Does a narrative circle with 3-4 year old children make sense? (Kindergarten)

Does a narrative circle with 3-4 year old children make sense? (Kindergarten)

Does a narrative circle with 3-4 year old children make sense?

I will do an internship in kindergarten starting tomorrow and would like to do a storytelling with the 3-4 year old children. I am only assigned to one group and to get to know them (and vice versa) I had planned a narrative circle. Everyone is sitting in a circle and a child always tells of the weekend in September. Can you do that with the kids? Or do you have any other ideas?

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At this age, children cannot really differentiate between the weekend and everyday life. Of course they know that there is no kindergarten at the weekend, but that often confuses them with afternoon experiences or the weekend before.

Maybe you just ask them to tell you about a great experience lately, no matter when. Some children may not have done anything special this weekend, and it is bad for them if they have nothing to tell or the experience of the other children "better" is.

I have found that many children lose motivation and become restless.

Some children do not know what to tell and repeat what was said before. So in the end you have many children who have experienced the same thing.

Tip: take little children 5-6 and give them a stone or ball or similar. In the hand. Explain that only the child holding the stone speaks, everyone else is listening.

This only makes sense if there are not many children (maximum 5) and you accordingly "moderierst". Otherwise it will be totally boring for the other children.

Example: Child A tells that he went swimming with his mother. You pick up on that and show with gestures, facial expressions and noises how child A was swimming and also build in some exciting places (adventure on the slide / excitement in the changing room etc. etc.) and let the other children participate. If you can’t do something like that, better leave it. Many small children are not yet ready to tell more than 2 or 3 sentences about a weekend.

I think that’s a good idea :) I did an internship in elementary school last year and they also talked about us in class.

Can’t you compare? In elementary school the children are already 6 years old, in the Kiga only 3 or 4. There are worlds between the way of expression and possibility.

Really depends on the size of the circle. So up to 10 kiddies is a good idea.

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Lice keep coming! what to do?

Hello my love,

My daughter will be 4 years this year. Since she was 1 year old she went to kindergarten. When you were there in the u3 group, you had 8 months. lice and we didn’t get it under control at all permanent, according to the package insert Visit treatment and multiple doctor. We actually tried countless anti-lice drugs at some point "home remedies" added to that etc. Of course we have each time too everything is disinfected or washed at 95 ° C clothes or toys, etc. According to kindergarten, no child in the U3 had lice other than mine.

Well, after the summer vacation and treatment again, the lice were finally gone and my daughter switched to Ü3. After the change, my daughter had about 2-3 weeks later nits again on the head (and ** 6 weeks more during the summer holidays!) and the teacher said they had had no more children for 2 years .. at some point I really thought what I was doing wrong and went back to the doctor who gave me has confirmed that the nits and lice do NOT come from my daughter, ** because she would have too little on her head for that. After treatment, everything was eaten again.

NOW (03/21/17) I discovered lice in my daughter and treated her again immediately with all the trimmings. Slowly it really gets annoying since she’s been in the Kiga these animals are chasing us and the worst thing is that it is pretended to come from us or only from my daughter!

What do you think I should do, should I get advice from the health department? I’m getting really desperate.

I thank you! LG

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Does any of you have a creative, unusual idea of ​​how I could excitingly bring healthy nutrition closer to the children in the Kiga?

How does a sound story (kindergarten) work??

I want to do a sound story with the children in kindergarten. How exactly do you go about it? Then I read the story and the children support me with the instruments ?

Kindergarten: walk without a goal – what is it?

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The following: I am a teacher in my first year of training. Due to several unfavorable circumstances, I unfortunately did not get a kindergarten place but a crèche place for practical work. This is extremely unfavorable because my annual task for the first year of training is to accompany a free game. With kindergarten children you can design and implement many offers for the children. This is not so good with crib children. I have absolutely no idea what I could do with the children who are between 13 months and 3 years old. Now my question:

WHAT CAN I DO WITH THE CHILDREN & What can I trust you to do??

