate, respect and above all need her. Maybe you just want to say "Thank you" – Thank you for the constant help and support in all life situations, Thank you for good advice and tips in moments when you are sorely needed, Thank you for the love that makes you feel, Thank you for warm hugs and the protective hand that gives you the feeling of always having someone by your side and thank you for making this very special person called MAMA easy. Thanks, love, feeling and intimacy can be wonderfully expressed for the mom with a happy birthday. You can find ready-made birthday sayings for mum in a variety of designs in our wide-ranging fund; You also have to write your personal words to the mother yourself and put them on paper.

How about a wonderful birthday poem or a profound wisdom that you would like to give your mother into the new year? Quotes, wisdom, Irish blessings and birthday poems often address impressive aspects that stimulate thought. Your mother has certainly done a lot for you; so why not communicate with a special birthday saying what such a person means to you? With meaningful, profound and profound lines you can clarify your very personal opinion about your mom – and maybe even move her to tears.

For your information: Birthday sayings for a mother also cut a breathtaking figure in greeting cards. Donate unique words to dear Mamilein that speak from the bottom of her heart. Perhaps your mother is also celebrating a milestone birthday and you are designing the birthday invitations. So why not upgrade the birthday invitation with a successful saying or an outstanding poem? You will surely find the right lines that suit your mother’s life situation and taste.

For our dear mom only the best – birthday wishes for mom that come from the heart …

Birthday wishes for mom who come from the heart and go to the heart, are the be-all and end-all of every birthday congratulation to the female head of the family. It is always said that the male sex is the stronger; That may be true, but despite everything, it’s always a mother who keeps her family together. This effort deserves far-reaching respect, recognition, respect and a warm and heartfelt thank you. So use our happy birthday wishes for mom to say thank you – thank you for the many years and important moments in life in which your mother has accompanied and supported you, thank you for all the help she has provided and all The effort she put in for you and, above all, thank you for becoming the person you are today through your mother. Mothers shape their children, give them values ​​and make them people with both feet in life.

You should also know and be aware that the choice of your birthday spell or birthday poem makes a statement about the relationship you have with your mother: for example, if you choose very warm and soulful words, admit the mother’s heart understand that you love and appreciate her very much and that she is an important person in your life. In the case of rather funny and funny birthday words, on the other hand, it is communicated that you can laugh with your mom and that your relationship is very relaxed, open and harmonious. In short: It is therefore very important to choose such wishes and words that convey and express exactly what you want to say to your mom.

Special congratulations and sayings on the birthday for mom who move

Classic birthday greetings can of course be used with every congratulation, but whether they really are so fitting when the best mom in the world has a birthday is rather questionable. With congratulations and birthday sayings for mom, who move, hit the heart and express that you are grateful to have your mother, you are better served in every way. In addition, a carefully selected saying or congratulation conveys that you are thinking about your mother and that you have thought of something very special for her. So you’re wondering what you want to tell her. So invest time and effort into a wonderful birthday card for your mom. With loving decorations and details, a charming preparation and the right words, your birthday card will definitely become a unique memorial that your mother will never forget.

With the perfect and most beautiful birthday wishes for the mother, you can express your heartfelt thanks to your mom for the past or give her wise, loving and very special words for the future. You know your mommy best and you know how to make her happy. Her birthday wish in combination with an impressive card as well as your mom’s favorite chocolate and flowers is guaranteed to move her to tears and give her an unforgettable birthday.

Without mom we would be missing something in life,
so we don’t let anyone steal the good woman from us.
Papa, friends and other people, they just have to understand,
that we see mom with a lot of love and different eyes.
unknown author

My dear mom you,
I want to give you something.
What I want to tell you about this,
you can already imagine:

I wish you luck and happiness,
the sun should laugh at you!
As best as I can and always
I want to make you happy.
Happy Birthday!
unknown author

Being a mom is often difficult
that’s why it’s been too long,
that we celebrate your birthday
and are also available to you once.
Usually we are concerned with everything else around us.
Today, dear mom, you are finally being thought of.
We brought all of our loved ones with us.
We’ll say a toast to you
and always wish you a full house.
unknown author

Day in and day out you do everything for me,
You are always here for me.
That’s why I wish you with all my heart
Happiness and joy for a whole year.
unknown author

Dear mother, we are all here in your honor,
to celebrate, to sing, to say thank you to you.
You have never shied away from all the long years,
that’s why we sincerely hope that our party will make you happy.
unknown author

Dear mom, listen to me,
what a saying I can.

Hear me what I’m telling you,
Today’s for your birthday.

Mothers, I wish you today
good luck and good luck ’.

Stay healthy every day,
I wanted to tell you that today.

Best wishes for your birthday!
unknown author

We are here for our birthday,
we like to celebrate it with you.
Because our mom is glad to see you,
leaves us happy here too.
unknown author

You drove away tears,
glued toys,
you rubbed cold hands
and just lived for me.

I’m probably more mature today,
have my own kids.
I understand your zeal
(This is not a joke now.).

