Omatag: Calling for a day of honor for your grandmother?

Why we find the Omatag important … Do you know Yasmina Rossi and Grace Brett ? Yasmina Rossi is one of the most sought after models in the world. For more than 30 years she has been on camera, but at the age of 45 the gray-haired man made the big breakthrough. It stands for the American department store chain “Macy’s”, Mastercard & Co. in front of the camera, and also many modeling agencies take care of the pretty grandma from Malibu (USA). Granny! Yes, Yasmina is the mother of two children and a two-time grandmother and 59 years old. About herself she says, “I like myself better today than 20 years ago, and I’m happier than 20.”

Grace is also grandma, and Grace belongs to a guerrilla group. Grace is Scottish, 104 years old and combative. Too old for a campaign of revenge do you think? Grace disagreed. Together with her friends, Grace crocheted her hometown. What had happened? The application of her crochet club for the “Yes Arts Festival” was rejected. In protest, Grace crocheted with her friends and beautified her home community. All crocheted for more than a year. The result: decorated fences, park benches and telephone booths.

Both Yasmina and Grace are unique and yet part of a large community. The community of grandmothers who are committed to a cause that takes their lives into their own hands, realizes their dreams and is a role model for their grandchildren.

We consider a grandmother’s day to be meaningful and important. Even if we keep receiving letters that make such a day unnecessary and profiteering. We take that seriously and ask ourselves these questions. Of course there are also dark pages of “holidays” such as Mother’s Day or Omatag, that will not last. Nevertheless, we accept that, because at the heart of it are messages, as sent by Yasmina and Grace. To be grandma is to be courageous, to be proud of oneself, sometimes to fight. Not so often is what grandmothers do for the grandchildren, for the family, for the community and for their own lives, appreciated.

When is the Omatag??

Of the Omatag or Great Mother’s Day is a day of commemoration and commemoration in many parts of the world. In Germany it takes place on the second Sunday in October. Source: Wikipedia

We at basically see the Omatag like this: It should actually only make a little more conscious. Often we only see the caring, the always available and the paying grandma. Being grandmother, grandma has many facets, no matter if you are 59 or 104 years old.

When was the last time you asked, dear granny, what you wish for your life? Stay brave and if need be, be combative. The Omatag should encourage you, dear grandmothers, not to give up your own life and the relatives admonish that in addition to the role of the grandmother, the wishes of the woman should not be neglected.

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