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Aesthetic dentistry

Teeth show beauty

A bright white smile with straight, even teeth is important for many people. Beautiful teeth create self-confidence and are well received by other people – give sympathy and signalize success and a certain lifestyle.

Whitening is a central topic in Cologne’s Zahn-Pan-Kinik. Our dental practice offers various beautification methods to give you a "perfect smile". A thorough dental analysis should precede all beautification methods.


Whitening is one of the methods to beautify your teeth to perfect your smile.

Cosmetic contouring

Sometimes it is the simple straightening of edges and irregularities that can make the smile perfect. This procedure is carried out after a thorough dental analysis.


The optimal aesthetics of beautiful anterior teeth is achieved by attaching all-ceramic veneers. We manufacture these individually in our laboratory in close cooperation with the team dentist / dental technician / patient.

In this way, slight tilting and turning positions of the teeth can be optically corrected. You can also use it to make “black holes” between your teeth disappear.

Tooth-colored posterior fillings and crowns

They are one of the methods for esthetic tooth care. We provide you with the most modern methods and the greatest possible care.

Aesthetic gum corrections

With minimally invasive surgical procedures using the latest technology, magnifying glasses and special suturing techniques, a beautiful gum line can be reconstructed.


With the most modern methods and know how – be it implant or bridge – we close your gaps.


With this form of invisible, non-stressing braces, we will put your teeth in the perfect place in a short time and ensure a radiant, winning smile.

New: The information evenings in the PAN clinic

We would now like to offer our patients a new service in our dental practice. In order to fully inform you about Invisalign and the treatment, we offer you an information evening on Invisalign every 2nd Tuesday of the month as part of our Info series. Learn more!

Dental hygiene

Dental hygiene is an essential requirement for the aesthetics of your teeth. Coverings, tartar and discoloration are carefully removed. This appointment should complement your aesthetics and health program regularly.

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