Time is in a hurry,
The youth runs away,
but hurry with a while,
I am always your child.

Happy birthday,
dear mom, much blessings!
With your skill
are you superior to me.
unknown author

You are the most beautiful for us.
You are the smartest for us.
You are the best for us.
All the best and happy birthday.
unknown author

You had no choice with us.
and certainly also some torment.
Because being a mom is sometimes difficult
but we keep coming back.
Because you do your job very well
and always give us courage.
unknown author

It is often not easy to be a mother,
you give everything you have.
Sometimes you will be bitterly disappointed,
but still you love us very much.
But we are more grateful than you think,
even if we don’t always say it.
We also love you that you only know,
today and every day.
unknown author

If the father and the son,
agree in the highest tone,
then you forget every misery,
because mom’s birthday.
All children, uncles, aunts
now come with the acquaintances.
Best wishes all speak for the beautiful, noble woman,
because their big day is today, everyone knows that very well.
unknown author

Dear mom, we wish you all the best
Today you get gifts in paper
Chocolates, flowers and wishes
Because the best mother is you.
unknown author

Dear mum! Bandage us once the umbilical cord,
I always tipped on your trail later,
then removed me a little more,
still loved you very much.
I have my own family now,
you can’t rest even as a grandma,
the connection to you is stronger than ever –
even if I go away from you spatially,
my heart I leave with you,
you gave yours to me too.
Let me hug you very special today,
wants to wrap you in words,
Bring you a present yet.
Our mom, live up!
unknown author

You woke up to my bed so many times,
held me in my arms all night.
You gave me everything that was good for me,
in joy and pain you were there for me.
Whatever I could give you today,
It is never enough because you gave me my life.
unknown author

You have been there for me since I can remember.
I thank you for that, my dearest mom.
On good and bad days
I could ask you for advice.
To your cradle party today
I wish you the very best.
May you forever
stay well in my memory.
You have not always had it easy with me.
Hopefully you will forgive me.
I want to tell you so much.
I wish you a long and healthy life.
unknown author

M how brave,
U how tireless,
T how comforting and
T like Thousandsasa.
E how sensitive,
R how rich in experience.
In a word: mother!
Today, I would particularly like to congratulate the dearest, honest, greatest and most sensitive person in the world on his birthday.
unknown author

Mum, you are the best
I wish you a party
Love, happiness and health
A long life full of joy.
unknown author

On our wonderful children’s days
we like to think back.
They were probably a nuisance to you.
The greatest happiness for us.
We thank you and congratulate
to today’s birthday party
You should just have fun,
For us, mom, you are always – THE BEST!
unknown author

Have a nice day, I wish you.
You should live high a thousand times.
You gave everything for me for many years,
Today I want to give you everything.
unknown author

Mom, I never saw you impatient.
Mom, you always had an open ear for my problems.
Mom, you never said a bad word.
You gave me the most valuable thing that can be given to a person: time and love.
I am infinitely grateful to you for that.
That’s why I want to not only congratulate you here and now on your birthday, but also to express my gratitude and love.
unknown author

You are there for us every day,
give us love, year after year.
Do your best without rest ‘,
give you security.
So we want to dare today,
to say “thank you”.
unknown author

Just like the noble flower in the field
From which the beauty peels piece by piece
You are there so beautiful and valuable
The only best, mom.
unknown author

I want to bring you flowers today,
with a fragrance so sweet and fine.
Songs are supposed to sound today,
for you, mom, alone.
unknown author

I would like to tell you on your birthday
You are the best mom I can not complain
You raised me
And I won the golden lot with you
I wish you a nice birthday
Your son …
unknown author

My mom, that’s clear as day, is already (insert number) year! I look forward to congratulating you very much, of course I only wish you the best! Stay as you are and always be cheerful, life goes even further for you!
unknown author

Your cradle festival will be something very special,
because it applies to you, dearest mother, all alone.
For many years you have only done your best for me.
Buy clothes, cook food and save money,
so that I could drive to school clean and well-fed.
Now it’s my turn, even if it’s just a day,
that I can finally do something for you.
Today you will, everyone should see it,
be the focus of your birthday.
What has moved you so recently?
Was anyone ready to fulfill your wishes?
unknown author

Hello mum
Today is your birthday
I want to thank you for everything
You were always there for me
In good and in bad times
You always advised me well
Thank you for all of this
Happy Birthday your daughter …
unknown author

Mom, you are steadfast
been there for us children.
You rarely got excited,
played and read aloud,
took your time for us,
helped with problems.
You rarely got thanks.
We should be ashamed of that.
Happy Birthday to You.
Stay healthy and cheerful.
And you feel uncomfortable,
then WE will help you.
unknown author

Dear mom, there are people who grow old and look like that. But you are one of the few people I know who get older, but whose beauty shines more and more from within. You radiate warmth and security. You exude calm and patience. You radiate wisdom and life experience. And with that you look much more beautiful to me than all gold that glitters! With this in mind: Happy birthday!
unknown author

