Crack in the tooth (enamel crack?) (teeth, dentist, dental care)

Crack in the tooth (enamel crack?)

Hi, I just noticed a crack in my incisors. I have one above and one below (completely through). It looks really scary, and I’m afraid that it might break a tooth or something. What are these strange cracks? I just went to the dentist for a check-up and he didn’t say anything.

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this "enamel cracks" can often get bigger with age and with heavy stress on the teeth. In the worst case, the tooth can break, as you unfortunately suspect. You don’t know where the crack continues in the depth of the tooth.

-Check in with the trusted dentist (sometimes these are "betriebsblind" ^^) and speak to him directly. -It should be clarified whether there are parafunctions, such as the clenching of teeth, or the so-called "crunch", because that can be the cause of the cracks. – In any case, first observe and remedy the cause

What came out of the dentist back then? I would be interested in the current occasion

Just ask the doctor

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A crack in the enamel causes discomfort?

I have several cracks in the tooth enamel. I have already asked the dentist about this, but he said that they were harmless. I don’t grind my teeth either. Now the day before yesterday evening I had a strange pull, as if something cold touched the tooth in an incisor. Not long, maybe 30 minutes, after which it was gone and never came back. I then examined my tooth with a flashlight (I’m a bit hypochondriacal in that respect) and then discovered a large enamel crack on the tooth that I had never seen before. Either it has always been there and I only noticed it now (it’s hard to see), or it was created the day before yesterday. Does a melt crack / the formation of a melt crack cause any complaints? : /

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I just adjusted with horror in the mirror that a small part of my tooth (which is next to the incisors) has broken and there is a total spike on it .. that looks totally asymmetrical to the other teeth.

Can you have that corrected at the dentist’s doing something there? Does that cost money or does the health insurance cover it?

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Remove tooth yes or no?

Was at the dentist yesterday, he opened the penultimate tooth on the top left and I think that the tooth can no longer be saved because it already has a deep crack and the tooth walls are very thin. Now my question is what would happen if I didn’t want the tooth removed?

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I have had vertical white cracks on my incisors for some time. The dentist thinks it is enamel cracks and there is nothing you can do about it.

I forgot to ask if the cracks could get bigger?

Is a enamel crack very deep in the tooth, or on top of it?

Thanks for info.

Hello I have cracks in the lower teeth long ago, I am quite scared. I was only there the week and she said everything in order. I want to call the dentist on Monday. Is this bad? Break them away now?

Hello I have cracks in the lower teeth long ago, is that the enamel? I am quite scared. I was only there the week and she said everything in order. I want to call the dentist on Monday. Is this bad? Break them away now?

So a few weeks ago a piece of the incisor broke off, I went straight to the dentist and he filled it, a new piece, so to speak "cemented" and everything is ok again. Today I just looked to see if everything was still ok and noticed that there was a crack in the other incisor across the tooth. It is not visible in normal light, only when the light falls on it from the side, but then it is very clear and long. There are also small cracks behind the incisors. I am a little worried that if I put more strain on him now he could break off and don’t want to go to the dentist again, I have a little phobia. Can I do something so that the teeth become stronger again and the crack does not get even bigger? Should I be worried? I also have a slight tooth pull. Thank you very much!

Hello, I accidentally bit my fork while eating and now a piece of tooth has broken off in the front. So with the incisors. I totally feel it with my tongue and you can see it a little bit too .. What should I do? And when I call the dentist, what does he do? Can someone tell me how it is?&# 128584;&# 128584;

Hello Community, I have bitten myself by mistake. Now I have a crack in the front tooth. Can you tell me if it’s bad and what I could do? The tooth still hurts relatively after 2 days and I can’t really eat or drink hot or cold, otherwise it will give a very ticklish feeling. A piece has also broken off at the lower end. Unfortunately I can’t go to the dentist because I am currently in China and unfortunately I don’t speak their language. MfG Venqo

Hi there! I toppled over on Monday and probably slammed my chin against the edge of my shoe closet. Since then I have a wound on the oral mucosa that bleeds again and again when I brush my teeth. Furthermore, my left front tooth hurt a lot on the day of the event, but I assumed that it would go away, especially since it didn’t wobble and actually looked relatively normal. Yesterday I discovered a crack in the tooth with sufficient lighting. You really only see it when you look at it with very good light. It runs horizontally and approximately in the middle of the tooth. It still reacts to cold, like any other of my teeth, but it still hurts when biting or touching it, which is why I avoid it. My question: Since I can only see the dentist when I feel better (have a virus and an unstable circulation), I wanted to ask whether it is risky to wait to see the dentist or whether it is necessary at all and whether the crack is not can heal on its own?

Hi there ! Can such a crack in the tooth possibly result from braces or the retainer (wire on the incisors) used afterwards? Thanks for answers !

My incisors are transparent and thin from the top and fight their way up.

What can I do now that the patency becomes white again? Could a dentist clean my teeth again and make them white on the incisors?

Maybe someone is familiar with it or once had such a case and could give me advice here that I would be so grateful! :)

I will soon have a check-up at the dentist and I noticed something yesterday: I have very black spots on the back of my molar. Only it doesn’t hurt at all and I brush my teeth always and also (according to my dentist) well and thoroughly. What will the dentist say or what is it exactly on my tooth?

thank you for the answers!

I broke off a piece of molar tooth. My concern if I have a crown made could the tooth crack and then rot under the crown? Can the dentist find something like that? Is there something like colored paste or something? about a quarter tooth has broken off

I found a crack on my tooth, what does the dentist do with it? Does it cost me anything? And if so, what amount can I expect?

Hello :) For a few days I have noticed that my tooth is probably black on the inside. I can’t see it properly, because it is inside, this tooth has broken off on the inside. Everything looks normal on the outside but inside If I put my tongue against it, it only hurts a little at a certain point. As it seems, this tooth really broke even though I brush my teeth every day. But I plan to go to the dentist anyway to make an appointment.

My question now is whether the dentist can possibly save my tooth, because I do not want to lose a tooth by the age of 15.

Thanks in advance! :)

I went to the dentist for a check-up today because I always have an uncomfortable pull on a molar. The dentist now said there was a brown spot and I have to come back on Wednesday. What about my tooth now and what will the dentist do??

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