Discover top 34 of the most beautiful vacation destinations in the world: where on vacation?

Overview of holiday destinations

34 popular holiday destinations 2019

You are in the middle of planning your trip and do not yet know where you want to travel this year? Let ours 34 most popular and the most beautiful holiday destinations in 2019 – whether for summer or winter holidays. In addition to the classic holiday destinations such as Greece or Egypt, there will also be something this year more special destinations like Slovenia or Malta among the top travel destinations. As in the previous year, the Spanish islands of the Balearic and Canary Islands are among the leaders. Another travel destination that has become an increasingly popular holiday destination in recent years is the Turkish Riviera. When looking at the most popular holiday destinations in 2019, it is very clear that Southern European travel destinations are still trendy. But travel outside of Europe is also becoming increasingly popular. At the forefront are travel destinations in Southeast Asia such as Bali or the Philippines. In addition to paradisiacal conditions, tourists are particularly attracted to the experience of a new, unknown culture. Whichever holiday destination you choose this year: I’ll help you plan your trip, I’ll give you helpful travel tips and I’m guaranteed to have the right offer for you.


Turkey is one of the most popular holiday destinations for Germans. The Turkish Riviera and cities such as Bodrum or Side, which offer great hotel resorts directly on the beach, off the coast of the Mediterranean, enjoy special attention.


Egypt should not be missing from my list of the most popular holiday destinations. In Hurghada or Sharm el Sheikh there are great hotel resorts with all inclusive. You can discover the stunning underwater world while diving and snorkeling.


Croatia is becoming increasingly popular among travelers. Not only the coastal regions are interesting, but also cities like Dubrovnik or unique natural phenomena like the Plitvice Lakes. Perfect for a bathing or backpacking vacation!


Mallorca is not called "17. Federal state ”. The most popular holiday destination of the Germans shows off the Ballermann region for a party holiday, but also with beautiful beaches that can be discovered on a tour.


The holiday destination Greece offers the beach, the sea and exciting sights. In addition to the mainland with the capital Athens, Greek islands such as Crete, Kos, Corfu or Santorini are particularly popular.


Real beach vibes, wonderful natural landscapes and beaches as well as warm hospitality await you in Thailand. Particularly popular holiday destinations in Thailand are Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Chiang Mai and many more.


Spain has several great holiday destinations to offer. How about a vacation in the Canary Islands, for example? Or should you prefer to go to the Balearic Islands? The Spanish mainland also has a lot to offer. Decide for yourself!


Bella Ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao! Italy, the land of pizza, pasta and the endless coast is a diverse holiday destination. These include the fantastic beaches, islands and cities such as Rome, Naples, Venice or Pisa.


In Portugal you should definitely get a rental car to discover all the highlights of the country. Don’t miss the wonderful beaches in the Algarve and the sights in Lisbon and Porto.


In France you can immerse yourself in culinary dream worlds, visit beautiful metropolises such as Paris, Nice or Marseille or relax on beautiful beaches. The holiday destinations truly have something in store for everyone!


The Philippines is THE holiday destination for you if you are looking for incredible nature, paradisiacal beaches and less touristy places. Dive on Bohol, sunbathe on Boracay or relax on Palawan.

Have you chosen Bali as your next holiday destination? Then get ready for wild party nights, breathtaking rice terraces and quiet honeymoons on the great beaches. Bali’s dive spot is Nusa Lembongan.

Popular holiday destinations in Europe

Vacation in Europe is booming! And rightly so! Whether Dolce Vita in Italy, a rendezvous on the French Cote d’Azur or a cultural holiday in Croatia: Europe fulfills almost all holiday wishes. In fact, Europe has so much more to offer than Mallorca, Tenerife or Crete. I present you the hottest contenders for the most popular holiday destinations 2019 in Europe in front. The travel destinations presented here are not necessarily unknown, but still underestimated holiday destinations. So that you can get a first impression of the countries and cities, I recommend you take a look at my travel tips for the respective destinations. Of course, I also have it directly suitable travel offers ready for you. By the way: Some of the holiday destinations in Europe can also be reached by private arrival. If you not only want to travel cheaply, but also as ecologically as possible, these holiday destinations are just right for you.

Sardinia – Italy

Caribbean beaches so close? No problem with the European holiday destination Sardinia! The Mediterranean island offers clear water, powdery beaches and great sightseeing spots in Cagliari, Alghero and more!

Bled – Slovenia

If you are looking for an idyllic holiday destination in Europe, you will find it in beautiful Slovenia. Above all, the spa town of Bled with the lake and the quiet landscape is the perfect place for those looking for relaxation, but also for active and camping holidaymakers.

Split – Croatia

Do you want to enjoy the Croatian sun? If you choose the holiday destination Split in Dalmatia, you will not be disappointed: The beautiful old town, UNESCO World Heritage Sites and a promenade that invites you to stroll await you.


A beach paradise & Sightseeing awaits you: Stroll through the streets of Valletta, enjoy the colorful facades of the fishing villages or relax on the beaches in the west of the country. The holiday destination Malta is definitely the right choice.

French Riviera – France

The French Mediterranean coast is considered a jet set hotspot holiday destination in Europe and attracts mainly with French delicacies, hip port cities such as Marseille and Cannes as well as many, many kilometers of beach!

Algarve – Portugal

Surf spots, rocky dream beaches and a pleasant climate are among the top reasons why the Algarve is such a popular holiday destination in Portugal. Browse through the markets for the freshest fish and marvel at postcard-compatible sunsets.

