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Occupations ABC

This occupational ABC is intended for the big ones in kindergarten and first graders.

The geriatric nurse looks after and cares for older people who are dependent on outside help.

The pharmacist sells medicines and manufactures medicines.

The architect draws plans for houses and buildings.

The artist
All artists who perform in a circus or variety show are called artists. In our professions special we explain the individual circus professions to you.

The artist
All artists who perform in a circus or variety show are called artists. In our professions special we explain the individual circus professions to you.

The doctor
… cure diseases.

The baker provide us with bread, cake and other goods made from flour.

The excavator operator remove the soil with excavators. You can find out how things work on a construction site and which vehicles and machines are used there

The chemist produce colors, detergents or cosmetics from various raw materials.

The roofer cover the roof with tiles.

The printerr work on small and large printing presses to produce newspapers and books. With our ABC special you dive into the world of letters.

For smart weavers
The oldest book in the world printed with movable metal letters dates from 1377 and was printed in Korea. In Europe, Johannes Gutenberg improved and simplified printing with metal letters in the 15th century. This made books accessible to many people, because from now on, writings could be reproduced in a much shorter time and as often as required. This was especially true for the Bible, the book of books. Today up to 2,500 new books are published worldwide every day. It goes without saying that we learn to read and write at school.

The electrician and the electricianr lay power lines, sockets and connect electrical devices.

The educator look after children and adolescents. They support with play and leisure activities and know a lot about children.

Firefighter and fireman extinguish, recover, save and protect the lives of humans and animals.
Here you can learn more about the work of the fire brigade.

The photographer capture beautiful moments, people, animals and objects in pictures.

The hairdresser wash, cut and dye people’s hair. In men, they also cut and shave beards. Both know exactly how to take care of the hair and which hairstyle is currently modern.

The gardener grow flowers, fruits and vegetables from seeds.

The housekeeper tidy up, clean, wash, iron, shop and cook. They work in families or with people who do not have time for this work.

The IT system electronics technician work with large and small computers. They advise customers, set up computers, monitors or printers and install programs.

The judicial sergeant work on a court. They distribute and collect files and mail in the courthouse, take prisoners to court, keep the courtroom tidy, and wait for the registration.

The cook and the cook conjure up wonderful things from fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices that will delight your taste buds.

The nurse and nursingr care for, care for and care for people who are sick in hospitals and clinics.

The farmer provide us with meat, dairy products, cereals, fruits and vegetables.

The painter paint ceilings and walls.

The bricklayer build walls, put stone on stone.

The notary and the notary issue and certify important documents so that everything is correct. Incidentally, the term comes from the Latin "notarius", which translates to "speed writer".

The optician are both physicists and deal with the teaching of "the visible", optics. During their training, the optician learned how to compensate poor eyesight in humans and animals through glasses.

The horse hostess breed, care for, raise and care for small and large horses. You can find more professions around the horse here.

The pilot fly small and large planes in wind and weather.

The politician mostly learned a different profession. Because the profession of "politician" does not exist. The terms “police” and “politics” contain the Greek word “pólis”. It stands for "city, citizenship and state". Politicians represent the people in parliaments. They plan and determine our everyday life: from where we get our electricity and whether new kindergartens and schools are built with the taxes paid.

The policewoman help, secure and protect us. In our occupations special we present this profession to you in more detail.

The chatterbox is not a profession, but there are people who talk and talk and talk

The interior decorator design and embellish rooms with carpets and fabrics.

The lawyer help people achieve their right, which is written in thick books with paragraphs and hardly anyone understands. That is why both studied law at a university like judges.

The seamstress and the tailor manufacture garments, table and bed linen, bags, umbrellas and much more from fabrics with scissors, needle and thread or on sewing machines.

The carpenter design, build and repair wooden furniture. They lay floors, build stairs, windows and doors.

The shoemaker make shoes and other leather goods.

The carpenter plan, build and repair wooden furniture like carpenters. They also lay floors, build stairs, windows and doors.

The watchmaker Repair, maintain and maintain small and large movements so that we are always right on time.

The seller advise and sell technical equipment, food or clothing. You work at the cash register and in the warehouse.

The weaver and the weaver produce fine and coarse fabrics for clothing, tablecloths, curtains and carpets. They work on large looms that are still operated with hands and feet.

The weather woman and the weather man are called meteorologists. They determine and investigate weather and climate. Are you curious? Here you can learn more about professions related to the weather.

The scientist collect, organize and describe. They discover old or new, develop opportunities and ideas.

The xylophone builder are among the instrument makers who manufacture musical instruments.

The yak leader there is in Tibet. The yaks are used as pack animals. There are certainly yak guides too, but we have not found anything about it on the Internet.

The carpenter and the carpenter erect roof trusses and wooden scaffolding.

And here it goes back to the professions special!

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