Lll ▷ great birthday poems – the most beautiful verses for adults and children

Birthday poems

A birthday card with the words "Happy Birthday" has long ceased to be anything special. If you really want to surprise the birthday child, you have to come up with something new. So how about a birthday poem? Unfortunately, sometimes it can be difficult to find the right words. Fortunately, however, there is a collection of great birthday poems on this page, with which the warmest congratulations can be guaranteed.

The good news is that there is a suitable birthday poem for everyone in the world – you just have to find it. This is no longer a problem with our collection, because there is really something for everyone here. We have poems for all types of birthday kids – big, small, old, young, fat, thin, men, women and everyone else!

Everyone, big or small,
will be the birthday child once a year.
He celebrates and dances and eats cake
and laughs heartily at the nice words.

Birthdays are wonderful. No matter whether you are the birthday child yourself or whether you are celebrating someone else’s birthday – it is always great fun. Usually you want to give the birthday child a special treat. Maybe you have already bought nice gifts, organized an exciting party with family and friends, looked after delicious cakes and cool drinks and also ensured good entertainment.

What is missing now??
Exactly, the right birthday poem!

Because rhyming words are not only easy to read, they also enchant and are fun – that’s why they are perfect for congratulations.
With a good poem, even the greatest gifts can be improved. In fact, a good poem will outshine a good gift. Lovers of beautiful words simply cannot avoid impressing the birthday child with a good poem.

Have fun browsing and happy birthday!

Short birthday poems

If you want to give someone a special birthday present, it doesn’t always have to be something boring. Birthday poems are a great way to surprise the guest of honor and say something special. In addition, short birthday poems can both be written on birthday cards and given at the celebration in the form of a speech.

Copied or written by yourself?

The short birthday poems can be copied on the one hand, but only lines from existing poems can be taken and integrated into your own formulated poems. It is also possible to create the poems entirely yourself. It doesn’t take too much work for that. The poems don’t necessarily have to rhyme either. It is important that they follow a common thread and are easy to understand.

Birthday poems for a speech

Another possibility is to integrate the birthday poems not only in a card, but also in a speech. For example, the short poems can be recited before the candles on the cake are blown out. The poems then give you the opportunity to hand over your personal congratulations to the guest of honor in front of all guests present. This option is available both at a small intimate party with the family, i.e. at a large celebration with many guests. Even at a company party where a colleague celebrates his birthday, poems are definitely appropriate. It is also a good idea to make the short poems particularly humorous.

Congratulations briefly and succinctly on your birthday:

Your cradle festival is celebrated today,
You shouldn’t worry about that now,
because everyone wants to congratulate,
and celebrate this day with you.

All the best in the new year of life,
Nothing stays the same,
but the future is bright for you,
the next birthday is coming very quickly.

Friends, neighbors and relatives,
and other acquaintances,
know it’s time today,
so be ready from now on,
to celebrate the new year of life,
what it brings you will be seen.

A glass of beer or wine
May it be for a birthday.
In addition a good meal for you,
because you’re happy about that.
All of this belongs without question
to your day of honor today.
All the best for the cradle festival,
I only wish you the best.

You haven’t been a child for a long time,
but it is not difficult for you,
To look forward to childlike at the cradle festival,
you invited a few guests.
They celebrate happiness with you
to look forward and not to look back.
All the best for you today
very sincerely all you important people.

All the best and good luck,
everyone is getting older, bit by bit.
That’s how it is for everyone in the world,
even if we don’t always like it.

Time is inexorable,
and it’s time again,
Your birthday is here now,
and like every year
I congratulate you,
I wish happiness, relaxation and rest.

I can not tell you,
how happy I am,
To you these days
to congratulate you most sincerely,
Missing your birthday would be the most painful.

On TV and radio
there’s bad news anyway.
That’s why it’s a pleasure for me,
that it’s your birthday today.
It’s a day to celebrate and laugh,
and not thinking about the sad things,
that happen every day in the world,
come here and be congratulated.

today is a special day,
on which I would like to congratulate you.
You are now one year older,
you always have a lot to do,
but now sit back and relax,
I wish you health and happiness.

