Exciting hiking trails on complaints – seepark Sellin on the Baltic Sea island Rügen

Exciting hiking trails on complaints - seepark Sellin on the Baltic Sea island Rügen

The Baltic coast invites you to relaxed hiking

Hiking trails Rügen – many delicacies for the hiking friend

Gorgeous green hills await the hikers on Rügen. The unique island offers beautiful hiking trails, which have their charm in every season. On the trails of Rügen you can often admire the Baltic Sea from above, while walking through the quiet forests. The coast is then under the visitor and especially the high bank Jasmund to Rügen’s famous chalk cliffs is very impressive.

The Jasmund National Park with its impressive beech forests is a World Heritage Site. At the Königsstuhl, in the adventure center of the national park, the hiker will find exciting exhibitions that show the beauty of nature. Also to the little guests was thought: an iceberg to discover, aquariums wait and with mouse and raven you can go on a journey through time. The hiking trails on Rügen have much to offer.

Hiking trails on the Baltic island Rügen

Attractive in winter: hiking trails on Rügen

Especially outside of the season, the hiking trails on Rügen are the right thing for those seeking relaxation. Whether you go through colorfully colored foliage in autumn or want to admire the first spring messengers in March: In Rügen nature you can fall in love quickly and will visit the island again. In winter, the snowy forests and ice formations on the coast are a very special experience. Ice floes are also found on the Baltic Sea and the beach in winter in ice and snow offers a unique nature experience. Since Rügen is one of Germany’s sunniest areas, sun worshipers can enjoy the winter here. The trails on Rügen are very well signposted, but also with local guides makes walking fun. You get explanations about the sights that invite you to visit. Romantic churches with Gothic murals, farmhouses and ancient fortifications take you back to the island’s past.

Trails Rügen – Windland around Cape Arkona

Almost the northernmost point of Rügen is Cape Arkona. Wind welcomes the visitors, a stiff breeze often prevails locally. And from the lighthouse you have a good view over the sea and the coast. There are even three towers to visit. Because there you can also climb the Schinkelturm and a Peilturm, over many steps. Traditionally, the Deutsche Wetterdienst has its headquarters at Cape Arkona. Anyone who sees the weather frogs on television in the evening, who are resisting the wind with live images, has probably also had shots of Cape Arkona in the living room. The trails Rügen lead along the steep coast and to an old Slavic castle wall. The actual “north point” Rügen, the Gellort, is also accessible to hikers by foot. It is only about one kilometer away from Cape Arkona. An impressive giant stone towers there, the Siebenschneiderstein, he is the fourth largest foundling Rügens. The hiking trails Rügen recommend here the high shore way from Drankse to Cape Arkona, and to Siebenschneiderstein you climb a 42 m long staircase – the royal stairs – down to the rocky coast.

Hiking trails on Rügen: various routes

No matter how old you are and what kind of physical condition you are in, Rügen is an Eldorado for hikers. Of course, even without a route, you can just walk along the sea, visit the next seaside resort and have a coffee there. Whether sandy beach or stone beach, Rügen offers everything. Every hiking trail on Rügen is a highlight. The stone collectors are likely to be thrilled, they can also make directly on the way to the Feuerstein beach. In general, Rügen is so rich in natural beauties that it attracts weatherproof and enjoys the fresh air, and again offers a great view, a romantic coastal corner or the windmill in the neighboring village. When the sun is shining, the jacket comes in the backpack and it goes on in the sweater. Who enters the island, is already caught by the light. Everything shines and the smell of the sea rises in the nose. From a nice holiday apartment you plan your excursions and off you go. The spa administrations have hiking maps everywhere and also give valuable tips on hiking trails in Rügen.

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