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The wedding reception, celebrated between the civil ceremony and the church wedding, is simply part of the traditional wedding. Especially if one decides at the wedding for a rather small setting, offers the wedding eve to celebrate in a slightly larger round hilarious the marriage. The party copter gives you tips and ideas for the first joint celebration as a married couple.

Games for the wedding eve

To make it funny at the wedding eve, funny and sometimes a bit embarrassing games are a must. But how do you find the best games for the wedding eve? The funniest games are those where both the bridal couple and the guests can join in. Therefore, not only the bridal couple, but also the guests should play and have fun. For the bride and groom especially games are suitable in which bride and groom playfully have to prove that they know each other and are mature for marriage. The games of chance, such as Charade or Journey to Jerusalem, are especially popular at the stake-party games, where guests are also invited to play an active role.

The best games for the wedding eve: From classic action games to fun dance games.

Ideas for the wedding eve

Although the bridal couple invites to a wedding reception and organizes the rooms and the catering for the guests, but the guests have to make their contribution to the wedding eve. The guests, especially the Tau witnesses, are also responsible for making the wedding reception for the bride and groom a special and unforgettable day. Creative ideas, heartfelt pleasantries, little teasing and funny surprises make the wedding reception a unique experience. If the groomsmen themselves do not have enough ideas for organizing the wedding night, there is nothing wrong with getting creative input from the siblings and parents of the bridal party. Or from the party copter!

Many great ideas that make the wedding reception an unforgettable experience.

useful information

In Germany, the tradition of the bachelor party goes back to a pre-Christian custom, which is older than the Christian wedding ceremony. On the eve of the wedding, relatives and acquaintances traditionally gathered in front of the bride’s parents‘ house and threw porcelain with them. For the people were then firmly convinced that with noise and rumble all fiends and demons can be expelled. Subsequently, the pile of broken glass had to be swept away by the bride and groom, showing that they can overcome difficulties and problems together in the future.

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