Children’s book: smartphone driving license for detectives

Children's book: smartphone driving license for detectives

Children’s book: smartphone driving license for detectives

Amber and Tim are often on the Internet. Amber doesn’t notice how she gets caught in a dangerous trap. Can she save herself with Tim’s help??


Beautiful illustrations perfect the finished text. It is proofread, set, given an ISBN number, some marketing and printed.

The book is donated to children from primary schools, primarily focus schools, from the surrounding area.

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Smart, friendly Amber and bright, helpful Tim are best friends. They are often on the Internet, where Amber also befriends Jannike. Jannike has her own horse and offers Amber the opportunity to meet and even ride it. Amber, who has long wanted a horse, is very happy about the invitation. But Jannike is really honest and can prove to Tim that he is a real friend?

The Security of our children on the Internet is often difficult to convey and to understand for educators and teachers. This happy, exciting and entertaining children’s book shows without judging the hazards on and offers solutions on. It will Internet factually, with all the possibilities it offers, explained. Children learn about how apps and online platforms work and where they need to be vigilant. The book also offers one Self-test on the subject of media security on.

The text of the children’s book has already been completed. The book has a total of 28 chapters and, with the following illustrations, is expected to be around 65 pages (Din A5).

  • wants to make children more secure when using the Internet.
  • wants to empower children to listen to their inner voice and "No" accept.
  • wants to help parents stand by their children.
  • wants to strengthen trustful parent-child relationships.
  • shows how important real friends are.
  • provides a fun game idea.
  • contains a funny one "Uncool rap" for children that is easy to learn.

The book is aimed at primary school children (3rd – 4th grade).

Our children need support in dealing with them New media. Most of them playfully master their favorite apps, but which ones sensitive data The smartphone stores which videos and pictures are used on which platforms, how they are deleted or never deleted, they cannot know that.

Often, we adults don’t always know about it. We have to do ours Children fit to deal with with these media and make them in many ways protect. A picture or a video posted on the Internet is almost indelible. And not everyone Internet friendship can be trusted unconditionally.

Therefore, please help with the financing so that this book of read to as many children as possible can be.

The book gets one Proofreading, on proofreading, a ISBN– and a VLB number or there may be fees for a publishing platform, it will illustrated, set and printed.

In addition, taxes, advertising costs, marketing and shipping fees are of course paid.

Upon reaching the second funding goal, children from primary school classes (primarily focus schools) can be provided with books free of charge on request. Please support this project. Thank you.

Kea Martina Schwarzfeld is an artist and has worked with children for decades. She teaches in elementary schools in the areas of music and dance as well as health promotion and addiction prevention. She had the idea for this book in a dream.

"Amber and Tim – Dancing is fun" was her first self-published children’s book. She also composes children’s songs and choreographed dances for children from 2 to 16 years old and for adults.

She has already written two musical stage plays. Here is the current piece "Come to Waikiki with me" a musical for primary school children.

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