Social pedagogue: education, salary, career

Social pedagogue: education, salary, career

The professional profile: social worker

social workers are something like that good soul of institutions and facilities. The range of tasks in the profession is extremely broad and ranges from Work with toddlers, children, youth, adults, Familys, Seniors or People with disabilities.

Social pedagogues are trained, for example, to look after children in kindergartens or similar care facilities, in schools, youth centers or in nursing homes and to promote them according to their abilities so that they develop optimally can. For people with disabilities, social pedagogues in the nursing sector support the independence Of the patients. But also in advisory area they can take action.

About in the counseling. The skills of social education experts are in the youth Services, in the drug counseling or in homeless shelters asked. Or they can help parents with children with behavioral problems, offer family counseling, support with regulatory issues and, and, and.

And last but not least, social educators can also find in the area of administration Employment opportunities. This is about doing organizational things. They regulate, for example Allocation of free daycare places a municipality or monitor the personnel key of day care centers.

Depending on the area of ​​application and the task Work life balance of a social worker is very different. For example, those who work with drug-dependent adolescents every day will have a different work-life balance than the colleague who manages lists and follows a more regular daily routine.

So social pedagogue is not the same as social pedagogue. On the labour market the job prospects are very good. Social pedagogues are currently desperately sought in all possible sectors. However, one should not be prepared for a too high income in the profession. That is more in the middle.

How to become a social worker?

A prerequisite for being able to work as a social worker is a Studied social pedagogy. Here, job applicants are given the most important knowledge of how they can help and support people in different areas of life later in their professional lives.

The degree program focuses on the following subjects:

  • pedagogy
  • General pedagogy
  • psychology
  • Special education
  • didactics
  • methodology
  • sociology
  • politics
  • Social work
  • Administration, management and organization
  • social medicine
  • Media and cultural education
  • Law
  • ethics

Anyone after the bachelor’s degree master would like to specialize in the following areas:

  • youth Services
  • family assistance
  • Intercultural social work
  • Leisure education
  • seeks help

The Bachelor’s degree program takes up to eight semesters while for the subsequent Master’s program another four semesters should be scheduled. In the Bachelor’s degree, prospective students mainly build up basic knowledge, which is deepened in the Master’s degree.

The course does not only consist of lectures, seminars and practice events, it is also Internships intended. The social pedagogy course concludes with the bachelor’s or master’s thesis as well as written and oral exams.

Employer: who is looking for social pedagogues

The following employer looking for social pedagogues:

  • kindergartens
  • administrations
  • care facilities
  • counseling services
  • Youth welfare institutions
  • facilities for the disabled
  • Health and social services
  • social associations
  • prisons
  • Addiction counseling facilities
  • development organizations
  • Political associations

Job offers for social educators

Special education, social education, childhood education, psychologist 28.11.
Pfennigparade Phoenix Schools and Kitas GmbH Munich Mittersendling
Educator / social pedagogue (m / f / d) 11:12. Schultz-Hencke-Heime GbR cottbus
Dipl./B.A. Social pedagogue (m / f / d) 28.11. Diakonie Hasenbergl e.V.. Munich
Healing education nurse / educator / social pedagogue / occupational therapist / health care worker / nurse (m / f / d) in group work 1.7. Autism aid charitable GmbH Hagen-grind.
Educator, nanny, social worker, educator in the year of recognition – internship (m / f / d) 1.7. kiClub Leo GmbH Munich-Schwa.

Salary: What do you earn as a social worker?

The Income from social education workers depends on the size of the employer, professional experience, specialization in studies and the level of education. On average, social workers earn around 2,500 euros gross per month. The starting salary for graduates after graduation is average 2,250 euros gross per month.

But who about Master’s degree can be relatively soon after graduation leadership roles take over, which is then associated with significant salary increases.

Opportunities for entry: The prospects for social educators

Graduates usually find a job particularly quickly if they already do so in the respective area of ​​work to which they are applying experience to have. Beginning students should therefore start early on Specialize area, where you want to work later.

Who, for example, with refugees who wants to work compulsory work complete your studies with refugee or migration organizations and learn languages. On the other hand, if you want to organize projects independently or acquire funding, you should think about additional business studies courses during your studies and first ones practical experience collect in the area.

Application: How do social pedagogues score?

Which Skills should aspiring social workers at their canditature in curriculum vitae and Write to accommodate? The following skills are desirable:

  • Analytical skills
  • assertiveness
  • load capacity
  • organizational skills
  • ability to motivate
  • communication skills
  • social skills

Career: The development opportunities as a social pedagogue

Social educators are numerous development opportunities open. For example in the Child and adolescent therapy. If you want to help mentally impaired children and adolescents, you can complete an apprenticeship as Child and adolescent therapist complete.

This degree even entitles you to one own practice to open. But this is a very intensive training over several years, in which one has to gain practical experience in a child and adolescent psychiatric clinic, buff up a lot of theory in a school and have to take part in supervision and self-experience seminars.

However, if you want to advise institutions and educational institutions on their organization, technical matters or financial questions, you should receive further training in the field expert advice envisage. After graduation, social educators are responsible for supporting institutions in developing the quality of their internal processes.

Who is more for that HR work interested in a company may also be interested in the field of organizational development further training. Course content is:

  • Building an organization
  • Phases of organizational development
  • organizational changes
  • Basics of organizational psychology
  • team development

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