Welcome to INTEGRA in Luxembourg

Dental practice or medical group? INTEGRA combines both in one place in Luxembourg. Thanks to the combination of dental and general medical disciplines, our dentists view human health from all relevant perspectives. For us, body and psyche are never detached from each other, but always a whole.

A holistic treatment concept

At INTEGRA, every dentist attaches great importance to integrative cooperation with a variety of specialist areas. Here in Luxembourg, the dentists of the Dental Center work closely together with experts from various general medical fields in the Medical Center as well as with specialists from various disciplines in our supraregional network. We at the INTEGRA Research Institute are committed to constantly growing knowledge. We support the long-term health of our patients in our Detox Center.

Zirconium ceramic implants for a biological restoration.

Implants are a good way to replace lost teeth biologically, stably and aesthetically. read more.

The safe way to eliminate harmful heavy metals.

Tongue burning, metal taste, fatigue, but also rheumatism, pain and other serious diseases – dental fillings made of amalgam can have serious consequences for our health.

New: Dental vitalization therapy

In the INTEGRA Dental Center, the avoidance of root canal treatment has top priority. Instead, the Vitale Pulpa Therapy (VPT) is used.

High quality

The INTEGRA Dental Service Spectrum

INTEGRA always focuses on quality – no matter which treatment in our clinic is the right one for you. This maxim applies to us both for a comprehensive, individual and open consultation before a dental treatment as well as for our gentle methods based on well-founded knowledge. For example in the field of implants and ceramic implants.

The INTEGRA MEDICAL GROUP combines under one roof four areas of a holistic approach to health – with specialists from different disciplines who always consider all important details.

General practitioners, holistic general practitioners, immunologists, environmental physicians as well as psychologists, oncologists and, of course, the dentists of the DENTAL CENTER: In our team of recognised experts, we look at the health of our patients from very different perspectives.

Training courses, lectures and expert rounds are part of our wide range of advanced training courses. For career starters as well as for experienced experts, for practice managers as well as for prophylaxis assistants.

Our goal here is to effectively and sustainably rid the body of harmful substances such as heavy metals and detoxify it.

From implantology to temporomandibular joint therapy, from root canal treatment to bone regeneration therapy, from periodontal treatment to smile design and from amalgam removal to trouble spot restoration: INTEGRA offers a comprehensive treatment spectrum by specialized dentists.

Medical Competence

DENTAL CENTER: A holistic approach to people.

More than just a dentist: In our Dental Center in Luxembourg, biological dentistry not only focuses on your oral cavity, but also on the entire organism – because our concept is always holistic. Allergies, previous illnesses and stress are carefully examined and discussed in a personal consultation. Based on this, the dental treatment is carried out with gentle, harmless materials and methods. read more.

MEDICAL CENTER: Every detail at a glance.

Renowned physicians from various disciplines jointly examine the mutual influence of various health facets and causes of complaints. Chronic complaints and cancer in particular are influenced by various factors and their interaction. It is the concern of our dentists to recognise this and to treat it specifically with coordinated therapies. read more.

DETOX CENTER in Luxembourg: Biological detoxification.

Almost every body contains toxic substances that everyday life brings with it: electromagnetic pollution, unhealthy substances from food – but also heavy metals in dental fillings. Our INTEGRA Detox-Therapies ensure a sustainable detoxification and mobilization based on individually composed micronutrients and thus support the protection against a weakening of the immune system and chronic diseases. read more.

INTEGRA ACADEMY: Sharing knowledge, exchanging experiences.

Whether you are a young professional, dental assistant or dentist: In Luxembourg, the INTEGRA Academy shares its know-how with you in order to pass on practical experience and continuously improve treatment standards. Exchange ideas with colleagues and learn from qualified experts by means of illustrative practical examples. Find out more about our coveted advanced training programmes. read more.

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