It should also be borne in mind that all children are at different levels of development.

Since human dignity is inviolable, it does not make sense for children in their parents’ or kindergarten to be informed more about the Basic Law. As a guideline for peaceful, fair coexistence. Please for peaceful and troll-free answers, because the dignity of the questioner should also be preserved;)

Good evening you dear. I am a 17 year old girl and in the first year of educator training. At the moment I am in a kindergarten and absolutely happy there, but only 3 months, then I am on vacation and from September I have to go to a new facility.

I love my colleagues and my children. It’s so much fun working with them every day, laughing and cuddling with the kids. I just can’t stand the feeling of having to leave soon. Sure, I can visit my colleagues and most of the children sometimes, but it’s not the same. Especially my dear preschoolers, who will be at school next year.

Every single child has grown incredibly close to my heart and even if that sounds stupid, I don’t want to leave them, but I have to :( and it hurts because I know that the children will forget me over time and find new favorite teachers I thought about going away, but shouldn’t I enjoy the rest of the time with the kids, more than before?

How do I get this awful feeling away? How can I avoid missing the kids like this? I don’t think anyone really understands that, but it just gives me a stab in the heart because I love them all. What can I do against it?

Hello, my daughter has been going to the day care center for 1.5 years, where I also work as an educator. She was never really happy at the facility, but she has to, because I also work. However, my daughter (5 years) and logically visits a different group than I do. It has been the case for a few months now that I (as a mother) keep hearing that my daughter would annoy other children, punch, push. would know no limits,

At home, she tells me that other children have started and with friends (in the afternoons) I also keep seeing that she is only fighting back or emulating as a follower (other children) is not ok, I know that, but she is not the trigger. Today I heard again that she had hacked another child, I have just heard from her that she was scratched by the other girl beforehand (scratches can be seen on the neck). What am I supposed to do? On the one hand I am a mother, on the other as a colleague, I have the feeling that my colleague always wants to give me one and that only MY child is always nonsense. In the outdoor play area, I also watched my child from time to time and saw situations where my colleague and her teacher did not intervene at all. I often went to the finishing line and spoke to the children, comment my colleague after I described her situation: I didn’t even notice it! (Unfortunately it has been like this several times):

As I said, my colleague takes it so personally and then my daughter gets it again.

What am I supposed to do? Another kindergarten is out of the question. I can’t talk to my boss about it either, because she always says that this should be clarified in the group.

I feel so sorry for my daughter, because she is always punished and is banned from doll cornering or has to apologize to others, even though she didn’t start and the other children can do what they want (exaggerated).

Thanks for your help and the long text.

Our son has been going to a 2-group kindergarten for a year, where he feels very comfortable. As there are far too few kindergarten places in the village in the coming kindergarten year, the number of groups will be increased from 25 to 28 children per group and a new group (exclusively with 3-year-olds) will be opened in the gym. For the children, this means more noise and, at the same time, fewer creative offers as part of the development plan, since the gym can no longer be used for gymnastics and music offers. The municipality has now announced to increase the kindergarten fees for the new kindergarten year, in this case I have the possibility to object to this increase

Some parents from the group of my 4 year old son absolutely want to enforce a vaccination for flu

Of course, I don’t want to be vaccinated against measles, mumps, rubella

Can they ask that? ?

In the kindergarten of my 4-year-old daughter, a woman comes twice a year and tells the children how to properly brush their teeth. The next day my daughter didn’t want to take her white bread to kindergarten and said that otherwise her teeth would fall out. The dentist would have told her that. She eats grain bread, too, of course, but I’ve never heard such nonsense as the one with the falling teeth.

Have you heard something like this before??

Hello :) My girlfriend works in kindergarten and since I am with her, about 8 months, I have been sick all the time. Could it be that the sick children in my kindergarten get infected even if she is not sick? I just have another example. In your kindergarten group, 12 out of 20 children with gastrointestinal tract are currently ill. My girlfriend then complained of slight stomachache and diarrhea at home and since this morning it has completely hit me personally. Outbreaks of sweat with vomiting etc. Gastrointestinal tract.

