Holistic dentist treatment, mylife

Holistic dentist treatment, mylife

Holistic dentist – that includes treatment

Migraines, lower back or joint pain: Many health complaints have their origin in the mouth. A holistic dentist searches for causes in the whole body. Exactly how this works is explained by mylife expert Dr. Annette Jasper.

More than 70 percent of all internal problems and diseases are related to the oral cavity

Do you have tinnitus, neck problems or maybe knee pain? And no orthopedist, otolaryngologist or internist has been able to help so far? Then visit a dentist who works holistically. Where conventional medical diagnostics reach their limits, he often still has the opportunity to investigate the causes. Because he knows about the interrelationship between tooth and organ, jaw and body – and can discover possible sources of disruption such as an undetected root infection, poorly fitting crowns or a missing bite.

Prof. Werner Becker, President of the Federal Association of Naturopathic Dentists in Germany e. V. (BNZ), says: "Research has shown that over 70 percent of all internal problems and diseases are related to the oral cavity and teeth." However, only a fraction of the 72,000 practicing dentists in Germany have knowledge and tools to treat his patients holistically. Around 1,200 of the dentists have registered with the International Society for Holistic Dental Medicine e. V. (GZM) teamed up. The dentist Dr. resident in Munich Annette Jasper is a member of this society – in an interview with mylife.de she reveals what constitutes holistic dentistry.

Interview with dentist Dr. Annette Jasper

What differentiates you from a conventional dentist?

Quite simply put: the normal dentist looks for caries. The holistic dentist searches for traces of dysfunction throughout the body and interviews his patient in detail. So not only: "Do you have a toothache?" But also, for example: "Do you suffer from tinnitus? Are there any problems with joints, in the back or with digestion? "

"A whole person hangs on every tooth, ”said Wilhelm Busch!

That is the essence. Our body is traversed by energetic pathways, the meridians, and so each tooth interacts with certain organs or joints. In this way, disorders and pathological processes on the teeth and jaws can lead to considerable health problems in the assigned body regions.

What classic sturgeons are there in the mouth area?

In the case of a gum disease, periodontitis, inflammatory germs are distributed in the body through the bloodstream. This can affect the immune and cardiovascular system. A malposition of the bite, technically craniomandibular dysfunction (CMD), may have shifted the overall statics of the body – this favors, among other things, hip problems, back pain and tinnitus. In the case of mental complaints, some patients tend to clench their jaws at night. This is not good for the teeth and leads to neck tension and headaches. Problems with the incisors or inflammation at the root can be responsible for chronic bladder problems.

It seems unusual that a dentist can help …

That is the point. Holistic dentistry is about the whole person – we want to know whether he sleeps well, whether there are allergies or infections. Whether he suffers from mental stress, has stress. We look at the posture. Our goal is to improve the overall condition of people through dental health.

What distinguishes a holistic investigation?

Above all, the individual approach to each patient with a lot of time. The first appointment with the recording of the medical history, inquiries and examination takes me at least 60 minutes. The duration of the regular check-up is around 20 to 30 minutes. The basis is of course an examination of the teeth and the oral cavity. Unlike the classic dentist, the exact measurement of the gum pockets is part of the program for me. Just like tongue diagnosis, which says a lot about the general health of the patient. In addition, I routinely examine the chewing muscles and TMJ manually.

How do you uncover problems?

For example with an ear acupuncture. They can be used to find out which energy fields in the body are impaired – and thus get an indication of which teeth can be responsible. I diagnose a malfunction due to incorrect dentition position with the so-called functional analysis. This is a comprehensive measurement of the jaw using various technical instruments, which gives me a precise picture of the situation in the chewing system. Material intolerance can be determined with kinesiological muscle tests.

For which symptoms is the holistic dentist asked??

For all chronic, diffuse complaints – such as cystitis, rheumatism, joint pain, diabetes difficult to adjust, migraines or dizziness. I experience it again and again as I discover with the holistic diagnosis – often also in connection with conventional medical procedures – trouble spots in the mouth and thus the cause of many ailments.

The dentist Dr. Annette Jasper runs a practice for holistic dentistry in Munich. She also has a podcast. It’s called "Health, Beauty and Vitality" .

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