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Whitening costs

Most people today want white teeth based on the model of stars and starlets. Whitening helps to fulfill this wish. Most of the time, the yellow teeth are lightened a few steps by the bleaching process. However, bleeching also includes potential risks that you need to think about in advance. On our blog, we present different procedures for teeth whitening at the dentist with their advantages and disadvantages as well as price differences.

Insofar as you should meet fellow human beings with bright white beers, you can definitely make the assumption that these people, for example with bleeching, have discolored, used tooth veneers or other dentures. There are no naturally white tooth shades at all. Unbleached tooth shade levels are limited to a color image from beige to yellowish.

The normal color of the tooth changes over the course of life in each and every one of us humans. Influencing factors such as coloring substances in food, smoking cigarettes and cigars, certain medicinal products or even the death of tooth nerves ensure that the beautiful beers get darker with age. Mainly liquids such as specialty and cola or also white and red wine and also fruit juice can quickly turn your teeth yellow. If you absolutely do not want to accept a discolored tooth shade level, various teeth whitening treatments offer a way to bleach your teeth in your mouth.

One of the most popular bleaching methods is so-called in-office bleaching. The name of the method initially only means that the teeth whitening method is carried out in practice at the dentist. However, certain dental cosmetic studios also use this tooth whitening process. For this, a gel is brushed onto the dentition, which contains 20% hydrogen peroxide. It causes the organic materials that are responsible for the discoloration of the teeth to be broken down.

the bleaching process is often accelerated with a special laser device. It is crucial that the gums are secured during bleaching. This can be optimally guaranteed when whitening teeth in dental surgeries, so that the risk of gum irritation should be minimal here. After teeth whitening, the teeth are fluoridated. This is very important because it strengthens the tooth again.

The enormous advantage of this treatment is that teeth can be made lighter by several shades of color even with a bleaching treatment. The results are clearly visible right after bleaching. Teeth whitening costs are limited to several hundred. Possibly. the bleaching process can also be repeated to lighten the color level even more. Furthermore, bleaching the teeth in a dental practice is probably the most risk-free tooth whitening method. The end result lasts in about four to five years, depending on your eating habits. With smokers or tea lovers, of course, their teeth turn back faster than with people who are neither nicotine-prone nor drink green tea.

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