Dental supplementary insurance for children, best provider 2020

Dental supplementary insurance for children: Top tariffs I test & comparison

A private dental supplement insurance for children is a useful addition to the services of the statutory health insurance.

It is important when choosing the tariff that the tariff focuses on the benefits in such a way that reimbursement of treatment costs that often occur in childhood. Orthodontic treatments in particular occur frequently up to the age of 18 and are often associated with high costs. Here, in particular, we focused on the selection of tariffs below.

A private dental supplementary insurance supplements the services of the statutory health insurance, protects against high additional payments and in many cases also covers the costs of higher-quality treatment options.

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Supplementary dental insurance for children, 100% for orthodontics

Child Dental Insurance: Find the best dental insurance

Supplementary dental insurance for children offers two main advantages: It offers financial protection because the costs of treatment in orthodontics can quickly be between 2,500 and 6,000 euros. The second aspect is our children’s dental health and beauty. Dental supplementary insurance for children is an investment in the future, because your child will have something of healthy and beautiful teeth for a lifetime! You will find different tariffs with us, so that you will find the best supplementary insurance for your child that optimally covers your requirements.

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Supplementary dental insurance for orthodontics, test 2020

Supplementary dental insurance for orthodontics: which is the best. Top tariffs I test & comparison

In order to find the best dental insurance for orthodontics, the tariff detail pages of the individual dental insurance must be analyzed. There, among other things, the orthodontic product feature is presented in detail and the covered benefits of the respective additional dentist insurance are analyzed and discussed on the basis of the tariff conditions on which they are based. By setting your date of birth and then clicking the "Compare" button, you will get to the overview page of our comparison.

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Supplementary dental insurance for children

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Test winner and “Most Popular Statutory Health Insurance Fund”

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Supplementary dental insurance for children

With additional dental insurance for children, parents no longer have to pay for certain treatments at the dentist or orthodontist. Such insurance makes sense because almost every second child has a misaligned tooth.

For this reason, orthodontic treatments are among the most needed health services for children and adolescents. If the malposition is particularly serious, the statutory health insurance companies pay for such an intervention. The orthodontist determines the severity using the orthodontic indication group.

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A dental insurance for the whole family

If you are looking for family insurance for treatments at the dentist, you will quickly find that there are no special offers for it. The reason for this is: for private health insurance, each insured person poses their own risk and the contribution is always calculated per person. In contrast to the statutory health insurance, there is unfortunately no free co-insurance for children or partners with dental supplementary insurance.

This is even an advantage for you, because the differences in the necessary treatments in adults and children are very large. Personal dental insurance ensures that everyone only pays for the services they use. For example, in children, orthodontic treatments can leave large holes in the mothers and fathers’ household budgets. In contrast, in adults, this type of care is very rarely necessary. For the parents, tooth-preserving measures are primarily necessary, such as services for professional tooth cleaning, dental treatment and high-quality dentures. Since there are only a few dental insurance policies that offer excellent benefits for both children and adults, we recommend that you split the search.

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Supplementary dental insurance for missing teeth, test 2020

Supplementary dental insurance for missing teeth: tariffs in comparison & test

Loss of a tooth is not uncommon even in younger years. Teeth are often lost due to tooth decay, tooth root inflammation, accidents or gum disease. However, a missing tooth can become an obstacle when looking for private dental insurance, because some insurers sometimes ask for missing teeth in the insurance application and may refuse prospective customers or at least exclude the affected teeth from the benefit. Nevertheless, additional dental insurance can also be taken out for existing tooth gaps. More and more tariffs provide for the possibility of co-insurance for missing teeth that have not yet been replaced. However, there are a few points to consider when taking out dental insurance for missing teeth.

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Supplementary dental insurance for children

Supplementary dental insurance for children is useful to protect yourself from the high costs of orthodontic treatment. Because roughly every second child has a malalignment of the teeth that needs orthodontic treatment.

Statutory health insurance only pays for such treatment if there is a pronounced malposition. And even then, the health insurance company reimburses only 80 percent of the costs for basic medical care.

Which building blocks are important?

Good dental insurance for children covers a large part of the cost of treatment at Orthodontists – even with slight misalignments. The insurance should also cover dental treatments and professional tooth cleaning (prophylaxis) come up.

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Dental care for children: healthy teeth right from the start

As soon as the milk teeth appear, the right nutrition and dental care can create the basis for healthy teeth. DAK-Gesundheit pays the costs for the check-ups in children.

DAK-Gesundheit pays the prevention costs?

The cost of preventive check-ups at the dentist for infants and toddlers is borne by your DAK health.

The milk teeth are fully developed in children at the age of two, but the first tooth in the mouth (at around six months) is already susceptible to tooth decay. Dental prophylaxis is therefore a must for children as soon as the first tooth is visible in the oral cavity. Because: If damage to the milk teeth occurs, this often has ramifications for the permanent teeth. So take the annual checkups for the little ones.

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Dental insurance child »versicherungscheck24

Dental insurance child

Not only adults, but also children should go to the dentist regularly – as a precautionary measure or because there is a need for dental or orthodontic treatment. Professional tooth cleaning, caries fillings, fissure sealing and above all the correction of misaligned teeth are the usual treatments that are used by children. The respective measure is not only uncomfortable for most children, but also involves a considerable financial outlay for the parents. Because not in all cases the respective costs are borne by the statutory health insurance and if they do, then mostly only for the cheapest dental care. A special child dental insurance is a private supplementary dental insurance tailored to the needs of the child and is usually quite cheap compared to adult tariffs.

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Dental insurance for dentures »test winner 01

Supplementary dental insurance for dentures: Top 10 tariffs I test & comparison

Dentures can be used as dentures if so many teeth have already been lost that the tooth gap is difficult to close due to fixed dentures. A denture can either replace all teeth of a jaw (full denture) or just parts of a row of teeth (partial denture). Often the comparatively low cost is the main reason for choosing a denture. But the easy care and the high flexibility speak for this form of dentures. Nevertheless, the option of fixed dentures, such as bridges or implants, should be considered as an alternative. They promise better hold, greater comfort and a longer durability. Regardless of which form of denture you choose, high costs can arise, which are only subsidized by the health insurance company to a small extent. Private dental insurance, on the other hand, largely covers the cost of a denture or other dental prosthesis.

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