Heat and cold sensitive tooth (teeth, dentist)

Heat and cold sensitive tooth (teeth, dentist)

Tooth sensitive to heat and cold

I recently had a dentist appointment where the restoration was made for me a few days ago, this tooth is now extremely sensitive to heat and cold. I notice when I eat something warm or when I brush my teeth with cold water in the morning. I’ve never had anything like it.

Is this normal after visiting the dentist? Does that go away again or do I have to do something about it effectively (such as a special toothpaste)?

PS: My dentist is closed today, I can’t reach anyone.

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I already had. Your nerve is very irritated because the treatment is not without it and it is constantly irritated. Wait a few more days

Possibly a so-called preparation trauma. Filling too close to the nerve or missing underfilling. Talk to the dentist. Toothpaste doesn’t help.

What is an underfill?

I had that a year ago, and problems lasted for over 6 months, then it eased somewhat. I changed the doctor and said that the filling on top was not ground down enough.

now a seal has broken out again and I don’t want to go through it again for several months. What should I point out to the doc beforehand ?

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I am 14 years old and got a filling 3 months ago, but after 1 month the chewing pain came back. I was recently at the doctor who told me to wait and if it doesn’t improve I get root canal treatment. The tooth is now also sensitive to heat and cold. I am very afraid of root canal treatment because a helper told me it could hurt. My friends also say that a root canal should hurt like hell.

(Sorry for my spelling.)

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Brown line on snow >

Hey guys.
Yesterday I was sick and only at home all day. But somehow I was worried about other things all the time and so unfortunately I didn’t brush my teeth yesterday. I also wear loose braces that I put in my mouth last night before sleeping.

Now this morning I discovered a light brown streak on my left front tooth, which I couldn’t get rid of even by brushing. Fortunately, I will have another dentist appointment soon, but did you ever want to ask if this could really have resulted from just one day of brushing your teeth? I am really upset about it and feel completely bad that I did not clean it yesterday. I also ate chocolate yesterday..

But it also occurred to me that the spot was quite sensitive to cold and I also said that to the dentist. Then he stuck something over my tooth, I think plastic. So a filling over my actual incisor, so maybe only the plastic is discolored and not my tooth itself. When I try to floss over the surface of my teeth, it also gets caught a little below the surface of my tooth, which could be the filling layer under which the floss gets caught. I just hope so.

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