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From prophylaxis to dentures: We offer a wide range of modern, gentle and largely painless dentistry. Your permanent dental health is our goal. Please contact us directly on specific topics. We are specialist dentists and can help with dental problems.

From years of successful practice, we have a wealth of experience and are on the cutting edge of technology through permanent further training of doctors and practice staff. We can advise you comprehensively and prove our excellence especially in complicated and complex tasks.

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Dental implant, dentures: how much do dental implants cost?

How much does a dental implant cost in Munich

The dental implant costs depend on the individual case – on the number of implants as well as on the type of implant and on the degree of difficulty of the procedure. Patients have to expect an average cost of 1,000 to 1,500 euros per tooth implant. This form of denture costs is worthwhile. In addition to the implant including all implant costs for the material, this also includes doctor’s fees and other services such as X-ray diagnostics. If a bone build-up or additional surgical measures are necessary, there are additional expenses outside of the dental implant costs. The pure denture costs for the actual dentures (crowns, bridges) are also added.

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Gum treatment? The dipura dental clinic in essen helps dipura dental clinic in essen

Gum treatment in Essen


How important the gums are for a beautiful smile can often only be seen when the first signs of gingivitis appear: redness, bleeding and finally a decrease in gums are the result. Too little gum is often a sign of illness. The culprits are bacteria that hide in the gum pockets. Gentle medical gum treatment combined with regular professional tooth cleaning (PZR) can help. The method is also considered the best preventive measure against periodontitis, often incorrectly referred to as periodontitis. It is the most important option for periodontitis treatment.

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When does a tooth have to be extracted?

Before working out a denture concept to replace existing teeth, it should be clarified whether a tooth needs to be removed at all. There is no clear distinction between when a tooth is pulled and when it is worth preserving.

A denture without "Wackelkandidaten", teeth with poor prognosis can be planned better. However, extraction is not always the best solution.

In some situations, a tooth simply cannot be saved.

In other cases, the therapy costs are too high. General medical reasons may require timely tooth removal.

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Dentures costs; dentist price, dental treatment, dentures

Dentures costs

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Dentures, a collective term

It used to be dentures made of ivory or wood, like that History of dentistry shows.

Dentures costs

On cheaper dentures is the denture.

The dentures is a dentures how dental implant as high quality dentures for the missing teeth.

The information in Dentist Rate Comparison as in Budapest, To sing or Vienna offer one Price Range For dental treatment and dentures, because every dental treatment is individual.

Dental prosthesis costs

The Dentist costs for dentures are very different, because there are many different variants dentures.

In the Dentists prices respectively. Price overview of dental tariffs Germany, Austria and Hungary is the Dentures including treatment included, so Dental treatment costs complete with staff and the Cost of dentures. Thus, the Cost of dentures how Dental implants or dentures directly with the Dental practice costs or dental clinic be compared in the home country. Under Zahnprothetik one understands at dentures in dentistry the planning, production and integration of dentures and therefore also the Total cost of dentures or bioesthetic dentures. Dentures can only be made on a healthy socket of a tooth hold well and for a long time, because a tooth is defective due to caries (carious lesions) badly damaged, one is sufficient tooth filling not enough to keep the tooth functional. The tooth must be like a missing tooth after the tooth extraction be replaced with what one of dentures speaks. Depending on the situation, there are different options and dentures combinations how Dental implants, dental bridges, crowns or dentures as dentures.

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As Kroneninfraktion is the incomplete fracture of a tooth. The term is used in English "Cracked tooth syndrome" used.

It is a crack or crack in the tooth that is either limited to the tooth crown or that includes the root.

Teeth that have an infraction are for the most part already teeth filled with fillings. The molars are often affected because they are exposed to high pressure when chewed.

Symptoms – complaints

A crown fraction does not always cause discomfort. Often, patients do not know that a tooth already has an infraction.
Sometimes it gets involved short, sharp pain noticeable when eating. A common symptom is that Sensitivity of the tooth to hot and cold. Also one occlusal sensitivity of the affected tooth can occur.

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Dental treatment under general anesthesia

Dental treatment under general anesthesia or sedation in Berlin

We offer dental treatment under general anesthesia in our general anesthesia practice in Berlin mainly for anxious patients and extensive surgical interventions. This includes, for example, the insertion of dental implants or the removal of wisdom teeth if the procedure is complicated or if all four wisdom teeth are to be removed during an appointment.

If there is no medical indication for dental treatment under general anesthesia, as a patient you can address dental treatment under general anesthesia at your own request. If there is no medical indication, you bear the costs of general anesthesia yourself. If there is a medical need, the health insurance companies pay the costs of general anesthesia. We will be happy to advise you on the amount of the costs and possible medical indications during our consultation hours in our general anesthetic practice in Berlin at Alexanderplatz or in Berlin-Tegel.

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Dental bridge: types, treatment and costs

Dental bridge: types, treatment and costs

In the event of tooth loss, the gap between the teeth can be closed using a dental bridge. This denture can be both fixed and removable.

What is a dental bridge?

A dental bridge (short bridge) is a form of artificial denture with which one or more missing teeth are replaced. The adjacent teeth serve as pillars of the bridge, which can be used as removable and fixed dentures. The pillars are prepared like a crown and used for stabilization and fastening. There are individual dental bridges, but also those with several middle parts, which are used when several teeth are missing and need to be replaced. A bridge can close tooth gaps with up to 4 missing teeth. The different types of bridges differ according to the type of fastening and the materials.

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Dental treatment under general anesthesia - dusk sleep at the dentist

Tooth treatment under anesthesia
Counselor and dentist finder

Anesthetic treatments are not the norm, but there are patient groups that give the dentist no choice. This is especially true for young children who have problems with multiple teeth. When awake, a renovation would take a very long time and the child would have to be very willing to cooperate. Despite the honest efforts of all those affected, dentists know: Unfortunately, it does not work, and if it does, it works far too rarely. But even patients with physical and mental impairments find it difficult to access relaxed help. For this very reason, incubation anesthesia is seen as the only way to carry out lengthy dental treatment at rest.

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Dental treatment under general anesthesia - without fear

Afraid of the dentist? Welcome to the club!

At Dentalzentrum Essen we know how to deal with your fears and offer you individual solutions to lose your fears. This includes dental treatment under general anesthesia.

If you are one of those who are afraid of going to the dentist, you should not be ashamed or delay the regular visit to the dentist. You are in good company: Around a fifth * of all citizens feel just like you! The good news:

The best medicine is to just talk to your dentist about it. At the Dental Center Essen, we know exactly what to do if fear and discomfort – especially with an upcoming procedure – torment our patients. Maybe you have had very painful experiences in the past, maybe you are just generally afraid when it picks and presses and you do not know exactly what to expect. Because today, anxiety-free and painless treatment is no longer a problem in modern dentistry, as we have shown here for you.

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