Children’s backpacks for children from 2 years

If the little ones are going on a trip to the kindergarten and the little ones are supposed to wear a simple backpack, then you should pay attention to the quality of the material, the processing and the handling. Because children up to three years of age must not carry too heavily, and the straps must not cut into the shoulder, and handling must also be extremely easy, since small children’s hands are sometimes still a bit clumsy.

Family and kindergarten trips with the right backpack

Young children usually learn to walk up to the age of 12 months and then these skills stabilize. For this reason, a backpack for children between two and three years old cannot weigh much more than a kilogram. Since the backpack alone weighs approx. 250 grams, there are only 750 grams left. Such a backpack holds between four and five liters. The individual models are suitable for the upcoming excursion in kindergarten, but also for a Sunday walk with the parents on weekends or for a short mountain tour in the Alps. The shoulder straps should be padded and not too heavy and in the spacious main compartment have to the lunch box or drinking bottle can be safely stowed away. Practical reflectors are also important so that your child is always clearly seen in traffic. The material is mostly made of polyester, because this material is very robust and easy to clean. Boys and girls learn to wear a backpack from the age of two to three years.

Backpacks for two to three year old children – all-rounders for many occasions

Important at a Backpack for small children is a padded back that adapts to the anatomical conditions of the child. This is so important because the child’s spine is still developing and a rigid system for a backpack would therefore be wrong. A chest strap is also useful because it ensures that the straps are firmly attached. A stable waist belt is also of great importance. This ensures that the weight rests on the hip and not on the shoulders of the children. The different backpack models for this age group are characterized by a simple design and high versatility. There is a large main compartment that is closed with a circumferential two-way zipper. There are also side mesh pockets and a lid pocket on various models. The child does not need to hold more than five liters since the back and joints should not be put under too much strain. Such backpack models are mostly based on the designs for alpinists. Because as a parent you should pay attention to a solid workmanship as well as a hard-wearing material and high versatility. This is the only way for children to have fun with their new backpack.

High quality inside and out

With a backpack for children at the age between two and three years one should first of all pay attention to a functional and child-friendly carrying system as well as hard-wearing materials. But children not only have to feel functional with their new backpack, but also visually. Therefore there are no limits to the colors and designs. There are single-color models as well as colorful backpacks that make children’s eyes light up. Additional designs on the front of the backpack are very popular. They give the respective backpack model a cool or stylish touch. Reflectors are just as much a good backpack for the little ones as a name tag so that the right backpack can be assigned to the right child in kindergarten. The material itself must be very robust and hard-wearing on the outside and the inside should be made in such a way that it does not rub. Since the shoulders of the little ones are still developing, padded straps are an absolute must-have in these areas. The all-round zip should also be designed so that small children’s hands can grip and operate it well – with or without gloves. Children who are already two to three years old also wear a backpack on a family outing on Sunday or a hiking outing in kindergarten that leaves nothing to be desired.

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