Dental treatment

Dental treatment

Dental treatment

Full coverage – for preventive care, early detection and treatment

Dental treatment includes all activities that are necessary for the prevention, early detection and treatment of dental, oral and maxillofacial diseases as well as a possible supply of dental fillings.

Your dentist checks and decides which treatment is useful and necessary for your teeth individually. But no matter which treatment you choose: with the SBK you save costs on your dental treatment, because the SBK takes care of it for you.

The prerequisite is that your dental treatment is essential for medical reasons and the care of your teeth only includes the necessary measures.

Ina Lange, SBK customer advisor, Munich

"Go to the dentist for a check-up at least once a year. This way you can be sure that your teeth will stay healthy."

Dental treatment – your SBK advantages:

  • Assumption of costs for medically required dental treatment: Treatment by your dentist gives you the certainty that the diseased tooth substance will be removed and the cause of the pain will be remedied. The best thing about it: In order to relieve you financially, we as health insurance cover the costs for your medically required dental treatment.
  • Help finding a good dentist: Finding the right dentist is sometimes not that easy. Together with our cooperation partner Jameda, you will receive guidance when looking for a dentist near you.
  • Find the right filling for your teeth: You and your dentist decide which one is right for you. For the tooth fillings listed below, we will cover the costs for you during a dental treatment: amalgam, composite plastic fillings in the anterior tooth area up to and including tooth three (you may have to pay your own share, your dentist will inform you about this), composite plastic fillings in the posterior tooth area at one proven amalgam allergy or severe renal insufficiency as well as glass ionomer cement and compomer (each suitable as a temporary).
  • Even more security with ARAG dental supplementary insurance: As an SBK customer, you benefit from the costs of dental treatment from supplementary insurance, which we offer together with our cooperation partner ARAG on special terms. ARAG’s supplementary dental insurance covers the share of the costs for dental treatment, dentures and orthodontics in the agreed amount – depending on the tariff. For more information, see Supplementary Dental Insurance.
  • Keep an eye on the costs – with our partner MediKompass: There are many options, questions and major differences in dentures and fillings when it comes to the costs of dental treatment. Our partner MediKompass helps: By entering your medical and cost plan at you will receive offers from various dentists and can thus significantly reduce your own contribution.

Dental treatment – assumption of costs

Your dentist bills the contractual dental costs of your dental treatment directly with the SBK. Simply present your electronic health card in the dentist’s office.

If services – such as periodontal treatment – need to be approved in advance, your dentist will contact us directly. As a rule, you will receive our acceptance of the contractual treatment costs a few days after receipt of the documents.

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