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Worksheets frogs

When I was still at school, we had WUK. World and environmental studies. and I remember how excited I was when we talked about frogs in Wuk. After that I was with my dad every weekend in the forest, where we were in a small pond "Froschwerdungsprozess" could watch. It was so exciting.
I still have it here in Guatemala City no Found a pond that I could take my students to, but frogs are still an issue: in MSN (Medio Social y Natural).
But I miss WUK.
Did any of you have WUK? What names does the subject have for you?

Preview: Metamorphosis of the frog


With us it was called HSK (home and subject knowledge) and meanwhile it is called HSU (home and subject lesson). Unfortunately the frogs were not treated by us. LG, Anna Maria

Dear Anna Maria, that’s a shame. but I couldn’t get the butterfly back then. and the metamorphosis is so incredibly exciting :)

I had WUK as a child not and neither do my students. In my childhood (state of Hesse) this subject was called Heimatkunde – but to the "frog" in class can I don’t remember I have a frog class (2nd class) and we will definitely treat the frogs – only when I am not sure yet. Thanks for sharing your lovely AB’s.
LG Heike

For us (State of Brandenburg) the subject is now called S A C H K U N D E (SH).
The reproduction of the amphibian is a topic in both specialist and biology classes. The latter subject also deals with metamorphosis.

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