And this is not the first time. Since then I have had colds etc.

What can I do against it? I can hardly separate from her for this reason. Otherwise everything is going very well and we are very happy. Unfortunately, it is now the case that my employer has already complained to me that I have been absent for more than half a year more often than before. And somewhere I have to agree with him there.

Best regards and I hope to answer a few. Thank you

Our daughter comes to kindergarten in autumn at the age of 3. I know that varies from child to child, but I would be interested to know how long it took other children to get used to it?

Hello, my daughter is a kindergarten child for half a year, and at the beginning of the kindergarten year, I had a few unpleasant conversations with the employees of the kiga, which I also discussed here, and also received very helpful opinions and tips. at the beginning it was said that she was very aggressive towards other children, etc. i had a conversation with a teacher again today and i wanted to talk about her development in the kiga. she still has the problem of socializing with other children, said the teacher. This means that she pushes and destroys other children’s turrets, or that, depending on where she is, she’s super caring, that is, two distinct contrasts that, depending on how she feels about the day, she also implements in her behavior. it has also made very positive leaps in development, e.g. Your language development is above average, and your skill. but i should get early support because in old age you train social behavior with psychologists. how would you react if everything fits in the development, except that it has approximation problems with other children. It is said that it already has the Buhmann stamp, so that the children do not want to play with it. I recently did not have the impression that the children were happy to see them. at home with friends who are the same age as you, it works wonderfully. i don’t know if i’m wrong, but i think that such things have to be trained in kindergarten and not with a psychologist. after all, the educators and nannies have also received appropriate training to deal with such situations. that doesn’t mean that i think early support is nonsensical, but i think in our case, that’s an exaggeration. I also heard that no matter what measures you take in children’s life, e.g. psychologist game therapy etc. is collected and recorded. and one could use these notes the ones that doctors made at some point, possibly also negatively. No matter where you go, a child already has a sponsorship stamp and falls out of the grid. The kindergarten insists that a certain psychologist look at the child. I have also observed them a lot recently in kindergarten, and came a little earlier in the afternoon to experience them. her behavior was impeccable. i can’t understand that, it can’t be that as soon as she’s in the kiga, a completely different person becomes. After I asked, it was said that her great behavior did not last long and that she became disgusting over time. However, due to a lack of staff, the children cannot sleep at the moment. how would you react to it, thank you in advance mfg millamarie

An acquaintance had to send her child to kindergarten due to a labor requirement because there was no other vacancy in a daycare center in her "Problemvirtel".

After 2 months, there was an assault on the 3-year-old daughter by another 6-year-old boy, regular abuse with multiple blows, most recently with the help of a shovel, in which the daughter broke a tooth. Although this happened early and the daughter was still bleeding from her mouth at noon, my friend was not called, neither was a doctor.

I myself was there for a conversation with the director, where she confirmed that this boy is known to have behavioral problems, did not apologize, and his mother showed no reaction to the incident than one "-Pha. not my problem – "

Because the kindergarten leader indicated that she was the other child "would also like to throw out because it happens more often, but she has no personnel for individual care, but it is not legally possible for her to be kicked out", my friend of course immediately de-registered her child from this facility, even if she would no longer get a penny from the pool.

My question is only whether it is really true that a kindergarten leader’s hands are actually tied and that she is also demonstrably not allowed to throw out children with multiple behavioral problems (on the other hand, if my son at school would be at risk of being expelled from school if he did something wrong). Has the head of the kindergarten lied to us here or does the peaceful children only have the choice between victim role in kindergarten or a cut in the H4 rate? I am currently out of my mind what is going on in Germany.

