Accident insurance comparison 2020 • the best private accident insurance in the test

Accident insurance comparison 2020

The best private accident insurance in the test.

In the event of disability caused by an accident, accident insurance will step in. Your pension payments then help to bring the financial imbalance caused by disability back into balance. The insurance also contributes to health costs and even costs that may have arisen during the salvage.

From our tariff comparison, choose a suitable offer from many insurers who have always received good grades in tests.

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Accident insurance:
Rarely used, but very important when the worst comes to the worst


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  • The core of accident insurance is financial support for permanent disability caused by an accident. Participation in rescue and health costs, even in the case of injuries that are not so dramatic, are part of the additional benefits.
  • Among other things, testers praised the providers InterRisk, HanseMerkur, VHV and Janitos multiple times. The ratings also showed that the best private accident insurance is offered at moderate costs.
  • An accident is the cause of only 10% of all cases of disability. Accident insurance is therefore not a substitute for occupational disability insurance.

According to the Federal Statistical Office, there were 9.77 million accident injuries in Germany in 2014. round 70% from that injure themselves in their free time or in the house. Even in the case of fatal accidents, the domestic ones are among the sad ones.

Statutory accident insurance does not support accident victims or surviving dependents in such cases and you are not insured for every accident at work. It may therefore be worthwhile for you to take out additional insurance.

In our 2019/2020 guide, we explain the scope of responsibility for private accident insurance and present the most important tests of recent years. You will also learn which policies for adults and children are sometimes the better alternative to accident insurance.

1. When does the statutory accident insurance step in??

It is important to know the benefits of the statutory accident insurance so that you do not take out insurance for potential events for which you are already insured anyway. You are probably covered by insurance more often than expected.

1.1. Statutory accident insurance benefits

Accidents at work have decreased rapidly in Germany. In 2015, 866,056 cases were reported to the DGUV, 20 years earlier there were over 1.65 million work accidents.

Workers, pupils, students, kindergarten children, volunteers, court witnesses – around 75 million people in Germany are members of the statutory accident insurance (GUV). On the one hand, their task is to Prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases. For example, it issues regulations for operational measures that are intended to prevent injuries at the workplace and takes over the technical supervision for accident safety.

On the other hand, statutory accident insurance helps people who have already had an accident or suffer from an occupational illness "capacity" recover, et al through the assumption of costs for hospital and rehabilitation stays.

There are monetary allowances in the form of the injured money, which is to compensate for temporary loss of income by 80%. pension payments take place if half a year has passed since the accident and at least at least the ability to work 50% restricted is.

If an accident ends in death, this social insurance pays one survivor and part of the funeral expenses.

1.2. When are you insured??

You are insured not only at the place of work, volunteer work or training, but also also on the way there. Protection also applies during company parties, business trips or school trips. However, the event also has to clear reference to the insured activity to have. For example, the GUV applies not if something happens during the lunch break or if a health problem such as a heart attack only happens accidentally during working hours.

People who look after their relatives are also considered volunteers. What exactly the delimitation for voluntary work is, when it is an accident at work or when an illness was caused by the job is one of them many controversial questions all about the GUV.

For this reason, those affected go to court relatively often if statutory accident insurance is not their responsibility.

1.3. Who pays for the GUV?

The insured do not have to pay for the contributions themselves. The accident insurance fund or the municipal accident insurance association is responsible for employees of the public service, pupils, students etc..

For free enterprise workers the employer pays to the respective professional association the full contributions. These depend on the hazard class in the industry and the wage level. Finally, the amount of an accident pension depends on the previous salary of the insured.

2. What do the providers assure?

Private accident insurance is used when the statutory does not have to step in. First and foremost, accidents in leisure time or in the household are insured. In addition, the additional policy becomes active earlier.

2.1. Basic insured event

Accidents can be defined differently depending on the contract. However, the law regulates a minimum provision:

"(2) An accident occurs when the insured person involuntarily suffers health damage due to an event that suddenly affects their body from the outside. Involuntary behavior is presumed until proven otherwise."

Insurance contract law – § 178

Usually, the insurance industry extends the concept of accident beyond this. The General Accident Insurance Conditions (AUB) form the basis of the contracts. The General Association of the German Insurance Industry (GDV) made 2014 non-binding sample conditions known for the AUB. This expand the concept of accident and are regarded as the minimum standard for private accident insurance.

"An accident also applies if the insured person is exerted by an increased exertion

  • a joint is dislocated on limbs or the spine.
  • Muscles, tendons, ligaments or capsules on limbs or the spine are torn or torn."

