Molar tooth looks black (teeth, dentist, dental care)

Molar tooth looks black (teeth, dentist, dental care)

Molar tooth looks black

Hello community. I was horrified to find that my molar tooth looks very dark, almost black from the inside. So if you look at it from above you see it, not from the side. I do not know what that means now, because I have no pain at all .. Of course I will go to the dentist .. But still I want to ask what can come from. I actually brush my teeth often .. I can only imagine that it has to do with the plastic tooth splint .. It would be helpful if some of you are familiar with it and can calm down a bit .. At 19 I still don’t want to lose a tooth: ((

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The nerve may have died. Caries can also destroy a tooth from the inside, especially since a small damaged spot is sufficient. Go to the dentist, he could do a root canal and the tooth "rescue". If the tooth body were completely destroyed, there would still be the possibility of a crown. Don’t wait until it hurts, it’s definitely too late.

Since you have no pain, I would not assume the worst. If your tooth were completely full of caries you would certainly feel it!

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Hey, a few months ago I was still dealing with a root canal treatment. The tooth was filled and pins were put in to stabilize it. Now I have a toothache and it is slightly swollen, can it be inflamed even though it is tight? Or it can also have something to do with the filling. Don’t want to lose my tooth :(

Hello, I am 16 m and now I have my third hole in my teeth. Since I can actually think, my mother takes me to the dentist for a check-up twice a year and at the beginning of this year I discovered 2 small holes, one in the upper canine and one down somewhere. A few days ago I found one in the last left upper molar and told my mother, I somehow felt that the hole was getting bigger every day, so I can feel it very clearly with my tongue and you can see it in the mirror that’s not a good thing, but you can see it. I showed it to my mother earlier and she makes an appointment with the dentist on Monday. I hate drilling the most and my mother said the hole was quite big and she thinks that you can even pull it. It annoys me now, I feel really shitty right now. Is it very bad at 16? I didn’t always brush my teeth every day, but I’ve been brushing my teeth once in the evening for about 2 or 1 1/2 years, and I also eat a lot of sweets and acidic drinks. Since yesterday I have given up sweets and only drink water

Yesterday I noticed that my second posterior molar tooth is half black. Of course, the braces don’t make it look so good, but I always clean carefully. But before a tooth is half black, something else must be recognizable, such as brown and yellow discoloration or a hole. That should have been noticeable at the controls and I could have been sent to the mouth for cleaning, a dentist or told me there you have to clean better / more often. Does my orthodontist have to inform me that my tooth is / is broken so that I can do something or is that not your problem? I do not see behind the bracket and if there is damage, of course, I only notice it when it has spread. If the tooth is gone, the braces would have made no sense anyway, because then something is wrong again. You know what you can do about a black tooth?

Hi there. One of my molars is wiggling. I noticed it biting on it. Will it solidify on its own? Or do I have to go to the dentist? What could a dentist do there??

7 years ago I had to have a root canal treatment performed on a small molar tooth, in combination with all 4 wisdom teeth. So was under anesthesia u I didn’t notice anything. Afterwards I had extreme pain, probably from cutting open and pulling teeth. My pain relievers didn’t work, I had to go to the emergency dentist and everything was rinsed and I was given pain relievers that also helped. Now this filling is broken, a small piece has broken off. Well my ZA took an x-ray and said he had to do the complete root filling, clean everything, rinse, full program. He thinks, at least that’s how it looks in the picture, that he can close it right away. But I’m terrified that the tooth breaks and he has to pull it. I have no pain, the tooth is a bit sensitive, it says because of the broken filling. That will be done next Wednesday. I would love to hear your experience. Just take away the fear with bissl.

Heyy, I’m 13 and now I have all my appointments. I have a big tooth hole in the penultimate molar at the top right and in the penultimate molar at the bottom left. Now all the last molars have to be pulled and then the gaps have to be closed with a fixed brace. In addition, I am lucky that I only have a slight open bite. Now I have a few questions: 1) does the onset spang hurt? 2) What exactly is done when used & how long does it take? 3) Does anyone have experience with speed brackets & how much do they cost more? 4) And my girlfriend told me there are headgears, what are they good for? Can it be that I also need something??

