Holland holiday – the 10 most beautiful travel destinations – 2020 (incl

Holland Vacation: Discover the most beautiful travel destinations in the Netherlands 2020

A Holland vacation is always something special and especially popular with us Germans. Because the Netherlands is so multifaceted that everyone gets their money’s worth on a holiday.

No matter whether a holiday in Holland by the sea, a city trip, with children or with a dog – Holland is the ideal travel destination for a varied holiday. And a short vacation in Holland is also worthwhile, because many cities and attractions worth seeing can be reached quickly from the German border.

In addition, a holiday in Holland can also be quite cheap and does not have to cost a fortune with the whole family.

Discover Holland from a different side on a holiday.

The most beautiful travel destinations for a holiday in Holland


The capital of the Netherlands attracts thousands of visitors every year. No wonder, because Amsterdam is one of the most beautiful cities in Holland. With its dreamy narrow streets, the picturesque canals and the unique gabled houses, Amsterdam is really a dream.

The city is also very diverse. Shopping fans, culture lovers and party fans alike get their money’s worth here. Stroll through the Leidestraat and discover exclusive shops, visit the Anne Frank House or celebrate New Year’s Eve at one of the many street parties.

The most popular destinations in Amsterdam are the Rijksmuseum, the red light district and the Jordaan district.


The most visited and largest amusement park in Holland is probably the Efteling. The focus is on the fairytale forest with talking trash cans and trees, as well as stories about Little Red Riding Hood and Ms. Holle. Here you truly dive into a fairytale world.

Furthermore, there are over 36 exciting attractions that are waiting for you in the different themed worlds. The park is open all year round and is, for example, just 2 hours away from Cologne by car.


The Netherlands are known for their colorful tulips. Especially during the tulip bloom between March and May you can admire the many blooming bulb fields.

The Keukenhof in Lisse is always an absolute highlight for visitors from all over the world. Here you can marvel at the different tulips on 32 hectares and stroll through different themed gardens.

But the flower parade from Nordwijk to Harlem is also a spectacle that you shouldn’t miss. The best time to travel to admire the flowers is in the second half of April and the first half of May.

Cheese market in Alkmaar

Alkmaar itself is a beautiful city. The highlight, however, is the cheese market, which takes place every Friday at 10 a.m. on the market square between April and September. Here the old traditions are still celebrated. For example, the cheese dealers wear traditional white clothing and carry the cheese on wooden stretchers.

If that’s not enough cheese for you, you can visit the cheese museum. Here you get insights into the production and which traditional tools are used for it.


The smallest and one of the most beautiful West Frisian islands in the North Sea is clearly Schiermonnikoog. Not least because of the many untouched nature, the dunes, the one kilometer wide beach and of course the Wadden Sea.

Parts of the island were declared a national park in 1989 and the Wadden Sea is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Above all, the island is the ideal destination for a holiday in Holland by the sea for those looking for peace and nature lovers. Here you can enjoy cycling or taking long walks along the beach.


The small town of Zwolle is still an insider tip. So go there on your holiday in Holland.

What can you expect there? Many small picturesque streets, a lot of bridges and canals that meander through the city. An absolutely romantic vacation destination.

And because it is so small and manageable, it makes sense to explore the town by bike or on foot. Maybe you will discover some hidden corners!

You should definitely take a look at the Basilica of Our Lady, which is the symbol of the city, the oldest church of St. Michael and the Thorbeckegracht with its houses from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Burgers Zoo

One of the most popular destinations for a holiday in Holland with children is the Burgers’ Zoo in Arnhem. The special thing here is that the animals are trying to create as natural a habitat as possible. This means that humans and animals are not separated by fences, but by moats.

Young and old alike can learn about sustainability and research in the various eco-displays and gain new impressions.

Another highlight is the largest covered mangrove forest in the world, which was modeled on the mangroves in Belize.

The Hague

The Hague is one of the most important cities in the Netherlands, even though it is not the capital. Here, right on the North Sea, lies the political center with the seat of government.

But you can also find one of the most beautiful beaches here, in the Scheveningen district. Since it is not far from Amsterdam, the big cities like to come here in summer to enjoy a day off in the fresh sea air.

The city center of The Hague is also very charming and incredibly cozy thanks to its beautiful facades. You don’t feel like you’re in a big city on a holiday in The Hague.


An absolute gem when it comes to the beach and the dunes is the municipality of Noordwijk in the province of South Holland. The beach has been awarded the blue flag several times, making it one of the cleanest and safest beaches in Holland.

