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German Wanderreiter Academy

Land, love and the sea – the Rauert family

Tent camp at the Reitclub Warndt e.V..

Severloh Equestrian and Leisure Center

PferdAktiv offers.

Riding during the riding vacation or riding vacation at the riding stable or on vacation for children, teenagers and adults, groups, school classes

At, kids, teenagers, adults, families, recreational riders, western riders, hiking riders, horse riders and horse friends or school classes for their leisure time or during the holidays can find a wide range of offers on the subject of western riding, western riding schools, riding stables, Pony farms, horse farms for your riding holiday, Riding holidays with riding training, vacation on the farm: offers especially for riders, pony and horse lovers.

You are interested in your free time or on vacation for riding holidays, riding holidays, riding trips, western riding with ranch holidays or holidays with interesting riding courses for dressage, show jumping, western riding, trail riding, endurance riding, etc. ?

Get involved in one world full of nature, vacation, leisure, rest and relaxation. In summer and winter in a holiday region of your choice you can quickly find a paradise for horse riding holidays & Equestrian. It offers them for Riding holidays & Riding vacation too everyone season Active vacation with the horse! But even if you want rest, relaxation and vacation with your own horse, here you will find the right horse farm for your riding vacation or riding vacation.

Riding courses, riding training as an important basis for riding holidays / riding holidays for K >

For your riding holidays at we offer you information about riding companies that offer riding services to children and young people & Adults with and without their own horse are specialized.

There are horse farms that focus on "Riding holidays for children" with and without parental supervision, or "Riding courses, riding lessons for teenagers" or Riding courses for adults have specialized. There are many riding vacations and riding vacation offers throughout Germany for every taste and budget.

A good Riding lessons for adults, who want to learn to ride can be recognized by the ease with which the basics of proper riding are taught. With a certain casualness the riding instructor gives his riding students peace, serenity and fun while riding. This creates a looseness in adults, which is very helpful when learning to ride properly.

Picture source: Reiterhotel Weissenhof in Radstadt, Salzburg, Austria. First class riding holidays in the Salzburg region.

Riding holidays during riding holidays in Austria

Learn to ride during a riding vacation or a riding vacation with a pony – even the beginning is great fun

For the youngest, but also for children and teenagers, ponies are the first Riding holidays the ideal start in life "small" Horses in order to get to know them properly when riding.
Often it is the adults during the riding holidays who are amazed at how quickly their offspring are ready to take responsibility for a comparatively large animal, e.g. to experience the fascination of riding with the new friend during the school holidays.
If kids are introduced to riding with their parents in their free time or during the riding holidays, then this should best be done with only one pony Farm or on a riding stable that provides experienced ponies for kids and youngsters and that these animals are kept as separate as possible from their big brothers and sisters.
You can also find just the right pony for your child on your riding holiday at the riding stable, farm, Iceland horse farm, Haflinger farm or even on a western riding farm: ask for a good pony for your child on your next vacation!

Who on his riding vacation or in the Riding holidays If you really want to learn to ride a horse or pony, we offer you a lot of basic information on the subject Reitabzeichen, ground work, Dealing with the horse etc..

Important for the orientation of horses & Riders in the riding arena, on the riding arena, dressage arena, jumping arena: the Hufschlagfigur!

You want to go during your riding vacation or in the Riding holidays about a new way that learn to ride? Give it a try with riding holidays & Western riding!


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