Elternkompass – your magazine for pregnancy, baby – family – page 66 of 114 – we give you orientation in the exciting time of pregnancy – family founding

Elternkompass - your magazine for pregnancy, baby - family - page 66 of 114 - we give you orientation in the exciting time of pregnancy - family founding

We accompany you safely
through your pregnancy

The right information for every week of pregnancy.

In the first week of pregnancy you are actually not yet pregnant, but experience the normal cycle. Your pregnancy starts with the last menstruation.

2nd week of pregnancy: This week, your ovulation will take place. So you are not yet “right” pregnant.

3rd week of pregnancy: This week, your egg will be fertilized. Because sperm can survive up to five days in your body.

4th week of pregnancy: The fertilized egg migrates into your uterus and nests. It is only a matter of time until you feel the pregnancy.

5th week of pregnancy: The cells of the embryo continue to divide and multiply. The neural tube from which the brain grows has evolved.

6th week of pregnancy: Your body is preparing for the upcoming pregnancy. Often it comes to abdominal pain.

7th week of pregnancy: In this phase, the embryo is 6 to 8 millimeters in size and grows by a millimeter every day. In addition, the internal organs of your child develop.

8th week of pregnancy: The spine develops and your baby starts to move.

Week 9: Your uterus continues to expand to make room for your baby. The child’s jaw is now developed.

10th week of pregnancy: The development from the embryo to the fetus. The organs and body parts of your baby are already present and trained.

11th week of pregnancy: The heart begins to strike faster, as the amount of blood increases and thus the heart has to perform better.

12th week of pregnancy: The fetus begins to swallow amniotic fluid. The baby often hiccups, so it trains his breathing. Maybe you realize that already!

13th week of pregnancy: The first trimester is over! Now you can find out if you can get a boy or a girl. The baby can already hear sounds.

14th week of pregnancy: The fetus is now covered by the so-called Käseschmiere. The organs are prepared for life outside the womb.

15th week of pregnancy: Your stomach is rounded even more. Meanwhile, the baby can open and close his mouth.

16th week of pregnancy: The circulation, as well as urinary tract of the child run completely. The baby is now holding his head upright.

17th week of pregnancy: The baby begins to build up a layer of fat. It can control its movements better.

18th week of pregnancy: In this phase, the breast glands of the child are formed. The edge of your uterus has soon reached your navel.

19th week of pregnancy: Your baby is now responding to light stimuli. Have you tried it before??

20th week of pregnancy: Your baby plays with his umbilical cord and suckles already on the thumb.

21st Week of Pregnancy: Your baby has gained weight and height, and his brain has evolved.

22nd week of pregnancy: Your breasts are prepared for breastfeeding, which is done by the so-called Montgomery glands.

23. Week of pregnancy: Your baby is even more active than the last weeks of pregnancy. The movements are already visible on the abdominal wall.

24th week of pregnancy: The baby’s taste buds are fully developed. His fingerprints are getting more detailed daily.

25th week of pregnancy: The maturation of the lung progresses and the sensory perceptions continue to develop.

26th week of pregnancy: The uterus adapts to growth. You may also suffer from physical discomfort as the weight presses on the internal organs.

27th week of pregnancy: By gaining weight can lead to water retention. Your baby is growing and thriving!

28th week of pregnancy: The child’s immune system now works independently and absorbs antibodies from your blood.

29th week of pregnancy: Your baby’s brain and nervous system differentiate. Your pregnancy symptoms increase significantly.

30th week of pregnancy: Your baby now has less and less space but is active despite the lack of space.

31st week of pregnancy: You barely feel your baby? Do not worry! In this phase, you will hardly feel the baby because it has lack of space.

32nd week of pregnancy: It develops a protective surface substance in the lungs.

The belly becomes thicker and harder. Symptoms such as back pain, abdominal pain, etc. can occur again and again.

34th week of pregnancy: The baby’s hearing is getting finer. Ever tried to keep the future music box to the belly?

Your uterus has grown and gets 10 times more blood than usual.

36th week of pregnancy: The pregnancy is easier as soon as the baby has settled into the pelvis, as this eliminates the pressure on the stomach and diaphragm.

SSW 37: The baby has now built up a fat layer of 15% of his body weight.

38th week of pregnancy: In the last few weeks of pregnancy, the skull and brain have continued to grow.

39th week of pregnancy: The development and weight gain has slowed down. Final spurt is announced.

Here we go! A strong discharge may indicate that the birth is starting soon. Soon you will be mom!

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