Damage to meniscus or at the disc are not associated with accidents, but are considered wear.

2.2. Extra policies for the adventurous

According to the Evaluation Center for Ski Accidents (ASU), 7,000 German skiers end up in hospitals every season.

Serious leisure-time accidents happen especially in sports that are not entirely safe. For passionate Divers, motorcyclists or riders private accident insurance is therefore particularly useful.

Clarify any possible exclusions in advance. With very few tariffs, injuries related to motorcycle, skiing and riding are excluded. Insurance is more common for damage typical of diving like caisson disease or barotrauma, which you can read from our tariff calculator.

Skiers and all other people who spend their free time in areas with difficult infrastructure should take out insurance, which also for recovery costs. Here, the statutory health insurance companies only pay in part. Especially if a helicopter is necessary, it will be very expensive here.

Tip: Cheaper accident insurance plans are special sports accident insurance, e.g. for riding by the Uelzener insurance company or for motorsport. If the relatively dangerous activities are only in the sports club play is also one Group accident insurance conceivable that clubs, companies and other organizations are offered.

3. Services

3.1. Focus on pension and capital payments

limbs tax

In the general tax, the insurance companies determine which tariff for each tariff Degree of disability recognized if a certain part of the body is amputated or unable to function. With the progression, she decides on the level of benefits. At Generali e.g. A degree of disability of 30% is recognized for hearing loss in one ear, 70% if one arm is lost.

Private accident insurance pays when you get one accident-related disability (significant physical or mental impairment) either one-time or a lifelong accident pension.

The insurance usually pays at the earliest a year after the accident the main service, bridging services can also be agreed for the first months and immediate benefits, that apply to certain serious injuries.

The high of Servicesincreases with increasing degree of disability disproportionately on (progression). One is often recommended 350% progression. As a basic sum, e.g. 50,000 euros agreed, the benefit for a 70% disability is 100,000 euros and 175,000 euros for complete disability.

How disabled someone is depends on the classification in the membership tax.

3.2. Additional payment agreements

As part of the accident insurance, numerous other benefits are agreed, which can mean more or less great cost relief. With accident insurance for seniors is that for example Assistance offer relevant.

In the case of accident insurance for families, death benefits are important unless a risk life insurance or other survivor protection has already been taken out anyway.

Daily benefits secures loss of income during long hospital stays
Accident-day money secures loss of earnings for the self-employed
recovery of money after receiving daily sickness benefits
Death benefits agreed amount of damage for surviving dependents
Cosmetic operations after disfiguring accidents
Assistance service Financing domestic help, snow removal, etc.

Note: If you are in our comparison calculator at a tariff "Scope" click, in addition to the extended accident definition, the member’s tax and all potential additional benefits and maximum limits are displayed.

4. Child accident insurance: important, but not the most important risk insurance

Unfortunately, even in childhood, you can sustain such injuries from an accident that you can no longer work afterwards. It is a great help here if the child is entitled to a lifelong monthly pension if in doubt.

Eco test examined accident insurance for children in 2012. Good services at moderate prices therefore offer the liability insurance company Darmstadt and the VHV. With a ten year old, the one Monthly pension of 500 euros if the degree of disability is 50%, both insurance policies cost approximately € 5 per month.

However, considering that illnesses lead to disability much more often than accidents is one disability insurance for children much more comprehensive. The providers include Basler, Barmenia, Allianz and Badische. The policy is available from around 30 euros a month and is therefore significantly more expensive than accident insurance for the child.

5. Does accident insurance also apply abroad?

Protection usually takes effect worldwide. Stays in crisis areas it would be too expensive to secure well. Therefore, no benefits are offered for accidents resulting from war or terror.

When comparing accident insurance, frequent travelers should make sure that the maximum costs for the repatriation to Germany are not too low.

A comparison of other insurance companies abroad:

6. Disability insurance vs. accident insurance

Where are the boundaries between occupational disability insurance and UV and what should you choose??

First of all: After the private liability insurance, the occupational disability insurance counts as that second most important voluntary policy in Germany. Those who become unable to work and who are not yet entitled to statutory pension insurance will later be dependent on social assistance.

In only a tenth of the cases, an accident is to blame for the disability; accident insurance is not taken out here. The BI insurance applies against it regardless of the cause.

However, not everyone can get such a policy. People with Pre-existing illness become common declined, while there are also private accident insurance policies without health issues, or they are not particularly strict. (It becomes difficult to conclude a contract if, for example, you have hemophilia.)