Hi there,
I recently started to feel myself and get to know my body better. Now the girls in the class are talking about wanting to know exactly what the hymen looks like in women. I read various opinions on the Internet and tried to look for myself. The Internet says that the hymen is somewhere in the hole in the vaginal entrance and you can’t see it at all. Then it says somewhere that the hymen circles the entrance to the vagina and you can see it. So I checked with myself and I didn’t want to insert anything into the hole because I’m already afraid I’m breaking something. Then I have my vaginal entrance, because in the entrance itself I see nothing but black, so the hole itself. But around the hole, and the hole only opens when I exert pressure or spread the labia, because the hole is then closed, for me there is no skin but rather a lump of skin. Is that the hymen? This skin lump is half-shaped over the vaginal entrance and under the vaginal entrance is another lump that is maybe as big as the tip of my finger. I really don’t see through it? For me, this skin nub doesn’t look elastic like the one described on the Internet. Could it be that my hymen is torn when it is so semi-shaped and there is another knob underneath it? Because I never introduced anything, but when I did, I only touched the top of the clitoris. I don’t know what to do and I would just be interested. I already have white discharge, does that have anything to do with the hymen? And how do you recognize a cunning hymen? If the hymen is behind the entrance to the vagina, what is this skin nub around it? Because behind the entrance to the vagina means for me somewhere in the hole and I see nothing because it’s too dark hahah.

3 days ago I got a thick cheek while working it swelled more and more. And that on the lower left molar tooth, which has not existed for a long time, there are only root remnants in the jaw. I must have chewed the wrong place when eating and since then I have had mild pulling but very uncomfortable pressure pains with every chew. As I said, it got thicker the next day three days ago during work, which is why I got time off for the rest of the day and the next day. The next day I went to the doctor where they found an abscess on the inner jaw on the left molar. This was then cut open under local anesthesia so that the pus can drain off. After the anesthetic, I had slight pain, but it quickly subsided. Now I have such a strange taste in my mouth since the procedure so far I do not know exactly what kind of taste that is maybe from the anesthetic? In any case, I actually have the taste after every intervention at the dentist, which is the typical dentist smell for me. It’s really hard to describe. Anyway, since the procedure I have still had this taste in my mouth, but it has brought nothing. Yesterday they changed the stripe, after which I was in pain again for half an hour, but they quickly subsided. Since yesterday I only have pain in my jawbone when I move my jaw and that is where the procedure was, so when I feel the jaw from the outside I notice that it hurts, and it also stops when I move. Where I had moved my jaw for the first time after the procedure, I heard an unpleasant crack on the left side, but it didn’t repeat itself. Is this normal with jaw pain after the procedure and what is this strange taste?

Thanks in advance for the answers

And if it is important I was given the following medication after the procedure: Novalgin (for severe pain if ibu does not help) Ibuprofen 600
Amoxi 1000 antibiotic 3 times a day.

So, I have 4-5 small holes on the penultimate molar at the bottom left that you can see in the mirror, when I shine with light it looks as if they are already deeper but completely white.

it doesn’t hurt and the tooth is not sensitive to cold. I have been using elmex jelly for about 2 months, if that is important my next ZA appointment is at the end of the month.

my question, can i wait so long without hesitation? or the holes just come from the fact that I have soft enamel lg

I got a toothache on Sunday about two weeks ago. such a pull at the bottom right, but it was only in the tooth flesh and I could not locate a tooth. I then smeared the whole thing with Kamistad because I thought it was a gum infection, but it didn’t get better, so I went to the dentist on Thursday. who said my bridge was loose, which was sitting there, the molar was one of the teeth on which she was sitting. so he took the bridge out and put it back in. unfortunately it didn’t make it any better and last Monday I was back at the dentist. he took the bridge out again and said the molar did not look good. Since the front tooth on which the bridge was also sitting hurt slightly when tapping on it, the dentist wanted to wait and see. on tuesday at work i had such a violent throbbing and pain that i left earlier and went back to the dentist. now it was said that the molar was extremely inflamed. he opened it (very painful) and injected antibiotics. In addition, I have been taking amoxicillin 1000mg 3 times a day since Tuesday. the pain got better, so that on Friday the molar tooth was pulled and the bridge was put back on the front tooth as a kind of crown. the only unpleasant thing was the anesthetic, which hurt a lot, I didn’t notice much of the pulling myself. On Friday the pain returned after a good 2 hours and the bleeding continued until Saturday morning. In the meantime the tooth pulling was a good 3 days ago and I still have pain (a pulling, often very strong) and wonder if this is normal. the wound itself looks normal in my opinion. I have been taking 3 to 4 ibu 400 every day for 2 weeks. I have had some teeth pulled (including wisdom teeth) and I also had an inflammation, but I have never had pain for so long. So I wonder if it is normal for me to still hurt. my dentist is on vacation this week and I’m going on vacation in 1 1/2 weeks and I’m worried that things won’t get any better by then. Does any of you have any experience or can give me advice on what I can do. Vilen thanks! LG

Hello, I want to fill my molar tooth, what is healthier, metal or a plastic filling? Many thanks :-) lg melli

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