In fact, you can’t see it,
how quickly the years go by.
Every year at the cradle festival,
I always wish you the best.
But you shine again this year
to look younger than it already was.

Wine and beer are part of the festival,
that congratulates me.
All the best, good luck and enjoyment,
this is my birthday greeting today.

The time it flies, and once more
I come for your birthday.
I congratulate you from the bottom of my heart
and wish you a life without pain,
full of happiness and great love,
with lots of kisses and no blows.

A year is coming to an end,
a new one begins and is a turning point,
I congratulate you on this,
for the birthday now and here.

I can never forget one thing,
I’m very keen on that,
I always want to be the first,
for a birthday date.
Congratulations to you,
to celebrate your birthday.

Long birthday poems

The bouquet is already tied,
already selected the gift,
I found a poem for you,
I swore a lot too.

You will be XX year today,
nobody can believe it,
are still, that’s clear,
relaxed and relaxed.

Everyone likes to congratulate you
and celebrate with you ’,
everyone comes from near and far
Today, I tell you, will be pretty long.

You always gave a lot,
that’s why it should rain flowers for you.

You danced a lot and laughed a lot,
I liked to spend my time with you.

Even today you have reason to be older again a year,
that’s why we’re going to celebrate today as it always has been.

With coffee, cake and a few glasses of sparkling wine,
your day will be perfect like every time.

So now let’s swing our legs
and sing our favorite songs.

Cheers to you, that’s clear,
I’m looking forward to next year.

Choosing gifts is not easy,
I’ve always had a hard time.

That’s why I give you lovely words today,
You should never forget.

For me you are a great person,
without corners and edges.

Not only I say that of you,
but also your friends and relatives.

Always stay the way you are,
warm and loyal.

Then we will celebrate next year too,
your new number.

Unfortunately I cannot bake cakes
and don’t even wrap gifts.

It’s hard for me to find nice words
and serenades bring even more.

I hope you will forgive me
and still lend me your ear.

I almost missed your day of honor,
that’s why I quickly wrote these lines for you.

I wish you all the best and all,
I’m glad you’re here.

Now lift your glass and clink glasses,
We never get together that young again.

hard to believe, but true,
Today you will be XX year.
But before the celebration listen to my lines,
please linger for a moment.
Because rhyming is often not easy,
first it is funny, then it becomes shallow.
Then I want to serenade you,
But unfortunately I can’t sing either.
Please hear what I have to say,
it doesn’t last all day either.
You are … you gosh, how presumptuous,
now I have forgotten the text.
I thought for hours,
Goed through all night for that.
And now I can’t remember the words,
it couldn’t be more embarrassing.
But stop! Now they’re back
see the words too clearly
I wish you all the best
my dear, good animal.
So that’s it, I said yes,
I was never a poet.
So this bottle of sparkling wine for you,
I hid them especially for you.
We’d better clink glasses now,
so that I can forget this misery.
And maybe at your next parties,
I don’t have to be ashamed of your guests.

Funny birthday poems

Funny poems are always well received

Birthday poems are an old tradition that is becoming increasingly popular today. This is especially true for funny poems. They are exceptionally well suited to loosen up the mood and the course of a celebration and at the same time to spread a good mood. On the other hand, they are also a special form of recognition and affection for the birthday child, since funny birthday poems are usually not written in passing, but on the contrary, are a testimony to the fact that the well-wisher has thought a lot about the birthday Has.

Laugh at yourself

Funny birthday poems are suitable for many occasions. Certainly more for the birthday of a friend rather than for the boss but also the birthday of a manager can be loosened up with a funny poem. It is important that fun does not mean silliness. In most cases, subtle humor is more popular than a phrase that is too flat. The content of the poem should undoubtedly be associated with the birthday child. So a property or a regular saying of the birthday child is suitable for the red thread in the poem.

Funny means positive

The birthday child should be able to laugh at himself. It should be noted that it is easier to smile about aspects that have a positive mood than those that are generally perceived as negative. Also, the content of the poem should not reveal details about the birthday child that other guests do not know and whose disclosure by the birthday child can be uncomfortable. If the poem rhymes too, the funny rhyme for the birthday is perfect.

