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Modern dentistry enables effective and gentle dental care with innovative diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. The focus of our efforts is to provide patients with anxiety-free treatment in a trusting atmosphere.

The advances in modern dentistry are fascinating and the fear of the dentist could long be a thing of the past. Nevertheless, most patients experience a more than uneasy feeling when a visit to the dentist is planned. In the worst case, the treatment is delayed and unnecessarily long pain is endured or a tooth loss is risked. If you are looking for a dentist in Baden-Baden, you should make an appointment in our practice. A completely new dentist experience awaits you here.

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Private supplementary dental insurance comparison with the online calculator from

Private dental supplement insurance comparison

Save up to 50% in premiums and put a smile on your face

"If you can’t smile, you shouldn’t open a business" is an old Chinese proverb that has lost none of its meaning to this day. But whoever smiles shows teeth. Surveys confirm that, today more than ever, beautiful teeth are part of a well-groomed appearance and therefore an important factor of sympathy and success. But it is not only the appearance that is decisive that more and more people are undergoing extensive dental treatments. Healthy and beautiful teeth are also an important contribution to general physical and mental health. Bad teeth make you sick.

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Benefit from our experience with dental emergencies! Emergencies are not based on the time or the day of the week. A lost filling, an aching or broken tooth, sudden jaw pain or injuries to the oral mucosa?

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About us

The dental practice at Teplitzer Str 28 was founded in 1968 by Dr. Benndorf founded. In 1972 the dental practice was opened by Dr. Wolf-Dieter Zurhold took over and managed together with his wife dentist Barbara Zurhold for more than four decades.

In 2013 the practice was opened by the current practice owner Dr. Tilmann Skorzinski taken over, constantly modernized and expanded.

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emergency service

Emergency service for the Christmas days:

12/21/19 and 12/22/2019:

Dr. Ansgar warrior

24.12.19 and 25.12.19

Dr. Ines Groneik


ZÄ Meta Helene Hellweger

28.12.19 and 29.12.19

ZÄ. Kornelia Freie-Leppich


Dr. Margarete Ungemach – Herlemann

Dr. Günter Herlemann


Dr. Ralf Juchtmans

Bramscher Strasse 10

04.01.20 and 05.01.20

Dr. Stefanie Martin

Grosse Strasse 14

We wish you a merry christmas & Happy New Year.

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Our tips for emergencies:

Loosening of crown, bridge, inlay
If a crown, bridge or inlay loosens, you can temporarily fix it again using toothpaste or denture adhesive. Call us so that we can make an appointment for the repair of your filling or denture for the next day.

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Laser treatment at the dentist with dental laser (dentist laser)


laser treatment

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Dentist laser treatment

The Dental Laser Technology for the dental treatment and the tooth preservation continues to develop.

At the dentist will the Laser for drilling used only to a limited extent.

Dentist laser for laser treatment

At the dentist need dental patients and dentist in the Dental treatment with laser wear safety glasses.

Dentist lasers for dental treatment came onto the market in the early 1990s. Depending on the type, the Dental Laser or dental laser scalpel and or also drill replace partially or completely. Due to the germ-reducing effect of Dental laser the dentist opens up a wide range of applications for the dental treatments. With the Dental laser treatment All types of tooth decay and tooth defects can be treated, but not the processing of metal fillings and gold crowns. The laser technology with the tooth laser or soft laser etc. cannot be used for all treatments, because when replacing amalgam fillings, the use of lasers e.g. not possible. When placing fillings using the Dental Laser is the dentist able to kill bacteria in the dental fillings, which can often lead to longer procedures for tooth restoration.

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The cost to the dentist

The cost of treatment at the dentist can vary widely in Germany. The price differences concern both the actual performance of the dentist (i.e. the dentist’s fee) and the possible performance of suppliers such as dental laboratories.

Dentist fees

Basically, a dentist is bound by the so-called GOZ (fee schedule for dentists) and can only invoice a certain fee rate regulated in the GOZ per individual service. However, since the “level of difficulty” of a particular treatment can vary greatly from patient to patient, the dentist has the option of using a so-called lever set. Specifically, this means that he can multiply the fee rate set in the GOZ by a factor.

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Compare prices from Swiss dental implant specialists

Receive offers with a fixed price for free:

How do the costs of a dental implant arise??

Our offers contain detailed information on the individual parts of the dental implant – you choose a product tailored to your needs.

The tooth crown

The visible part of the dental implant consists of an all-ceramic crown. These are made to measure by a laboratory and attached in the last step.

The implant

The implant is the root replacement for the tooth. It is attached to the bone and after successful healing, the crown is attached to it.

Either titanium or ceramic is used as the material. Both are biologically very well tolerated, titanium is generally considered to be more elastic and therefore more stable, but ceramics match the color of the tooth.

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Costs of dental treatment for children - cost of dentist - tips on dental costs

Cost of dental treatments for children

Nowadays, every person insured by law knows that going to the dentist is not only uncomfortable for the patient, but also for their wallet. The cost of many of the services offered and rendered must be borne by the insured person.

But what about children who are co-insured with a parent? Here too, the fundamental benefits are covered by the statutory health insurance, and this is more in the area of ​​dental treatment for children than in adulthood. As soon as some of the first teeth are visible, many parents want to present their offspring to the dentist. Later, one or the other small caries hole in one of the milk teeth may be added or a tooth must be extracted.

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Dental implant costs (prices)

Prices in implantology & how you can save. Branded implants in the Munich and Starnberg area from € 580 *

Author: Dr. med. dent. Nicole Ettl
last updated: February 21st, 2017

consultation & Instant contact:

A simple branded implant, including material and setting, generally costs between € 1,000 and € 1,500 in Germany. In our WE Care dental practices in the Munich area, a specific, simple brand dental implant including material and setting is available from € 580 * – including a 5-year guarantee.

The Dental implant costs cannot be determined as a whole. they are depends on the individual case and sit down various factors together. They can therefore vary greatly from patient to patient as well as from case to case. Generally speaking, the more complicated and extensive a treatment, the higher the price. This post is meant to give you a basic overview procure the costs for dental implants (also in the Munich area).

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Children’s dental care
(6-8 years)

At around five and a half years, many children lose their first milk teeth. Read here what is important when changing teeth and taking care of permanent teeth.

Dental care in children aged 6-8 years

At the age of around five and a half to six years the time has come: the front incisors begin to shake and the first permanent molars break through.

Since food residues get caught particularly easily in the recesses of the molars and this area is difficult to clean with the toothbrush, the risk of caries is now increasing. In addition, the enamel of the permanent teeth is still very thin. Good care of children’s teeth is therefore particularly important.

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