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Dental care and fissure sealing in children

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Milk teeth fall out anyway, why should you take care of them? Because dental care for children has an impact on life.

Saarlouis, January 30, 2018 – Caring for children’s teeth properly

Children’s teeth, like adult teeth, require proper and regular care.

Anyone who thinks that a carious hole in a milk tooth has no meaning is wrong. Something should be done early to prevent caries bacteria in the mouth. Brushing children’s teeth properly and teaching them regular oral hygiene is one way. There are additional measures that are recommended for children’s teeth.

Children’s deciduous teeth, like teeth in adult teeth, can be affected by caries. Caries bacteria are transferable. Sugar in food also provides the bacteria with an optimal basis for food. Children’s dental care is necessary to avoid carious teeth. With the right cleaning technique, parents can of course ensure that the milk teeth are spared from carious spots.

Fissure sealing in children

However, fissures in the teeth may also be present in children. Fissures are dimples that are present on the occlusal surface or in the occlusal surface of molars. These depressions are difficult to clean with a toothbrush.

A fissure seal is therefore recommended for children’s dental care in addition to oral hygiene. A sealant is applied to the affected teeth to seal the fissures. The occlusal surface is sealed by the sealing compound and no bacteria can settle in the fissures. While fissure sealing is done by the attending dentist, dental care in children at home is essential.

Dental care for children

Children should learn at an early age that dental hygiene is important. The child can familiarize themselves with dental care through regular dental check-ups and through a toothbrush school. The dental care of children should already be carried out optimally with milk teeth. The first milk teeth usually appear at the age of 6 months and should be cleaned regularly. Regularly means brushing your teeth at least twice a day.

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If the child is proficient in the correct tooth brushing technique, they can brush their teeth completely independently. If the milk teeth are complete, the interdental spaces can be cleaned with dental floss. From the age of 2, the child should visit the dentist regularly for check-ups. With regular check-ups for children’s dental care, fears before the dentist can be reduced or not at all.

The dentist can also recommend a toothbrush school. In the toothbrush school, dental care for children is explained in a child-friendly manner. The children learn how to use dental floss and a toothbrush. Teeth brushing techniques are also explained to the children. For illustration purposes, models are used on which the lessons are child-friendly.

The practice of Saarland dentists offers check-ups suitable for children and also seals fissures on children’s teeth. In addition to sealing the fissures, the child is also shown how to brush his teeth optimally. The child-friendly explanation of dental care for children is an important part of a control appointment in the practice of Saarland dentists.

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Dental care and fissure sealing in children

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