How to find a good pediatric dentist for your child

Healthy children’s teeth

A good children’s dentist should perform first-class work and master his craft. He should be friendly, take time for your child’s teeth and explain everything. However, a few “extras” are necessary so that your child is in good hands with him. After this article you will know what to look out for at a pediatric dentist.

Many adults are very reluctant to go to the dentist. This is understandable, because you are very “at the mercy” of the doctor in the dentist’s chair, you cannot speak because you have to open your mouth, and you cannot see what he is doing. But it is not uncommon for bad childhood experiences to play a role in why a visit to the dentist is so frightening. Don’t let your child get that far in the first place!

A good dentist for your child: the pediatric dentist

Just as there are paediatricians, there are also paediatric dentists and youth dentists who mainly treat children between the ages of three and seven, but also older children with special dental problems or great fear of the dentist. With a paediatric dentist (mostly doctors), the equipment of the practice, the treatment of the patients and the dental care are completely geared to the special needs of children. Pediatric dentists are specialists in keeping teeth healthy and can give you and your child precise instructions to ensure that your child’s teeth remain caries-free. And if a hole does occur, the teeth are treated as “child-friendly” as possible. Children’s dental teams are specially trained to handle children with skill. During the treatment of the teeth, your child will be instructed in a playful way and naturally introduced to the various treatment methods and equipment. Often the possibility of sedation (twilight sleep), treatment under hypnosis (similar to a dream trip) or, if necessary, treatment under general anaesthesia is offered.

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How to see if your dentist can also handle children well

Not everywhere there is a children’s dentist. But that is not a problem. Even “normal” dentists are competent in treating children. As a rule, they are just as well cared for there in terms of preventive measures and minor “repairs”. For extensive dental treatment in infancy, it is nevertheless worth visiting a paediatric dentist, even if you have to drive a little further. So that your child can gain confidence, the dentist should address your child directly and not just talk to you over his head, be calm and patient, explain everything in a child-friendly way and avoid frightening words (drill, syringe), possibly include your child’s cuddly toy (or a soft toy from the practice) and show it off, What he will also do with your child, respect as far as possible the wishes of your child and do not force him against his will to something, at the first appointment – so to speak to get to know – if possible only examine (“look at teeth”) and not yet treat, much praise if your child has behaved cooperatively. Nowadays it is common practice: At the end, your child receives a small gift if he or she has participated. This is on the one hand a reward, but also an incentive for the next time to go to the dentist again and have the teeth treated.

Kindergarten children often go to the dentist with the whole group and look at everything there. This creates confidence in the dentist. If your child already knows the dentist, even a “real” examination appointment is child’s play.

A good dentist for your child – My tipIf you are looking for a new dentist for your child or for the whole family, you should ask other parents (friends, relatives) about their experiences. You will often also receive recommendations from your paediatrician, in the kindergarten (with which dentist does the kindergarten work?) or from your health insurance company.

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