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Spreewald with children – tips about Lübben & Lübbenau

The Spreewald is ideal for holidays with children. Experiences, highlights and tips for the Spreewald with children around Lübben and Lübbenau.

Pretty much everyone should have heard of the Spreewald. However, very few people know that he is only 1 hour away from Berlin by car.

It was therefore time to spend a few days with our children in the Spreewald.

Spreewald with children: Lübben

Anyone traveling with children in the Spreewald should not miss the Lübben climbing park. Various routes for all ages are waiting in the climbing forest. The smallest can prove themselves on a mini course, while for 6 year olds there are already 3 larger sections.

Climbing forest: climbing garden in Lübben

There is also a climbing wall / climbing tower which is included in the price. Children pay € 10 entry and can climb independently for 2 hours after a brief introduction.

Lübben: castle island, water playground, Spree lagoon

Right in the center of Lübben, the castle island attracts many families with children. In the middle of the spacious park there are many highlights such as the large maze (a labyrinth consisting of large hedges), large hands-on musical instruments and a playground.

The absolute highlight – at least in summer – is the water playground. A slush facility with many play stations.

Water playground in Lübben on the castle island

There is also a small bathing area, separated from the Spree, including rafts for sailing around.

Adjacent to the palace park is a restaurant, snack bar and barge harbors – either for a ride or for renting kayaks. Who would like to play a round of golf with the kids on the mini golf course.

Another attraction is right next to it: the Spreelagune. A separate side arm of the Spree has been transformed into a small bathing lake – including a sandy beach and a large jetty.

Spreelagune in Lübben near the castle island

Leisure pool in Lübbenau

In the Spreewald there is a leisure pool – the Spreewelten in Lübbenau – which are known beyond the borders. Because of its penguins that you can swim with. Of course not really. But their fenced area borders directly on the outdoor pool and is separated at one point only by a glass pane. Bathers can swim and dive on one side and penguins on the other. When we were there, however, no penguin wanted to go into the water.

Otherwise, the Spree Worlds in Lübbenau also offer a circular water channel, a wave pool, a Roman thermal pool and two water slides. The pool is ok so far but not special or great. It could be a bit bigger for our taste. There is also a supposedly very good sauna area – but we didn’t use it.

Who would otherwise like to go swimming in the Spreewald can either go to the Spreelagune (see above), to one of the bathing lakes in the area, to the nearby Tropical Island or to the thermal baths in Burg.

By barge through the Spreewald

The highlight in the Spreewald are of course the countless rivers and watercourses. With small children, for example, a traditional and leisurely boat trip is a good idea. At almost every corner and at every time there are suitable offers to comfortably explore nature from the water.

Traditional boat trip in the Spreewald

Tip: Canoe or kayak in the Spreewald

But it’s much more fun to paddle yourself. Simply rent a kayak or canoe and off you go on the water.

Kayaking with children in the Spreewald

The possibilities and routes are almost unlimited. Just like the numerous rental stations (everything from professional rental to a private backyard where numerous boats are stored).

Kayak in the Spreewald

However, we would recommend a rather short tour with small children. Our kayak tour started in Schlepzig and had a good length of 2 hours for children. Route recommendations and maps can be obtained directly from the rental.

If you are traveling without children, there are of course longer tours, for example we did one last year at a parents’ weekend in the Spreewald.

Camping in the Spreewald

There are plenty of accommodations in the Spreewald. From large hotels to small guesthouses to holiday apartments in every price range and equipment, everything is available. But we were traveling by tent and wanted a nice campsite. There are also many options here. Eg. directly in Lübben near the Spreelagunge. However, we wanted to be close to the water and so we decided on a campsite on the lake, more precisely: the campsite on Lake Briesensee.

Here is not only the campsite on the water, but also the parking space. You can hardly camp closer to the water than here (you cannot camp on the beach, but the forest in which you can pitch your tent is only 50 meters from the water)

Spreewald Camping at Lake Briesensee

Lake Briesensee also offers a wonderful large sandy beach and falls off quite flat, which is ideal for small children.

Briesensee Camping with a beach

But also those who like culture are in good hands in the Spreewald. In summer there are numerous festivals with regional customs and dances. Or you can go to one of the numerous museums. A guided tour of the Lehde open-air museum should be a special experience.

Conclusion: Spreewald with children

The Spreewald is a great region for families with children. Either for a complete vacation, but at least for a short vacation or a long weekend. The highlight is of course the water with all its possibilities. A trip by boat, or even better paddling in a kayak or canoe, should not be missing. The other leisure activities and activities are varied and the infrastructure is also excellent.

We can only recommend a trip to the Spreewald with children as very family-friendly.

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