Here are the funniest birthday poems:

Gone are the days in their infancy
and over the celebration,
There was a lot of work to do,
you were never really free.

But today forgot what was all,
and don’t drink tomorrow as if,
lots of schnapps whether herbs or clear,
rather a hangover than grief and worry.

Take off your glasses and get your teeth out,
because today is your birthday.
There you can be, there you can live,
and lift the glasses on you.

Dear goodness, egg of the daus,
So quickly out of the youth.
But I tell you and mine too,
Please be happy about that,
Because hardly anyone can do like you, let me tell you,
Still look like it did on youth days.

Count wrinkles instead of stealing horses,
because you already have a lot of teeth missing.
Bubble tea instead of sparkling wine and beer,
But not today and here, please.
Your birthday is clear,
is celebrated as it was then. *

Happy birthday, dear friend
I wish you everything you’ve ever dreamed of.

But now stop with the kind words,
already see the cakes and the cakes.

Let’s eat until we burst
and of course smack loudly.

Then we drink and dance through the night,
so that it really cracks today.

All the best, all the best,
There is no rod for you today.
Because you’ve always been nice,
I want to read these lines for you.
You should celebrate and also sing,
People should bring you thousands of presents.
You deserve it, I have to give it to you,
so you don’t have to worry.
With sparkling wine, wine and also beer,
lives quite well here today.

The rollator is no longer far away,
You no longer like to do sports.

Better to sit in your armchair,
instead of trying and sweating.

All the best old man,
But today it’s your turn.

You should sing and drink with us,
without limping, without limping.

You don’t need a bouquet
and no gifts either.
I make no bones about it,
it’s enough that I think of you.

But I don’t want to be so mean today
For your special day,
I’ll give you a bottle of wine,
because I have nothing else.

You hardly notice your age,
rather your husband.
You spray with youth and verve,
while he can hardly move.

Next to him I am completely honest
Do you look twenty years younger?
For him that may be wonderful,
But a horror for you.

Oh, I made a mistake,
S is your father, not your husband.
I shouldn’t be sparing on new glasses,
hope you can forgive me.

Forget about your intervertebral discs,
today we want to do it colorful.

With a glass, it’s quickly empty,
You have no more pain.

So let’s party dance and jump,
and sing birthday songs.

Only tomorrow you will notice again,
How much the back can hurt.

Birthday poems for children

Children, especially young children, cannot yet pay as much attention when listening to stories. So if you want to dedicate a birthday poem to your child, I should follow a few rules. Please be brief, use simple, well-known words and, above all, write in pictorial language and read out with a lot of emphasis. It is of no use to wander far around the essentials, but less is more here. Get straight to the point, so to speak, fall into the house with the door. Children find it exciting, even funny, if poems also rhyme. For example:

For your happy birthday today,
Many dear people come.
There are cakes and pies,
Games, songs and words.
Gifts, big and small,
Believe me, these are all yours.

Even older children can find something positive in cute birthday poems. If they are written in an interesting and appealing way, they will be remembered and thus their author. Hence the following advice: Courage to write. The birthday poem doesn’t have to be perfect. It shouldn’t be written sad or boring. Humor is the motto and so at the beginning of the birthday party, the performance of a poem can be a nice start to an unforgettable day for the children.

Before writing, just imagine the recipient, their hobbies and birthday wishes, the invited guests and the atmosphere in which the party is to take place. These are many aspects that offer tons of ideas for a successful birthday poem.

Balloons popping,
Fall from the ceiling.
Gifts and games,
Ice cream and cakes many.
On the birthday throne
Sits with a microphone
Our birthday child –
Come and celebrate with speed.

Here are other beautiful poems for boys and girls:

Children are wonderful,
they are happy throughout the year
more and more on their day of honor,
that’s why I can say as a mother,
for your birthday my child from the bottom of my heart all love,
I wish that everything would always stay so beautiful for you,
as beautiful as it is now,
I want that you are happy.

