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January 2020

08.01.2020 WHITE ROSE

Chamber Opera by Udo Zimmermann / For visitors aged 14 and over / February 22, 1943. Two young people were sentenced to death. learn more

08.01.2020 creative offer for children

A creative offer for children between 3 and 6 years accompanied. learn more

01/08/2020 Bibi & Tina – the concert

Bibi & Tina come to your city and they bring all their hits with them. Experience together with the two. learn more

09.01.2020 Onleihe 50+

Starting difficulties or other technical problems with eBook readers & Co? Seniors mediate step by step for seniors in 1-2 hours each. learn more

09.01.2020 Rendezvous in the museum: Fantomas and Corn Poppy

Subversive shadow figures in avant-garde art with Dr. Katharina Uhl, Bremen. learn more

09.01.2020 cinema under the roof: the flea market of Madame Claire

Drama | La dernière folie de Claire Darling | France 2018 | Directed by Julie Bertuccelli | Performers Catherine Deneuve (Marie-Claire. Learn more

01/09/2020 RIGOLETTO

Opera by Giuseppe Verdi / Rigoletto, who is uncomfortable with his provocative utterances, tries by all means to present his beloved daughter in front of the. learn more


Every Friday you can shop fresh and regional in the Klöresgang. The farmers market is a weekly market in Schwerin with a very special flair. The. learn more

01/10/2020 Brav_a reading and feminist quiz

At 6 p.m. the complex welcomes the Brav_a team, whose non-commercial DIY zine is in the style of a teen magazine. learn more


Singspiel in three acts by Ralph Benatzky / based on the comedy by Blumenthal and Kadelburg by Hans Müller and Erik. learn more

01/10/2020 Parents’ evening – a comedy show not only for parents

Should I exchange my freedom for screeching children? Is a wedding really the bond for life? Will it be after children. learn more

01/10/2020 Lemmi Lembcke: Fireflies and Currywurst

In his new program, he draws full of leather and résumé again, packs the tried-and-tested stuff that has just come in. Learn more

01/10/2020 VERONIKA FISCHER & BAND – The concert

In 2020 Veronika Fischer is on tour through Germany for her 50th anniversary on stage! Experience the great artist live and accompany. learn more

01/10/2020 Live at Pier 7

Are hunger and thirst quenched? Then it can get a little louder every Friday if one of our bands listens to your ears. learn more

01/10/2020 – 01/11/2020 PARTY Friday

Where to go on FRIDAY? Club 77! Here I celebrate. Birthday children of the week receive a bottle of sparkling wine for free. Thinks. learn more

01/10/2020 – 01/11/2020 film: Shadow (Ying)

FSK 16 | approx. 116 min. | Actors: Chao Deng, Sun Li, Zheng Kai | Directed by Yimou Zhang | Genre: Action, Drama | Rental. learn more

11.01.2020 guided tour: the Ernst Barlach Collection

Guided tour in the Barlach cabinet. learn more

11.01.2020 concert of the shelf musicians

For the first time there is a New Year’s concert by the Schelfoniker, which is performed in the Schelfkirche. On the program under the direction. learn more

01/11/2020 MET Opera: Wozzeck (Alban Berg) (2020)

Sung in German with German subtitles. Actors: Peter Mattei, Elza van den Heever, Christopher Ventris, Gerhard Siegel. / "Every person. learn more


Comedy by Oscar Wilde / From the English by Marius von Mayenburg / A fast paced game of confusion, confusion and. learn more

01/11/2020 WHITE ROSE

Chamber Opera by Udo Zimmermann / For visitors aged 14 and over / February 22, 1943. Two young people were sentenced to death. learn more

01/11/2020 The flaneurs – Jörg Kleinau and Wolf-D. Griep: They are so short the pretty years

Hearty, but always funny and entertaining, just a different kind of cabaret. We stroll through the ages with literary greats. learn more

January 11, 2020 Hamburg Blues Band

The combination of three lead singers – Gert Lange´s strong blues and rock tube, the outstanding voices of Maggie Bell & Miller. learn more

01/11/2020 – 01/12/2020 Saturday Night Fever

Night Fever, Night Fever – celebrate the hits of the 80s, 90s, party hits and the current charts! learn more

01/11/2020 – 01/12/2020 Welcome 2020

After a short break, Club Zenit starts 2020! And right from the start they continue where. learn more

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