In addition, taking out disability insurance is only worthwhile until mid 30 or at the latest at 40.

An advantage of private accident insurance is also that they steps in much earlier. Many benefits are provided even if there is no permanent reduction in earning capacity by 50%.

Private accident insurance is needed by those for whom disability insurance is not suitable or not possible and by recreational athletes who already have a BU but want to benefit from the assumption of health and transport costs as soon as possible after an accident. The latter should be considered when choosing waive an accident pension, so as not to be double insured.

The following table shows the BU and private accident insurance in comparison.

Disability insurance accident insurance
Suitable for
  • employee
  • self-employed
  • trainees
  • students
  • children
  • Seniors
  • Recreational athletes
  • Non-professionals
  • People who have been rejected for a BU or who have missed the sensible starting age
posts rather high rather low
main power Disability pension regardless of the cause Disability benefit in the event of permanent damage to the body from an accident
Performance from Ability to work reduced by 50% for at least 6 months Inpatient treatment of the accident
age group approx. 15 – 55 0 – theoretically unlimited
health issues extensive picture of the medical history little information

7. Mix with life insurance: expensive and not lucrative

UV can also be combined with life insurance – accident insurance with premium refund this is called. The name is somewhat misleading, because it is not the contributions that are reimbursed, but only the part that went into the savings plan.

After expiry of the contract or in the event of death, the company pays back the savings Amounts less administration and distribution costs, possibly with surplus shares.

The premiums are of course higher in combination with life insurance. We do not recommend such combination products. Because a policy that is supposed to cover an unlikely but dangerous risk is not actually related to an investment. As a result, you don’t save fees when the two are mixed.

In addition, capital life insurance is no longer worth it: the contracts are inflexible and the Returns poor. For long-term savings, private pension insurance policies that protect against the longevity risk or fund savings plans that offer good average returns due to low fees are more suitable.

8. Private accident insurance in the test

This chapter brings together the most recent major investigations into accident insurance. These results are not an individual recommendation – in particular, the willingness to pay contributions varies – in our view, however, they represent a useful first orientation.

Most of the Accident insurance comparison winners is too in our tariff calculator contain.

8.1. Investigation for n-tv 2016

In March 2016, the German Institute for Service Quality checked the tariffs of 43 companies on behalf of n-tv. 60% the grade consists of a performance evaluation and 40% from one Price analysis. In this accident insurance test, the overall result is mediocre. 13 providers performed very well, including the domcura and janitos.

InterRisk convinces with top performance and a good cost structure and therefore took the tariff “Concept XXL with standard tax" the first place. This was followed by HanseMerkur with below-average premiums.

The DISQ describes the costs of accident insurance as comparatively high, with mostly the expensive tariffs not above average are. Savings of up to 333 euros per year are possible.

8.2. Accident insurance comparison for Focus Money

In 2015 Franke and Bornberg took a closer look at 61 accident insurance policies on behalf of Focus Money. 15% of the prices for a 25-year-old model customer of danger group A were included in the rating and for a peer from danger group B. (A includes bankers and B craftsmen.)

The quality the rating agency also weighted the insurance cover 70%.

The main assessment was based on the following aspects:

  • How much is the concept of accident expanded? Are e.g. insect bites, frostbite or infections are also insured?
  • To what extent does protection apply outside of Germany?
  • The insurance also pays for cosmetic operations after disfiguring accidents?
  • What are the benefits and requirements for emergency aid??

Among the best accident insurance, in this case those rated at least 1.7, were the tariffs of InterRisk, Janitos, Swiss Life, Waldenburger, HUK24 and VHV.

8.3. Accident insurance with the Stiftung Warentest

Finanztest checked exactly 124 insurance tariffs in October 2015. The daughter magazine of Stiftung Warentest referred exclusively to the benefits of the policies and not to contributions.

criteria aspects Share of grade
capital payment Benefit level for degrees of disability between 25 and 100% 50%
conditions Extension of the model contract conditions of the GDV
  • Extension of the accident definition
  • Expansion of the range of services (e.g. rescue costs)
  • Conditions for seniors
40% applications Clear and time-limited health issues 10%

Five tariffs performed very well, three of them from InterRisk. Thieffirst accident insurance is theirs "XXL MaxiTaxe". The contractual conditions were better in almost every respect compared to the model conditions for accident insurance according to the GDV.

8.4. Conclusion

We located four insurance companies, at least in two of the tests particularly well have cut off and with no tariff worse than good have been assessed. The broker insurer InterRisk, headquartered in Austria, clearly achieved the best overall result.

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