I wish my dear child good luck for his birthday,
You should continue to develop, bit by bit.
I will always be by your side,
I will never leave you alone in life.
You can count on me, no matter what,
because I don’t want you to be sad.
You should be as happy as ever,
a pleasant glow in your eyes.

Children are a heavenly gift,
that’s why we collect our drink for your birthday
and would like to congratulate you on this today
and enjoy ourselves with you.
The party is already in full swing,
it will continue for a long time.
We really want to celebrate this day very much
and we can guarantee you that now.

On your birthday morning today
we wish you, my child, a day without worries.
We give it to you wholeheartedly,
You should spend it without grief and pain.
We contribute everything possible
and send you all your friends over.
You will receive many gifts, surprises and gifts,
you should feast on them today.

We’re sitting with you today on your birthday
and ignite old feelings.
Feelings that came up when you were born,
that is anything but absurd for parents.
We have been proud of you since you arrived
and feel inside with you.
We also show this to the world,
because for us you are more important than good and money.

We organized your children’s birthday party
and reserved a place for all your friends.
On this day you should be happy,
without regretting anything.
We wish you and your guests a lot of fun
and now everyone accelerates.
Then you can fortify yourself at the meal
and then cheerfully continue.

Another year is over,
Your birthday is coming.
We are now taking this as an opportunity,
to wish you a lot of fun,
with your friends and gifts,
but we give you to consider,
You should enjoy everything wisely,
because only then do the good intentions sprout.

As our child, you enriched our lives.
That has been stored in our hearts.
That is why we would like to make you happy on your birthday
and guide you with something special.
What you have long wanted,
is finally being touched today.
Your dream is now coming true,
we wanted to do that for you.

Today is the day,
we take a lot of time for your birthday party.
We will realize what you want
and could organize something for you,
that will give you pleasure and
Love spreads in our hearts.
Now look around what we have done for you,
I hope it works out now, our plan.
We wish you a happy birthday
have fun and all your friends here.

Birthday poems for mom

In addition to gifts and sometimes a birthday party, mothers receive a nice birthday card for their birthday. This is ideal for writing birthday poems for mom. These can be traditional poems or you can make up a few lines yourself.

Write yourself or copy?

Mothers are generally happy about every gift. For this reason, birthday poems do not necessarily have to be written if this is too difficult for you. The Internet offers a large number of already finished poems for every occasion. If it is mom’s birthday, the poem should still be thematically appropriate. So it should be about either birthdays or characteristics of the mother. If you want to write the birthday poem yourself, you should also note that rhymes are not necessary. It is enough if the meaning of the day emerges from the poem.

Birthday poems for a speech

If poems should not be used for the birthday card, but for a speech at the birthday party, then these should be kept rather short. It is also advisable to adapt the poems to the theme of the celebration, for example if it is a themed birthday party. Humor in poems is also an option. It depends on whether the guest of honor himself, and therefore the mother, is to be had for one or the other joke.

The most beautiful birthday poems for mothers:

For your special day, dear mom,
I want to tell you, I’m always there for you.
No matter whether today or tomorrow,
always have an ear for your worries.
But I also want to share your joy with you
and linger with you in many beautiful moments.

First you had to change diapers and feed me porridge,
then take me to school and learn math with me, oh Wei!
Pay my driver’s license and get me from parties,
I often stole your nerves back then.
But today you should be happy and free from all worries,
if you’re feeling bad in the future, I’d like to borrow my ear.
Time to give you something back after all the hard hours,
I’ll make up for it today, on your birthday, the round.

Back then I was always close to my heart,
I experienced worries and a lot of pain.
Were there every day for me every single hour,
I felt bad, there were comforting words from your dear mouth.
I can’t say more about your special day today,
than that I love you more than anything, on good and bad days.

I was once your little one, your beloved child,
you always took me by the hand when we ran.
Then later I didn’t want anymore, had my first friend,
But with the heartache you helped me and didn’t miss an hour.
I soon found my way, professionally and personally,
But I know today that it wouldn’t have happened without you.
You are the best mother you can have, I know that very well,
For me you are the greatest, most beautiful woman.
I raise my glass and drink on you with the utmost respect,
Who would have thought that such a lion heart is in a human being?.