Vacation destinations for summer 2019

Summer is the most popular time of year for a vacation. On the one hand because a large part of us are tied to the summer vacation, on the other hand because in the most popular vacation destinations optimal bathing weather prevails. At summer temperatures up to 30 degrees Celsius and sunshine all day long you don’t need any other reason to on the beach or pool to put on the rotten skin with a refreshing cocktail. The prices for popular holiday destinations can skyrocket in the summer months. I therefore always recommend that you benefit from the strong discounts for early bird trips or last minute vacations. This saves one or two euros for the following holiday destinations for summer 2019.


Many visitors describe Tenerife as the most beautiful of the Canary Islands. This is mainly because there is a lot to discover – above all, of course, Siam Park, Loro Park and the beautiful beaches like that Playa Bollullo!

Gran Canaria

The third largest island in the Canaries is the volcanic island of Gran Canaria. Look forward to varied nature, idyllic cities and sights like that old town from Las Palmas. With a little luck you can even go here dolphins discover.


Fuerteventura is a real paradise for sun worshipers and active vacationers. Treat yourself to extensive hiking tours, surf lessons or bike laps on the most beautiful beaches on the island like this Playa de Costa Calma.


Crete is the largest of the Greek islands and convinces with crystal clear water and beautiful beaches. Definitely have a look at Knossos Palace over and visit the old port in the capital Chania.


Rhodes has been a popular destination for Germans for a long time – and rightly so! Here you will find breathtaking beaches, culinary highlights of Greek cuisine and also in Rhodes city there is a lot to discover for you.

Kos has long been a real insider tip among Greece fans. In the meantime you will find a wide range of leisure activities in addition to the charming bays. I can especially recommend a visit to the Neratzia fortress in Kos town.


In addition to long party nights and lonely bays, there are plenty of sights for you on the world’s most famous Balearic Island. Look forward to the old town from Ibiza town and the Cova de Can Marca Stalactite cave!


Over 100 beaches in Menorca are waiting to be tested by you. The longest sandy beach in Menorca is Platges de Son Bou and there is also a lot to discover on the north coast. Hikers especially love the island.


If you are looking for relaxation away from the crowds, you should definitely take a closer look at the small Balearic island of Formentera. Sit down in a cozy beach bar in the evening or visit the Hippy Market in El Pilar!


The popular holiday destination of Dalmatia extends in southern Croatia, directly on the east coast of the Adriatic. In the region of Dalmatia you can expect fantastic sandy beaches and the famous cities of Split, Zadar and Dubrovnik.


The region of Istria in western Croatia is also a popular travel destination. If your in turquoise blue sea bathe and through species-rich National parks and want to hike nature reserves, then you should choose Istria as your next holiday destination.

Kvarner Bay

You will find the Kvarner Bay between Dalmatia and Istria. The Kvarner Bay is a popular holiday destination for everyone looking for one beach holiday envision. Unique beaches await you on the Islands Krk and Rab as well as in Crikvanice and Senj.

Vacation destinations in Germany

Correctly read! Holidays in Germany are becoming increasingly popular! No wonder: Germany is an incredibly versatile holiday destination. If Beach vacation on the North or Baltic Sea, active holidays in the Bavarian Alps or sightseeing in German cities: there is something for everyone in our homeland holiday type the right travel destination. Another plus: German holiday destinations can also be visited spontaneously, because no matter where you start from in Germany: You can travel by train or car in just a few hours. You only need a suitable accommodation? On you will find numerous hotels, holiday flats and apartments.

Baltic Sea

Due to its unique flair, the Baltic Sea is one of the most popular holiday destinations in Germany all year round. Thanks to the calm sea, the Baltic Sea is perfect for you beach holiday with a soft sandy beach, steep coasts, islands and bays.

North Sea

A vacation on the popular island of Sylt is almost a must for all Germans. Because the North Sea has a lot more to offer than a holiday destination mudflats, stormy waves and unique sunsets.

German cities

You can also experience and discover a lot of German history and culture in our metropolises. How about a city trip to Berlin, Hamburg, Munich or Leipzig as your next vacation destination?

Vacation destinations for everyone

Finding the perfect vacation destination is not just a question of price. Other factors are also crucial when booking a holiday. If you are traveling with children, for example, you are probably wondering whether a long-haul flight is right for your children (and your nerves) or whether you should choose a holiday destination in Germany or a neighboring European country. By the way, all-inclusive vacations are among the most popular forms of travel for families. Even as a couple, you have certain requirements for your travel destination. In principle, a vacation with your partner can be a little more luxurious and go beyond the European borders. Regardless of whether you are traveling as a family, alone or as a couple: the right weather always plays an important role. In my travel calendar you therefore get an overview of which vacation destinations you should visit in which month.

Vacation destinations with children

Regardless of whether you want to go on a cruise with children, stay in one of the Center Parcs, visit an amusement park or spend an all-inclusive holiday – with me you will find the best travel destinations for you Vacation with children.

Vacation destinations for couples

Of course, I also have numerous holiday destinations on offer that are perfect for couples. With my vacation destinations for couples you can have yours togetherness Enjoy to the fullest, whether on a city trip, beach or wellness vacation.

travel Calendar

Spring, summer, autumn or winter: In my travel calendar you will find the best holiday destinations for every season and month. I will also tell you which are the best holiday destinations in the School holidays are.


On a cruise you can explore as many vacation destinations as possible in a few days! However, this is only one reason why cruises are so popular! Everything you need to know about cruises can be found here.

beach houses

How about a vacation in your "own" four walls, in the first location to the beach? Be inspired by the beach houses in Holland, Denmark and Germany and soon wake up to the sound of the sea.

Ski holidays

Starting in October, many people will be off to the slopes! The ski season opens in Austria, Switzerland, Italy, France and Germany. Find out here where you can find snow-sure ski areas, the best ski openings and après-ski parties.

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