Reiki for children

"A really great book! Very simply described, with great drawings and beautiful maps. The surprise is great too. My children are a little young, 5 and 3, but I am introducing Kiki to them in a playful way." Suzanne Quaring

It gives everything to Reiki
"My daughter is seven and a real bookworm. The same evening she took the booklet off the shelf while I was away and read it out in one go. She would like to know if there will be more stories, for example about Reik who is doing the course. She would like to know how to proceed. In this little book she has already found various things that she could use for her little brother. My son is six and he has eczema and bowel problems. She showed me exactly in which pieces these complaints were mentioned. And although it is not yet inaugurated, it gives everything Reiki, even the water in the pool :)" Bianca, via email
-> Wanda and Adelheid are currently working on a second part!

"I think it’s good to show children in this way that universal life energy is something normal and can easily become part of their lives." Yvonne Hagenaar

"I am very stunned. I am currently organizing a reiki workshop for children and this book helps me a lot." Karin Broeders, Reiki master

Learned a lot
"I think it’s great to read the book “Kiki conjures up with Reiki”. I just got my Reiki certificate and I think it’s great to have a book now that I can read about Reiki. I learned a lot from this book." Kelly, 7 years old

"Hello, I am Jelko and I am 13 years old. I’ve always been, and still am, very interested in Reiki. My parents had Reiki and I got treatments when I wasn’t feeling well or in pain. Then my father studied to become Reiki master. Back then I suddenly became even more interested in Reiki. And I asked my father, "Can you tell me something about Reiki?" And after that I wanted him to learn Reiki. At that time my father bought the book "Kiki conjures up with Reiki" for me. I’ve learned so much from it. I didn’t know that much, of course. Now because I have this book. I now have Reiki too, and like Kiki, I keep a kind of diary. This book has taught me a lot. And I’m still learning from him!" Jelko, 13 years old

Magnificent story
"We read the book directly and it is really a gem! A magnificent story in which everything about and from Reiki is described. Really a VERY GOOD BUCHEK!" Evelien and Maureen, Reiki masters

"You can learn a lot from this book and it is exciting and great." Belle, 7 years old

A hot tip
"My daughter and I really liked the book “Kiki conjures up Reiki”. In a simple but great story, it explains very clearly what Reiki can mean for humans (the child). Really a hot tip for everyone with children and for children who show interest in Reikii."
Aukje and Romy

"I think it’s a great book; great story and quality Explanation of hand positions. The names that are made up for that sound great! The card with the rules of life is in my practice." Reini Dhont, Reiki master

book presentation
"I have read the book. I found it a very interesting and great book. Maybe I’ll give my book presentation about that."
Marjolein (age not known)

"I enjoyed reading and looking at the book! Above all, the names that you came up with for the positions are good and also practical because the children can easily remember them. However, I find some drawings of the positions indistinct; maybe because the legs are not clearly drawn? Thank you for this nice initiative!" Els from Düsseldorf, Reiki master

"This book is a magnificent entry into the world of Reiki." Bertie Braeken, Reiki master

"I think this book is easy to read and I can imagine that it helps children to understand clearly what Reiki is or can do. My daughter, Chaja is 14 and read it too. At 10 she received her first Reiki initiation. She thinks it is very educational and easy to understand. She also thinks it goes well with the way children think." Lennie Verkerk, Reiki master

Footnote: In order to protect the children’s private area, we only report the first name and age. The full name and address are known to the editors.

Would you also like to discover together with the boy in the piece above how Reiki works? Do you also want to know what it is exactly? You also want to learn how to give Reiki yourself and use it for a lot of things?

Then the book “Kiki conjures up with Reiki” might be something for you. An exciting story and a Reiki manual in one!

"I think it’s a very good book, you can learn a lot from it. The try with the I make plants safe." Elias, 9 years old

Kiki is busy with something mysterious when the director of the local animal shelter catches her from a small, black doggie. An unknown boy helps her out of her tricky situation. As a thank you, Kiki tells him her secret. And that will prove to be more important for the boy than he ever thought.

With the help of Kiki, children of all ages learn the basic rules of Reiki in a great and understandable way. The theory, from the story of its origins to the meaning of the Reiki sign, as well as the practical side, hand positions and treatments, are treated in a playful way in an exciting story.

"I found “Kiki conjures up with Reiki” a great book. I tried it on my father (he had back pain) and he said he felt better afterwards. While I was busy, I felt the tickling in my arm, it felt funny. My parents may allow me to attend a course." Kyra, 9 years old

This book can be used both in children’s workshops and without specialist support at home – from around 9 years alone, from around 5 years accompanied by an adult.

«Kiki conjures up with Reiki»Is printed on strong, glossy paper and has a hard cover: Suitable for regular use by children. This 80-page book contains clear explanations with drawings of all Reiki positions and also an extensive list of complaints that is specially tailored to children: You can think of tension before an exam or measles, for example.

This beautifully executed book, with which both children and adults can learn to give Reiki and is always within reach, costs only a fraction of a Reiki treatment, namely EUR 15.95. But: For this amount you will not only receive the book «Kiki conjures up with Reiki»:

With every copy of «Kiki conjures up Reiki» you will also receive a surprise at the end of the book

"I found it very exciting!" Guido, 10 years old

"It was great to learn to clean yourself." Rhuben, 7 years old

"Kiki conjures up with Reiki» is a book that children like. Swept away by a great story, they learn playfully how to use Reiki in their daily environment. Written by Reiki masters Adelheid van Driel and Wanda Bijster and with illustrations by Marianne Noordhoek.

We are so sure that "Kiki conjures up with Reiki» we would like that we offer this book under the following delivery conditions:

"Kiki enchants with Reiki »is written specifically for children, however. , , The following words were sent to us by the adults Jennifer and Andre Doelman:

"Written very clearly and without any fuss. After reading "Kiki conjures up with Reiki» let’s understand our other Reikibücher much better!"


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