Finally sunshine outside,
every year,
whenever everything is green and blooming,
let’s sing you birthday songs.
Just like spring colorful,
Yes you are too,
Celebration without end today
dear mom, your spring custom.

Whenever it gets colder
and it freezes all the people
it makes my heart warm,
because mom it’s your birthday today.
With cosiness and candlelight
a lot of cake and a lot of tea,
we want to be together today
and also celebrate in snow.

The leaves are slowly turning red
and detach from the tree,
Bring the family on board
and taste every room today.
Happy birthday dear mom
Only the best for you,
it will be a day, a long one,
at your honor festival.

The sun is shining, there is no wind,
You are the birthday boy today
My mother all the best,
from your little sugar sponge.

The spring bouquet is colorful and beautiful
Tied to you with applause.
Birthday wishes packed in there
with all my heart, that’s a fact.

Birthday poems for dad

It is a special day when your own dad’s birthday. In addition to the usual gifts, birthday poems are also a good choice. These are not often given to fathers and are therefore something special. Since the guest of honor is a man, choosing the right poem is not that easy. However, this guide is intended to help you find the right birthday poem that will be well received by your father.

Copied or written by yourself?
There are poems like sand by the sea, so there is surely the right one for every occasion. So there is generally the possibility to use ready poems for a birthday poem for Dad, which either have the birthday as a theme or fit thematically for other reasons. Then poems can also be written yourself. In general, these do not necessarily have to rhyme. It is important to consider which key message the poem should have. If it is specifically about the father, it would be advisable to include the characteristics of this person. For men, humorous poems can also be used, which make a joke or two about age.

Less is more
For men it is generally not always advisable to give the poem as a gift. It is better to include a birthday poem in a card or in a speech at the birthday party. This means that the poems do not have to be particularly long – just a few lines are enough. A poem can also be combined with congratulations in a card, giving the birthday card a special touch.

Poems for the father’s birthday

It only happens once a year,
it’s your birthday, dad.
That’s why I’m here today,
at the start of the new year.
May only luck give you,
and a good, long life.

You take care of me all year round,
but today I am there for you,
and congratulate you from the bottom of my heart,
with birthday cake and candles.

This day comes every year,
the father’s hair is not gray yet,
but the years of life brought him
steadily less hair.
Nevertheless congratulate here
Your children for your birthday.
Stay happy and always healthy,
always wear a smile on your mouth.

We’re having a party with Dad,
that makes a good mood grow.
We celebrate in a good mood
Your birthday here and now.
We congratulate and are happy,
dear dad, stay that way.

He is a bit grumpy,
sometimes its tone changes,
from austerity to fun,
always ready for fun.
So you’re dad, that’s nice,
To see you cheerfully for your birthday.
I wish you happiness and health,
You are the most important person for me.

Play soccer, tinker, read,
all of that was you for me,
you were always there for me,
that’s why dad i love you.
I tell you for your birthday
what you always mean to me.
You are the greatest and the best,
happy cradle parties.

A bargain for the special day,
and one more, for the one who likes,
I wish you a happy birthday,
only the best here for you.
As a father you are wonderful,
you were always there for us.

A great person who celebrates today,
therefore listen carefully to her people,
congratulates my dad,
because he was always there for everyone.
Good luck and blessings and finally
a big birthday kiss.

No one can be compared to you,
nobody can give you the water,
you can’t be beat as a father,
you always endured everything.
Happy birthday today,
Health and always happy courage.

Family man and workhorse,
Party animal and animal trainer,
you have always been everything,
also read in the evening,
you were always a calm, happy being.
Dad to your cradle party
we wish you only the best!

Just listen dear people,
Dad’s birthday is today.
His hair is a little gray,
not as dense as it used to be,
yet it is inward, dear ones,
always the same!
I wish you health and happiness today,
just like all the other people.

Good food or coffee and cake
you don’t have to look far today.
Because dad has a birthday today,
that’s why so many people congratulate you,
also i want to wish only the best
to your cradle party today.

