Canada travel with children, for family travel

Your Canada trip with children in beautiful nature

When you think of Canada, you think of mountains, lakes and untouched nature. This is exactly where our Canada trips with children come in. We let ourselves be carried away by the diverse impressions and the incomparable biodiversity around us on our exciting way through the wilderness. We would be happy to advise you personally on our Canada group tours at any time!

We will advise you personally: Christina van Dijk

Canada for family

Adventure with bears & moose

  • Outdoor and nature experience
  • Paddling in Canadians
  • Exciting trekking tour

Group tour 16 days

  • 4.9 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars

Rocky Mountains for family

Outdoor adventure trip for families in Canada

  • Outdoor activities with action
  • The highlights between Banff & Jasper
  • Camping in the national park

Group tour 11 days

  • 5 out of 5 stars
  • 5 Stars

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Estonia for family

Bears, wolves & castles

  • Wolf tracking and canoe tour
  • Boat trip to seal banks
  • Watch bears at night

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4 stars

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The trip to the Yukon River gave my children and me many wonderful, exciting and completely new impressions. Under the … more

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For Family Reisen stands for the highest quality & sustainable travel concepts.

  • First class tour guide
  • Small groups or indiv >

Our program

Our Canada trip with children is particularly suitable for families with children from the age of eight. For the kids, the entire trip is an adventure. We discover that country in a canoe and spend the night on our tour in a tent. We fish our own fish and grill around the campfire. Delicious! We experience beavers, moose, various bird species and maybe even real bears in their natural habitat! The trip is a real family experience for parents and children.

Experience the vastness up close

For everyone who always has one real Wanted to experience adventure, who is fascinated by wild animals and breathtaking nature, for whom a family vacation in Canada with children will be an unforgettable experience. We will go on a canoe tour together on the Nisutlin River, hike through the beautiful Kluane National Park and see mighty mountains, imposing glaciers, wild rivers and picturesque lakes. In addition to a multifaceted program for young and old, we will have enough time to relax, whether fishing or reading a book in the lonely nature, hustle and bustle will not arise in Canada with children. With us you have the chance to immerse yourself in this untouched nature and to live in harmony with it, which is a very special experience.

Canada with children: unique wildlife and nature watching

In Canada family vacation with children we go on the trail of various animals. In addition to moose and beavers, it is of course a very special highlight to be able to watch a bear in action, with safety first. With a little luck, we will also meet Dall sheep, various types of waterfowl and the royal bald eagle with children in Canada. When camping, we can enjoy the silence of lonely nature, especially at night, and sleep under the breathtaking star roof. On our canoe trip we admire the variety of spruce, bushes and aspens that make up the well-known North American landscape. On this special trip, our focus is clearly on experiencing and enjoying Canadian nature and its incredible diversity

Our tour guides

Carmen and Robert Perren have both been living with their children and dogs a lot of Years in the Yukon. They are trained, certified and also very experienced tour guides. Hardly anyone could better guide us through the lonely wilderness. Robert knows the most beautiful hiking routes and knows exactly where you have the best chance of observing moose or even a bear. At the same time, security is of course always a top priority. Robert tells us a lot about nature, the animals and life in the Yukon and with him the children get to know important connections of nature in a playful way. He will also show us great tricks on how to survive in the wild.

Where do we stay??

At the beginning we spend the night in our guide’s lodge, the Wheatonriver Cabin. The location is incomparably beautiful, in the middle of the Coast Mountains and close to the river bank. In the block sauna we can relax after an exciting day and cool off in the cold river. The bed & Breakfast "The Cabin" lies directly in the Kluane National Park and is the ideal starting point for explorations & Trips. During our canoe tour we spend the night in tents in the middle of untouched nature, cook together and sit together around the campfire in the evening.

Canada with children Canada Travel with Children Canada vacation with kids

FOR FAMILY REISEN offers you high quality Canada travel with children. Discover the wonderful landscapes and nature in Canada with children. You can also observe animals on one Canada trip with children Not to be missed: here there are bears moose, beaver and many other animals to discover in the untouched wilderness. In Canada with children you will spend the night in the tent in the middle of the picturesque landscape and experience nature much more intensely. In the evening, prepare in Canada family vacation dinner with the small group around the campfire, where you can end an eventful day comfortably. You paddle with children in Canada over the Nisutlin River along deep green forests, imposing mountains and untouched nature and hike through the breathtaking landscapes of the Kluane National Park. Browse our now Canada travel with children and experience the unique Canada with children.


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