The opportunities for kitesurfing, rafting or canoeing provide action. If you prefer to take your holiday in Holland relaxed, you can enjoy sunbathing here or stroll along the dunes.

The beach is also an ideal destination for families, as there are various play options such as the Kids Zoo or the Space Expo.

Duinrell water park

On warm summer days, the Duinrell water park near Wassenaar invites you to swim. Here you can have an adventurous and guaranteed not a boring day with children on holiday in Holland.

This is ensured by the largest covered slide park in the Benelux countries, the water paradise Playa and the newly created outdoor area.

If you want to enjoy the water fun for more than a day, you can spend the night in the adjacent holiday park or on the campsite.

Popular holiday regions in Holland

The Netherlands has several regions for an unforgettable holiday in Holland. The most popular are by the sea and are ideal for a relaxing beach holiday in Holland. Here you can take endless walks on the beach, sunbathe in the sun and practice various water sports.

But the inner-rural regions also have their advantages. Because of the flat country, these regions are particularly suitable for extensive bike tours. This is the best way to get to know the area. And nature lovers and hiking fans will get their money’s worth on a Holland holiday in the rural regions, because there are usually beautiful nature reserves where you can go hiking.

More regions for a Holland vacation

Take a vacation in Holland, wherever and whenever you want

Have you decided that your next vacation is going to Holland? Then only the right accommodation is missing. Of course, there are a lot of great hotels where you can stay. But how about something extraordinary?

The Netherlands has a large selection of individual and unique accommodations. For example, have you ever slept in a bungalow in the middle of the forest? Or spent your vacation in Holland in a beach house by the sea? Ever heard of glamping?

In the Netherlands you have the chance. And there is also a large number of sleeping options for a family holiday in Holland, for example at the campsite or in the holiday park. Or completely crazy on a houseboat.

Design your Holland vacation the way you want it to be, so that it becomes an unforgettable experience.

You shouldn’t be seasick if you are extraordinary on one Houseboat on Holland vacation want to stay overnight. It is a unique experience for all water lovers to wake up from the wave swings and enjoy the lake view.

The overnight stay in one is a unique experience Beach house in Holland. These are right on the beach, so you only have to walk a few meters to feel the sand under your feet. Let the waves wake you up every morning.

Glamping in Holland means camping in a luxurious way. Here you have comfortable beds, heating, your own bathroom and in some cases a small kitchenette. And yet you are very close to nature with the unique camping atmosphere.

Holiday parks are ideal for a family vacation. Here you can rent a suitable holiday home and use all leisure facilities belonging to the holiday park. This usually includes a swimming pool, playgrounds and childcare.

Bungalows in Holland are small self-catering holiday homes that you have all to yourself. They usually belong to a holiday park with associated leisure facilities. Sometimes they are also rented out by private individuals.

Adventure awaits at the campsite, especially for the little ones. Nothing is more exciting than sleeping in a tent and exploring nature during the day. Lots Campsites in Holland lie by the sea, so that water fun is not neglected.

Holidays in Holland by the sea

Are you longing for the beach and the sea air? You just want to switch off and leave everyday stress behind?

Then do it Holidays in Holland by the sea!

On the one hand, the West Frisian Islands are ideal for a vacation by the sea. Each of the islands has its own charm and really impressive beaches.

But also on the mainland you can have a wonderful holiday in Holland by the sea.

Holland’s holiday islands

Holidays on the island are an adventure and there are 5 unique islands in the Netherlands.

Ameland, Terschelling, Texel, Schiermonnikoog and Vlieland.

Each of the islands is unique and has its own highlights that you should definitely discover on a holiday in Holland by the sea.

The absolute highlight on every island is the Wadden Sea, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Definitely go on a guided mudflat hike, during which you can discover the creatures in the mudflats and be as close as possible to nature.

Holland holiday by the sea

A vacation by the sea is always pure relaxation. In the beautiful coastal towns you can take long walks along the beach or through the dunes, enjoy sunbathing and enjoy the sound of the sea.

And the best thing about it? You don’t have to take a long trip, because you can get there easily and quickly by car.

Whether with the family, friends or partner, a holiday in Holland by the sea is a real balm for the soul.

Popular coastal regions include Friesland, Zeeland and South Holland.

The most beautiful beaches in Holland

Endless long beaches, the vastness of the sea and behind you the dunes. That sounds like a perfect Holland vacation.