Happy birthday it sounds loud
when dad looks at the post today.
Because he is celebrating his cradle festival,
the whole family is ready today.
She wishes you all the best,
right, dad, you’re exhausted.

No matter how old you get today,
my heart bursts with proud joy,
because you are the best father,
that’s why I don’t give peace now,
until you push me and I tell you:
I wish you luck for every day.

Birthday poems for grandma

If your grandma’s birthday is, the choice of suitable gifts is great. Birthday poems are particularly good for this occasion. Regardless of whether these are the gift itself, or part of the speech or intended for the birthday card – poems for the grandmother’s birthday are certainly always well received.

Choose the right poems

You have the choice of reaching for finished poems or inventing one yourself. In general, the poems should thematically fit the person. Even though grandmas may prefer simpler poems because of their age, it doesn’t mean that a little humor cannot be brought in as well. In addition, the poems can be themed about the birthday, another topic or it can be specifically about the grandmother, and therefore about her characteristics and the person herself.

Birthday poems for speeches and cards

If the poem is only supposed to be part of a gift, it doesn’t have to be particularly long. For example, four lines on a birthday card are sufficient as a poem. It should also be kept brief in a speech and should also fit overall with the birthday party. It should also be noted that the poems do not necessarily have to rhyme. Much more emphasis should be placed on the actual content or meaning.

Birthday poems for grandma:

Grandma’s birthday is today,
Many people came to the festival.
They come to honor our grandma,
because grandma doesn’t have to do without anything today.
The guests gather around them
and give her a lot of energy.
But Grandma also came up with something,
she would like to have coffee and cake with her guests.

My grandma is celebrating her special day again,
just today i want to let her know how much i like her.
No wrong, I don’t just like my grandma,
I love her, but it’s my nature.
Grandma has done so much for me
and always helps me so spontaneously.
That’s why I have a gift for her.
I hope she is happy about it like never before.

Another year has passed and Grandma is celebrating her birthday.
I take this as an opportunity to give a lecture.
A dear and nice one who honors my grandma,
that shows what is of value to me.
Grandma is just so nice and kind,
without them we are simply not complete.
Today she is in our circle
and will be recognized appropriately.

My grandma is just the best,
I don’t only say that on the occasion of her cradle party,
I tell her that as often as possible,
I mention it specifically for you every day.
She is always so happy to receive a compliment,
when she smiles, the sun appears on the firmament.
Again she was a year older,
she deserves an order from me for her help.

Since I can think,
my grandma pulls me under her spell.
She has done so much for me,
has always brought along a lot.
On her birthday today I want to thank you,
give her love without wavering.
Tell her how important she is to me,
she is and remains the greatest optimist.

Our dear grandma invited her to her birthday,
that’s why we follow the common thread
and visit them in their house today,
we don’t want to get out of there anytime soon.
We enjoy their company so much
and want a lot more of it.
She prepared a feast for us,
who loves to tempt us all.

Dear grandma, for your big birthday today,
you invited a lot of people to you.
They also like to come to you all,
that’s why we’re all here now.
Together we can celebrate and laugh with you
and do so many beautiful things.
Of course you are allowed to be a guest of honor,
Choose what you like to do.

We want to surprise our grandma for her birthday
and bring her presents and something to snack on.
She is happy when she can celebrate with her loved ones
and with her woman and man are happy,
that they honor with their presence
and nourish her heart with joy.
Grandma is a great woman,
All guests know that exactly.

Grandma is the soul of the family,
its nature is like a lily,
it is beautiful and colorful and so helpful.
She does everything very slowly.
It deals with things with heart and mind
and always gives us her hand.

Birthday poems for grandpa

If Grandpa has a birthday, this is a special day for the grandchildren and all well-wishers. The fact is that the relationship between grandchildren and grandparents is a very special one. As a grandfather, men often lose the austerity that sometimes distinguished them as a father and there is a particularly harmonious relationship between grandchildren and grandfather. Regardless of whether Grandpa’s birthday is an anniversary or not, a birthday poem for Grandpa is a great surprise and a great joy for the birthday child.

