Child hearing aids

Child hearing aids

The group started out modestly. Founded in 1952 as a family business in Hanover, this first branch remained the only one in the family for almost 20 years. In 1972, the second branch opened in Goslar, and gradually more were added. The hearing aid manufacturer audifon has also been part of the KIND Group since 2004. This was a big step towards expanding the company’s own range in the hearing aid segment. From then on, KIND integrated all steps, from development and production to sales and professional fitting for the customer, into its range of services. Today, KIND hearing aids are available not only in Germany, but worldwide. The former family-owned company has become an extremely successful major corporation and one of the largest trainers in the industry.

Product range: individual hearing solutions made in Germany

KIND is promoting the production of all hearing aids in Germany. Not only the specialist shops are located locally, but also the associated manufacturer audifon manufactures hearing aids directly in Thuringia. These products are then available in the KIND stores. The spectrum of hearing aids on offer ranges from BTE to ITE versions. Customers can also have their individual hearing protectors made by a KIND acoustician on site. Special in-ear headphones are also available here.

A special offer is MySound, a realistic simulation of different sound worlds in the context of hearing aid fitting. In the KIND branch, customers can not only take different hearing aids with different functions with them and test them at home, but also receive a recommendation for suitable child hearing aids directly in the shop. The specially developed MySound system is able to imitate typical hearing situations of the client directly in the store and thus offer the most accurate possible settings. Various background noises such as the surroundings at a concert, at the train station or in a restaurant are just as much a part of this as playing children, whispering women’s and men’s voices or a howling siren. The customer indicates which situations frequently occur in his everyday life and, together with the employees of the branch, finds the best possible setting for his hearing aid model.

Prices of KIND hearing aids

The company advertises by finding suitable prices for every purse. Customers who seek advice at a KIND branch can choose between different offers. On the one hand, the free collection offers solid hearing aids at a price equal to the statutory co-payment. Customers with statutory health insurance can use this in their KIND store, i.e. buy hearing aids for only ten euros. For private patients, the company’s basic solution currently costs 785 euros per hearing aid. There are also individual solutions. On the one hand, the choice of individual models is greater, the fitting options are more diverse, but prices are also higher.

KIND offers a great deal of scope for personal design in its hearing aids. Customers can choose between different types of construction and design, but also the scope of the desired services. Many extras, such as fitting beyond the regular fitting period or cosmetic tubes are conceivable, but are also reflected in the prices of KIND hearing aids. But KIND does not shy away from comparisons. Clients who have an offer for a hearing aid from another specialist shop can submit it and obtain a free comparative offer from the market leader.

What independent tests say about KIND stores

Both Stiftung Warentest and the German Institute for Service Quality (DISQ) include KIND in their current tests. Although it was not enough to be the test winner in both tests, the company still ranks second out of 13 at DISQ. The branches scored very well in the consulting sector – the best individual result of all hearing aid acousticians was achieved here. But not with Stiftung Warentest. Their test only certifies mediocre advisory qualities and criticises the lack of customer orientation in the practical use of hearing aids in everyday life. Although each test person was allowed to test several hearing aids, it was not explained how to use the individual models for telephone calls. All in all, KIND was ranked a good midfielder in the Foundation’s test and scored a satisfactory grade.

There are KIND hearing aid branches in every German federal state. Arrange a non-binding consultation appointment for your nearest Kind branch simply via our contact form at the top of the page. We have compiled further hearing aid acousticians with a nationwide branch network in our overview.

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