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Dino Counting 123 Number Games

Watch your children as they play & quickly learn how to count and recognize numbers with Dino Counting. This mathematical game is an educational game to learn numbers 1-20. Designed for young minds and tiny fingers, the game-play is simple and without fuss. Learning numbers for kids can be difficult or less engaging for kids. This is because kids get easily distracted by other things around them. This is why The Learning Apps has developed Dino Counting, a counting game for kids where dinosaurs are their teachers. With cute and funny dinosaurs in this counting game for kids, toddlers and older kids will keep engaged while they learn how to count.

What’s Inside – Learn to count 1 to 20

> Numbers – Fun to learn digits and pronunciation> Tap & Learn- catch & count your Dino> Dino- You may find packs of different colorful Dino to learn to count.

Popping Balloons Kids Games Are you looking to help your kids learn how to count? Or maybe you want to teach them the alphabet in a fun, interactive way? Balloon Pop is here to help you with all of that. The way Balloon Pop plays is simple, you have a large number of balloons on the screen and kids will have to pick the one that has certain letters, items or numbers based on the desired category.

DinosIn this mode, your child will have to pop the balloons and they will hear the name of the dinosaur that’s embedded in them.

BirdsThe Balloon Pop Birds mode is super fun because kids can learn more about birds as a whole. There are lots of bird species here to spruce in the fun and make the experience better as well as more exciting than ever before.

Sea AnimalsIf your child loves sea animals, this category is a great treat. It allows him to learn the name of various majestic sea creatures.

VegetablesLearning the name of various vegetables is a cool experience for any child. All he has to do here is to pop a balloon and then you can hear the name of those vegetables fast and easy without any hassle.

AnimalsKids love animals from a very young age. And while learning the animal names can be tricky, Balloon Pop will help a lot with just a few balloon pops.

FruitsFruit names are hard to master for a baby or child. Yet Balloon Pop makes the entire process fast and easy in no time.

NumbersLearning how to count is a very important skill, and your child can master is very fast with help from our application. All he has to do is pop the numbers as they come by.

AlphabetIt’s great if your child learns the alphabet before going to school. And Balloon Pop has a simple approach here that brings in front amazing results and benefits without that much of a hassle.

Baby Piano Animal Sounds GameThis Baby Piano Animal Sounds Game has a unique Piano with Animal Sounds. The app has different options with sounds of different animals where a baby can have fun for hours tapping on the screen and learning new animal sounds. It’s aimed is to develop an ear for kids to learn animals and animal voices. This app will help your kids in learning and understanding different animal sounds with their pictures.

Baby Piano Animal Sounds Game Features:- Children educational game- Explore the sounds of animals- Fun animal pianos for toddlers- Fun interactive musical learning game- Play the piano with the sounds of animals

Baby Fun Guitar Animal NoisesAnimal Guitar is a Colorful, attractive and addictive Guitar with animal sounds the app has different options with sounds of different animals where baby can have fun for hours tapping on the screen and learning new animal sounds.

It will make any smartphone/Ipad a full of fun Guitar with amazing features like flashing lights, different types of animals and 4 amazing Guitars.

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