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Vacation with toddler

When parents go on vacation with their toddler for the first time, it can seem like an extreme challenge to them. However, the right planning will make it a wonderful and, above all, stress-free experience. Parents don’t have to wait until the child is older, but can start their well-deserved vacation with a little preparation.

For most parents of young children, the thought of getting on a fully occupied plane is the nightmare par excellence.
To make this thought a little friendlier, here are some tips and hints to start your family vacation with joy.

Where to go with the toddler?

Before the next trip starts, some criteria must first be checked. Only then can the family vacation really start.
Parents have to think about which destination the trip should go to. Rather in warmer regions or rather in the somewhat cooler corners of the world.
An important aspect is what the accommodation should offer. After all, you spend a lot of time there. A toddler must be able to recover from stress. A rested child brings rested parents. Should the planned accommodation provide childcare or does the child spend all of the time with the family? Depending on what parents want to experience on vacation and what the purpose of the vacation is. One of the most important points in the checklist is the question of the price that parents are willing to spend on family vacation.

What different transport options are there??

Travel by car

If you want to travel by car, make absolutely sure that the child is sitting in a safe and correctly attached child seat. Do not plan your route based on the time you want or need to reach the destination. Parents have to be prepared for unexpected diaper changes and breastfeeding. It can be important to find a route that contains several options for a break. These interruptions may even be educational and interesting for the child, as a stop – diaper change – next.
Children tend to sleep while driving, so parents have the chance to have quiet minutes for themselves.

Travel by plane

Traveling by plane presents parents of a toddler with special challenges. The chaos at airports is inevitable during vacation times. However, even in this situation, parents can keep a cool head and try to avoid the stress with good preparation.
Parents should book an early flight because children tend to fall asleep again in the morning. Accidents happen, so it is important to have several diapers and wipes ready. Depending on the size, a stroller can be stowed in the upper luggage rack.

Travel by train

Traveling by train seems to be ideal. Parents can move freely and the child always has a view out of the window. Nevertheless, problems can arise depending on the number of luggage and additional strollers. If only one parent travels with the child, it can lead to special logistics challenges.

When should parents book the vacation?

This question has to be answered depending on the financial situation. The further the vacation is in the distance, the higher the chances of getting a cheap rate at the hotel or from the organizer. Many hotels and transport companies have different price segments. Inexpensive offers usually sound very tempting, but the booking is subject to stricter terms and conditions. These rules become more relaxed in the higher price segments and allow more flexibility, e.g. cheap package deals can no longer be canceled free of charge.

Who offers the best vacation offers for family vacations together?

There are many different tour operators to be found on the Internet. Accordingly, parents have to be clear about where the journey should go and to what extent the child should participate in the journey together.
So there are the possibilities of a farm holiday. The parents can go on a discovery tour with their baby and the child also receives a small introduction to the world of animals.
If the parents would rather do something for themselves, many hotels with a club facility offer professional childcare. This includes children’s entertainment and varied leisure activities.
Nowadays, amusement parks offer the option of an overnight stay and have set up hotels especially for children. The hotel rooms are thematically furnished and make children’s hearts beat faster.

Who are the best providers?

Center parks
Especially for a relaxing holiday with children, the Center Parks offer a mixture of relaxing holidays in an idyllic natural landscape and a lot of fun in which parents can experience a lot of new things with their sweetheart.
The parks offer a variety of ideas so that visitors never get bored. There is suitable accommodation for every family.

Robinson Club
The Robinson Club, which was founded in the 1970s, is one of the best-known German club providers. This offers many advantages for a vacation with the toddler.
Children up to 2 years are welcome free of charge. Due to the special orientation towards families with children, a free baby set is provided. A babysitting service is also available in some clubs.

Family ship AIDA

Traveling by ship is becoming increasingly popular. The fact that you can travel around the world without your own effort makes family vacations by boat particularly suitable. The website SD Inspiring Travel GmbH has completely adjusted to the relaxing family vacation on the ship. Parents can choose from various offers from different shipping companies.

Ultimately, parents have to choose the right provider for themselves based on their preferences. Nowadays there is a huge number of different providers on the Internet or at the travel agent. Everyone offers different offers for family vacations.
A vacation with a toddler will present most parents with special challenges. Despite all the difficulties, these can also be overcome with good planning. So nothing stands in the way of the trip.

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