This is actually not a problem in the Netherlands, because the location on the North Sea makes it possible. Regardless of whether you opt for a Holland holiday on one of the West Frisian Islands or for a beach on the mainland – here you can recharge your batteries and leave everyday life behind.

On the largest island Texel, a 30 km long dreamlike beach is waiting for you. In addition to lonely sections of the beach, which you can only reach after a hike through the dunes, you will also find livelier sections with cafes and restaurants.

The beach on Ameland is one of the cleanest in the whole of Holland and is worth a visit in every season. In winter you can go for long walks, sunbathe in summer or fly kites in the dunes.

The beach at Bergen aan Zee is one of the most popular beaches in Holland because it is also considered a soothing seaside resort. In addition to a lot of relaxation for the body, you can also practice water sports or learn to sail and kitesurf.

Not far from Amsterdam, Zandvoort beach is one of the most important. Water sports are very important here and even beginners have the opportunity to take courses. The highlight is the New Year’s swim every year.

Domburg beach is considered one of the oldest seaside resorts and the quality of the water and sea air is considered to be healing. The beach is also known for its characteristic dunes and beach huts, which you can also rent.

Not far from Bergen aan Zee you will find the beach at Egmond aan Zee. Here is one of the oldest lighthouses in the Netherlands, which has also been painted by numerous artists. And the 5 km long beach is also a dream.

Holidays in Holland with children

You are planning a family vacation in Holland?

The Netherlands is ideal for a holiday with the little ones, because not only the accommodation options, but also the leisure activities are very diverse, so there is no guarantee of boredom.

Excursions to the amusement park, the zoo or an exciting safari tour make a holiday in Holland with children an absolute experience for young and old. Not only does it provide variety, the kids also learn a lot on a trip to the zoo or the safari park.

One of the biggest Amusement parks in Holland is the Efteling. But there are a variety of other parks that provide fun and adrenaline with roller coasters, carousels and shows. Here the little ones can be completely themselves and dive into another world.

Would you like to cool down? They take care of that Water parks on your vacation in Holland with children. No matter whether water slides, baby bathing paradise or a covered swimming pool – you will find all of this in Holland and ensures water fun for the little ones.

Have you always wanted to go on safari? Everything possible on your Holland vacation. In the different Safari park you can be close to the animals and observe them in their natural habitat. Guarantees a unique experience.

Holland has some unique zoos to offer. This makes a visit to Burgers´ Zoo a unique experience, because here humans and animals are only separated by a moat. So you are right in the middle and can be as close to the animals as possible.

Holland is best known for the many colorful tulips. And every spring the country shines in a colorful sea of ​​tulips, which you can marvel at on holiday in Holland with children at Keukenhof or in Bollenstreek.

The miniature park in Amsterdam is one of the most popular Attractions in Holland. Here you can discover the entire Netherlands in just one day. In addition, the park is interactive and you can load a container ship.

Holland has a lot to offer for a family holiday, including leisure activities. It often makes sense to buy tickets for the planned activity online beforehand. These are usually a little cheaper and you avoid the long queue at the ticket counter.

Vacation with a dog in Holland

Would you like to go on holiday to Holland with your four-legged friend? This is also not a problem, because the Dutch are extremely dog-friendly. Dogs are allowed in most accommodations and there are dog-friendly rules on the beaches. On some beaches, dogs can even roam freely all year round.

The only thing the Dutch value when you go on holiday in Holland with your dog is that the legacies are removed.

Otherwise, nothing stands in the way of your unforgettable holiday with your dog in Holland.

Best travel time for your vacation in Holland

Due to the location on the North Sea and Central Europe, Holland has a temperate maritime climate. So not too warm summers and rather mild winters await you right on the North Sea.

Nevertheless, the summer months from June to August on the various beaches and also inland are the best travel time for a holiday in Holland. The average temperature here is 20 degrees in summer. In winter the temperature averages 2 degrees.

The further you go to the south of Holland and the further away you are from the North Sea, the warmer the temperatures will be in summer. And even in winter it can happen that snow falls here, which is rather rare on the islands and in the north of Holland.

Rainfall is generally fairly even throughout the year in Holland. So you have to expect rain showers in between, even in summer.

You can find the most hours of sunshine in the Zeeland region. Here you will also find a so-called irritant climate with a high iodine concentration, which is ideal for people with respiratory problems.

* The average temperatures in the climate tables have been rounded up or down.

Climate table Amsterdam (capital city)

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