Dear mum,
today is your honor day again
and because I like you so much,
you get from me to this party
only the best of all my wishes.
unknown author

What would I be without you in life
Probably not very much
So I want to say with this saying
That you, my mother, are the greatest
And I only got this far through you
Many kisses for your birthday, mom!
unknown author

Your day of honor has been since I can remember,
full of sun and joy for everyone,
that’s how I am in my thoughts today
with you, dear mom, without hesitation,
and wish you the very best
for a joyful cradle party!
unknown author

Dear mom, I wish you a happy birthday and so that you always stay as wonderful as you are. You are a sunshine mom. I love you. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
unknown author

Your sons want to say thank you
For all your loving deeds
Our mom has the biggest heart of all
May confetti volleys fall from the sky today.
unknown author

Dear mom, it’s time again.
Everything is ready for your cradle festival.
Coffee, cake and gifts too
That’s the way it is with us.
Couldn’t you be with us?,
Life would not be fine.
You have given us endless love.
We wish you a long life.
unknown author

dearest mother,
for your special day today
I’m sure a lot of people will come,
to congratulate you
and try your birthday cake.
unknown author

I can always rely on someone.
I had the deepest trust in this person.
This unique person, dear mother, you are!
I always find comfort and rest in your arms.
If something went wrong,
When I called desperately for you,
A person who was always ready.
A person who always had time for me.
For all of this, dear mother, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Happy birthday and long life without pain!
unknown author

You are the best mom in the world
and yet nobody calls you a hero.
To your honor festival today
still wish you all the very best!
unknown author

Health, joy and so on,
be loyal companions in the new year of your life,
Sun, happiness and harmony,
should never be missing, never.
And to celebrate that with you,
that’s why I’m here today!
unknown author

For my dearest mom I have a few very special MOTHER congratulations on my birthday I wish you: M like people around you who are doing you well U like a lot of sunshine T like thousands of reasons to be happy T like a thousand beautiful ones Reminder of the year E like relaxing moments on stressful days R like breaks in everyday life.
unknown author

Dear mother,
You are the most beautiful, smartest and best for us,
that’s why we wish you for your birthday party
good luck, health and a great new year.
unknown author

Love, laugh, cry,
You can combine everything.
Help, comfort, hold
And also manage the cash register.
Scolding, praising, doing homework
And so many other things.
Dearest mother listen to me:
All of that is you!
That’s why I want to think of you today
and give you my love for your birthday.
unknown author

You were the best power woman!
You were able to master everything.
You were kind, nimble and smart,
you can still inspire us today.

And we thank you for your birthday
for everything you gave us.
We heartily congratulate you,
wish a long life.

You should be happy and healthy,
spend carefree times.
You know you are not alone,
we will accompany you.
unknown author

I am a little dwarf
and have no money yet.
My gift comes from the heart
however without any pain
I wish you, very best mom,
good luck, health and
a wonderful new year of life.
unknown author

Another year has passed,
Time to start a new one.
Dear mom, we are here,
and congratulate you.
unknown author

Another year goes, thank you, dear mom, for what was! For what is to come, I wish you the very best, today at this very special celebration! I wish you health, joy and lots of time and as little suffering as possible with everything that will happen! But now enjoy this day, knowing that I really like you!
unknown author

You gave life to us as a gift.
We woke up out of nowhere through you.
The dream of life started with your love.
Too many days have passed without a thought.
Many years ago today you entered the stage of the world.
Nobody weighs you up here with money.
We celebrate the day of your birth today.
We wish you all the best and endless joy.
unknown author

All flowers on earth
are not enough for you today.
Even if I’m getting bigger,
you are always the mother for me.
unknown author

The old year of life past,
the new one started today,
for this I wish my best mother
of course not just a piece of butter!
You should always have health and happiness,
until the end of your wonderful days.
unknown author

Without stress and without worries,
should be the day for you today.
I feel safe with you,
because you are my mom
and I’m always yours.
Happy Birthday
And thanks for everything!
unknown author

You are the very best mom,
because you always show patience.
You are the smartest mom,
because you also know the unsaid.
You are the dearest mom,
You help when the slightest thing jams.
You are the most selfless mom,
I’m closer to you than your shirt.
It is fine that you were born,
I am happy and congratulate!
You are the dearest, you are mine,
because I only exist through you.
unknown author

The family is important to you, you have always shown us that.
That’s why I’m the first to bow before you today.
Yes, your heart is so big, your love is limitless.
We wish you all a happy birthday,
because you are our dear mother, we are all here.
unknown author

I don’t have much, but what I have
I would like to give you.
A hug and lots of kisses
and a "high mom should live!"
unknown author

A mother is like rain to a child for a child. You were always there for me when I needed you. For this I would like to thank you today with these lines and wish you all the best for your birthday!
unknown author

The mom is very important to us,
because you do a lot of things well and correctly.
You show us how life goes
and how to stand by yourself.
You give us courage and give us strength,
so that you can create your everyday life.
We thank you very much for that
and hope you don’t have it too difficult.
unknown author

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