Family vacation on the north sea: experience the north with the camper!

The next vacation is coming and you want to get out of everyday life and experience something with your family? Then pack your things and start in yours Vacation fun in northern Germany. The North Sea is the ideal holiday destination for your family and has a lot ready for you.

The North Sea has that to offer

Explore the popular and with your children family-friendly North Sea coast. It is always worthwhile to travel within Germany – you get to know the country better, enjoy a wonderful holiday and often pay less than when traveling abroad. Camping holidays are particularly suitable for families with children, because you spend a lot of time as a family unit and experience unforgettable moments that you will always remember. At the same time, there are numerous entertainment points for toddlers, children and teenagers on the North Sea coast – so everyone can pursue their favorite daily program. For example, while you relax in the thermal bath, your children become little explorers in the supervised play groups, build sand castles or catch crabs and get to know the Nordic environment. Here are just a few of the arguments in favor of one Family vacation with the camper speak at the North Sea:

  • Relaxation in beautiful nature
  • Ideal with children and dogs
  • Experience pure freedom
  • Vacation right on the beach
  • Numerous business opportunities

Off on a family vacation – plan your uncomplicated arrival

The North Sea is calling, but what is the best way to get to your destination? No matter which part of Germany you come from – a holiday with a camper is easy and flexible. Start your dream vacation right from home. You come from the south of Germany and your journey is with the Campers and children a bit too far? That is also no problem. Travel easily by train, plane or your own car, rent the camper of your choice, for example, only in Hamburg and follow the water to the coast – yours starts adventure! Discover the diversity of the German, Danish or Dutch coast and enjoy it freedom, to be able to travel from place to place. Even the beautiful islands are easy to reach by camper thanks to the many ferries. Last but not least, the numerous offers that only the sea and the beach offer make the beautiful North Sea coast an ideal travel destination. Swimming, cycling, hiking, sailing, surfing, fishing – you can do all this and more on the North Sea. So whether you want to go on a discovery tour or relax in the beach chair with a good book, the decision is entirely up to you.

The campsites on the North Sea are open from around March to November, the exact times may vary slightly depending on the location. Between May and September the climate on the stormy coast gets a little warmer, in August even up to a pleasant 20 ° C air and water temperature. There is splashing in the sea or that surfing and kiting twice as much joy and makes hearts beat faster. Since the North Sea is known for its maritime climate with a lot of rain and above all plenty of wind, weatherproof clothing is your most loyal companion in every season and is absolutely essential to be equipped for every trick.

The best tips for your family vacation on the North Sea

What is special about the North Sea is the great variety. The wonderful nature invites you to relax on the beach or in the many small ones, idyllic village on. Let yourself be fresh sea air blow around your nose on long walks on the beach. However, those who are more interested in active activities will also get their money’s worth. For example, a mudflat hike is a must on a holiday on the North Sea and one big fun for the whole family. Explore the special features of the Wadden Sea with your children on guided tours and then relax with one crab rolls from one of the numerous fish stands along the coast and enjoy the view of the wide sea.

On the North Sea, however, the beautiful weather changes faster than you can eat your kibbeling. So it’s a good thing that there is something exciting to discover for every mood, every weather and above all every age. The indoor play park in Dornumersiel, the KlimaHaus in Bremerhaven or the numerous shopping arcades are just a few examples of nice things to do in the rain. Or take advantage of the stormy weather and fly kites together!

Visiting a riding or farm is also an unforgettable experience. With their very special charm and cheerfulness, not only the picturesque campsites and holiday resorts convince, but above all the people. They receive your family with warmth and mediate you even on vacation cozy feeling of home. With unique attractions, such as a visit to a submarine, your trip will be an unforgettable experience. In the Norddeich seal station or in one of the numerous museums you and your children can get to know the nature and wildlife on the North Sea in a playful way. The Wind force 10 in Cuxhaven shows the fascinating world of shipping and the dangers of the sea during the Watt worlds on Norderney with exciting facts about that UNESCO World Heritage Wadden Sea can attend.

The North Sea coast – perfect for your next family vacation

Finding the right place and the right campsite for your trip is not always easy. Above all, remember that not only the German North Sea coast thrills, but also the surrounding Danish and Dutch coastal cities have a lot to offer. Experience the pure freedom a camping holiday and discover the different towns and villages on the North Sea coast. We at PaulCamper know that certain points must be just right for a family vacation. With our selection of campsites, we paid particular attention to the fact that a family friendly atmosphere prevails that they have modern sanitary facilities and that a variety of leisure activities are offered locally and in the area. In addition, your dog is more than welcome in all places and a close proximity to the sea should not be missing: if North Sea, then right! Around the perfect North Sea adventure To experience, we therefore recommend the following campsites for you, your family and your four-legged friend:

  • Camping on the dike, Upleward
  • Nordsee Camp, Norddeich
  • Camping Biehl, St. Peter-Ording
  • Molecaten Park Hoogduin, The Netherlands
  • Holiday park De Krim, Texel, Netherlands
  • Hv >

Do not miss the beautiful travel destinations on the North Sea coast and set off on your next family adventure!


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