Rhyme or not rhyme

Poems of all kinds do not have to rhyme to be considered a poem. But if they rhyme, you immediately recognize them as a poem. There are different types of rhymes. Since grandparents’ birthday poems are usually not too long, two variants are often used. In the first variant, the last words of lines lying one above the other rhyme, while in the second variant the last word of the first is rhymed with the last word of the third and the last word of the second with the last words of the fourth line.

The year in review as a poem

It is a particularly nice idea when the grandchild takes in the best events of the past year for the grandfather’s birthday poem. This is also a wonderful memory. This way, not only can the grandfather’s birthday poem be recited, it can also be written down and illustrated. This way you have an additional gift for your grandfather.

The most beautiful poems for grandfather:

A big spoon of luck,
a great deal of serenity.
A pinch of good,
with a slice of cheerful cheer.
Seasoned with God’s blessing,
so let dear grandpa put the recipe in your hands.
All the best and much more,
We wish you very much today!

Joy spreads,
it is not far to Grandpa.
All are united for their birthday,
so that your face shines bright with happiness.
All the best from us all!
Let yourself fall into our arms!

Grandpa, we celebrate you today.
All sorts of people come from near and far.
Everyone wants to congratulate you,
even the smallest come on all fours.
Celebrate well! You are awesome!
And fill our hearts with love!

Only the best for the special day,
celebrate with us!
Grandpa, allow yourself this time,
everyone is ready to congratulate.
We lift the glass on you,
on your birthday and have fun!

Grandpa, put the newspaper away,
we celebrate and we laugh.
This day has only one purpose,
to make your birthday party.

The sports show also has to wait today,
the best place grandpa is guaranteed to you.
To finally start your cradle festival.
Our reception even more cordial.

Grandpa, stay healthy!
Your tummy is always round!
Happiness abounds,
today is the end of disciplines.
We cheerfully celebrate your life,
come on let’s get one on it!
The cake is baked,
huge, you lack the words!

Let’s finally start,
we don’t want to wait anymore!
Grandpa, you are our hero,
Your name keeps falling today.
Chocolates, ham and good wine,
should be on the board for you!
Live high and live cheerful,
go on like this for many years!

Grandpa, you are important to us,
that’s why we’re celebrating you right today!
Let the cork pop,
and ring out loud party songs!
Everyone agrees,
that’s how your birthday should be!

Today … you were born years ago,
Grandma has lost her heart to you.
We came into life later,
You have given us so much of your knowledge.
Now we are here to honor you,
we want to teach you joy and confidence!
Sit back, be the guest,
that’s right! You got it.

Time flies,
we raise our jug.
It is not difficult for us to honor you,
We love you, Grandpa very much!
Today we are there for you,
the whole big group of grandchildren.
All the best and good luck,
we give that back to you from the heart!

The sun shines only for you today.
Enjoy with bliss!
May your day be wonderful today!
For this reason alone, the sun shines on you.

The same day every year,
But none is like this.
No matter what may come,
Today we make it even sweeter for you!
Always stay the way you are,
even if it’s not easy in old age.
Your birthday makes you shine,
what do stupid numbers count!
Today’s moment is yours,
and nobody really takes this from you.

You were always there for us,
Warmth you saw in your eyes.
You stood comforting us,
even at the greatest distance.
We say THANK YOU and wish you the best,
To you today at your cradle party.

You are unique in the world,
not to be exchanged for a lot of money.
You have your heart in the right place,
You were never away from us for a long time.
Your efforts are endless,
and that’s why we make it clear:
Grandpa, you are the greatest! Happy Birthday!

Dear Opi,
You always had a good word,
visited us at every place.
A laugh that comes from the heart,
financial help usually came promptly.
You are the bedrock of good,
that’s why we hurry for the feast day.
Stay as you are, a person with a heart,
we honor you, this is not a joke.
For the birthday it should be said:
You are gifted for life!
All the best, your grandchildren

What should we give you?,
You usually give a lot more.
What will you think of us?,
our heads are completely empty.
We want to honor your deeds,
Give you a wonderful party.
Celebrate you as a person as you are.
Your warmth is so infinite.

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