I need constructive advice on the following topic: My child has quite a number of food allergies and is so severe that he is an integrative child in an integrative kindergarten. We give food and drink every day and since the first day the educators there have received lists from us to which my child reacts intolerably / allergically. We have also deposited emergency sets there and in the meantime all the teachers there have received training from the doctor on how, when and where this emergency set must be used. Already during the familiarization phase, I had the impression that my words on the topic were not taken seriously, but everything has gone well so far. Today my child comes home and says that he baked cookies with the other children. The educators put my child’s anti-scratch gloves on there and rolled out cookie dough with the other children and had cookies cut out. My child’s main allergies are wheat, eggs, milk, nuts. My child has only ever come into contact with any substance over the years, so you can imagine, such a combination is the worst case scenario. There was obviously no life-threatening first reaction in kindergarten (thank goodness), but my child reacts increasingly violently, so there is one "funny" Will be night. My questions now are: Can they do that? What is the best way to prevent something from repeating? Can you make the educators / kindergarten responsible? Do I have to pay attention to anything? The previous plan was to write to the group’s educators and management and ask them to refrain from doing so; should my child come to the hospital tonight, I consider whether legal steps should be checked. Something tells me, however, that it doesn’t do much, because they’ll all stick together anyway (A Crow.). My confidence has been shaken by this matter. What would you do?

LG and thanks in advance.

I am 22 years old and the mother of a 5 year old son who will be a big brother in May. He is looking forward to his little sister and is currently helping us a lot with the preparations for her. However, he has recently been demanding my full attention lately and is very close. Sometimes he just comes to me and hugs me without saying anything. This attachment would not be a problem for me if he did not make a riot every day as soon as I wanted to take him to kindergarten. In the morning I am told stories of abdominal pain, earache and sore throat. It is so bad at the moment, he is very healthy! Today in kindergarten he made another uprising and didn’t want to let me go. He sat at his subject with tears in his eyes and let me take him off. I brought him into the group, where he clung to my leg and only after 5 minutes of persuasion did I let go of all kinds of people. I quickly said goodbye and am gone. When I was gone, he had to throw up with excitement. It is always pure stress for me and I am already afraid of tomorrow that he will organize another insurrection. I am already considering whether I can have it brought by my husband, but that is not a permanent solution. He used to like going to kindergarten, had no problems when he said goodbye and was still beaming after you. He’s only been screaming for a few weeks. I have already tried to find out why he behaves like this and why he always makes such a terror and he just said that he would rather be with me than in kindergarten. Maybe someone of you has some advice for me on how best to behave in such moments? In any case, it is terribly exhausting for me to always have this stress with him in the morning.

Thanks in advance for all your answers!

Hello, this is the first time I am writing here, maybe you can help me.

The following history my step grandpa (whom I love very much) has a sister, her daughter had a child at the age of 15. I became a mother myself when I was 17, but how can I say. we are not on one level. Without that it sounds conceited but it is just immature & doesn’t get along. well, in any case, your son is with me in a KiGa group & now it is the second time that he has bitten our little one. I asked the educator if ours might be a little scraper but a second educator came along & contradicted that as well, on the contrary he is a dear open boy, the children are not angels, every mother knows, but the little one bit him really hard in the face. I’m really mega pissed & have already howled with anger & ahhh when I imagine how he must have cried. I am also annoyed by the educators, I mean, are they no longer paying attention? I have to say that this kindergarten is gruesome, change is unfortunately not possible, would be too long to explain again. Now I don’t know where to put my feelings. How would you react? If I tell the educators my opinion in an appropriate tone, they are immediately brushed on riot (GDR educators) & take it out on my son & that is unfortunately not an exaggeration, I have already observed how they deal with the children whose parents have already said something. I have already addressed my cousin but well how can I say I don’t want to cause a fight & you can’t change it anyway. Especially since she can’t be instructed anyway, what can you expect from such a young girl, so not that I pigeonhole whom I am, but she’s still an absolute child.

I see & I know that at this age it is normal for children to bite what is not the issue now, but they don’t even care what the little one does & tolerates it at home too.

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