Vacation in germany – 10 insider tips from the editors, perspective

Holidays in Germany: affordable relaxation at your fingertips

Vacation destinations from Alzenau to Werder – our 10 insider tips

Alzenau (Lower Franconia)

The Bavarian State Garden Show took place in 2015 in the small town of Alzenau in Lower Franconia. For this purpose, the town was really brought into shape, so that it still blooms everywhere in the most beautiful colors. The wonderful surroundings – the famous and picturesque wine-growing region of Franconia – invite you to take long walks and explore the vineyards. The nearby Spessart attracts with scenic hiking trails. We also recommend a bike tour along the Main that will delight young and old. “Alzenau is particularly beautiful for those who appreciate solid active holidays in nature with good food and wine. You can have it all here very well, ”enthuses the committed Bavarian Klara.

Bad Colberg-Heldburg (Thuringia)

“My insider tip: Bad Colberg-Heldburg in Thuringia. You can live directly below the Veste Heldburg (castle) in the old rifle house in huge rooms with cozy roof beams (with a view of the Veste). There is delicious food and it is not far to Coburg by car, ”reveals Steffi. Our editors are always enthusiastic about Thuringia. The many castles and the attractive landscape invite you to relax. The region also attracts with its affordable prices and central location in Germany. "Thuringia is also ideal for bike tours," reveals our bike-loving editor Daniel.

Darß (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania)

Many Germans associate the Baltic Sea with nudist beaches rather one-sidedly. Don’t worry – besides the nude, bathed swimmers are also welcome here! The Fischland-Darß-Zingst peninsula can delight with particularly beautiful beaches and sunsets, as our editor Alex knows. In addition, on the vacation gem, which has a very long coast, there are lots of cheap apartments, many events and great offers for all imaginable leisure activities. A very special tip: From September you can watch cranes on their journey to the south on the Mecklenburg peninsula.

Cheap vacation options between Bavaria and the Baltic Sea

Franconian Switzerland (Upper Franconia)

Franconian Switzerland is particularly known for its fairytale castles and high brewery density. "You can hike from one small brewery to the next or go cycling," says our editor, who was born in Franconia. For families with small children, a holiday on the farm is especially recommended – a great and active way to go on holiday, which is often offered here. The proximity to cultural centers such as Bamberg or Nuremberg is also attractive in order to bridge days with bad weather.

Lusatian Lakeland (Brandenburg / Saxony)

"It’s still very cheap in Lusatia and there are many beautiful things to see, but above all an incredible number of lakes," enthuses nature lover Caro. At Geierwaldersee, for example, there are many leisure activities for all family members. In general, the following applies to Lower and Upper Lusatia: from the riding stable and the Eurospeedway Lausitz to the dinosaur park in Kleinwelka, there is a lot to discover here – both for recreational and active holidaymakers. Conclusion: The Lusatian Lakeland is a young holiday region, which emerged from ex-open-cast pits flooded with crystal-clear groundwater and is an absolute insider tip as a renatured cultural landscape. Below you will find a price example for a week in Lusatia with 4 people for less than 555 euros.

Norderney (North Sea)

Perhaps not the most inexpensive travel region in Germany, but still very popular: the North Sea coast and its offshore islands – such as the North Sea pearl Norderney. When staying outside of the big vacation, the prices are low here too, explains Benjamin. The East Frisian island of Norderney has done it to our editor "because you can explore the whole island by bike". The Wadden Sea is known to be home to many species of water birds that can be seen here for hours. There are also cute seals and seals to marvel at, all of which keep you entertained better than any television program.


Editor Alexander is an enthusiastic Saarland fan: "Here you can go hiking, cycling and drinking wine particularly well." In addition to active tourists, Saarland also welcomes those who appreciate a slower daily routine with many small and large delicacies. The Saarland’s landmark is undoubtedly the Saarland loop with its breathtaking river landscape, which is no accident a popular postcard motif. "Really" it is of course even nicer there.

Saxon Switzerland

Everyone should have seen the Saxon Switzerland National Park in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains. The low mountain range mainly attracts hikers among holidaymakers. The famous platform, which can be reached via the Bastei Bridge, offers the best view: “The Bastei is an absolute must! The Königstein Fortress is also worth a visit, ”enthuses Janet. There is also a lot on offer for small tourists: lots of game festivals, railway adventure days, folk festivals, numerous hiking tours suitable for children, fairytale castles, amusement parks and adventure exhibitions. A real insider tip for a successful family vacation! Below you will find another price example for a week in Saxon Switzerland with 4 people for around 675 euros.

Werbellinsee (Brandenburg)

"Fontane already fell in love with this place – and once you’ve been there, you know why," enthuses SPARWELT editor Susann. The Werbellinsee in Brandenburg is a remnant of the last ice age and is located north of Berlin in the Schorfheide UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. There are many holiday apartments and rooms around the lake with direct water access. Everything is possible here – water skiing, sailing, rowing, motor boating or just swimming and relaxing.

Werder / Havel (Brandenburg)

There is a lot of water, greenery and good food with a view of the water in Werder an der Havel. The city in Brandenburg is particularly attractive for the tree blossom festival, which always starts on the last weekend in April and extends over May 1st. But even in the summer months, the recognized resort for cyclists, hikers and water lovers is recommended, because "here you immediately feel on holiday." The proximity to Potsdam and Berlin also allows city trips.

Everyone will find something here: Germany has many beautiful corners to offer.

Price examples: Saxon Switzerland and Lusatian Lakeland

Allow our example family

Heiko and Sabine Bergmann live with their two children Johanna (12) and Alex (8) in Frankfurt am Main. The budget-conscious family wants to go on holiday in Germany this year because they sweated a lot during a package holiday in Egypt last summer. Father Heiko insists on an accommodation with two bedrooms, mother Sabine wants to have as much nature around her as possible to really relax from the noisy city. The active children, on the other hand, hope for a great leisure time offer and are of course bound to the summer vacation season.

In Saxon Switzerland we find for the Bergmann family on from July 24th to July 30th. a two bedroom house for € 464. The reviews are top and everything is offered on site from WiFi to washing machine.

Because it is most comfortable with the children, Father Heiko would like to go by car. With a journey of 507 km, this makes an estimated journey time of 5 hours per journey and a total petrol cost of € 112.80. (Calculated on 7 l / 100 km; as of 04/04/2019).

Shortly before the family reaches their destination, they do a weekly shopping for around € 100.

Total costs for accommodation, travel and food: € 676.80

Also in Lusatia we look around for the holiday-ready family and find an especially cheap holiday apartment on Airbnb for € 333 from August 2nd to August 9th. Thanks to two bedrooms and extensive equipment including a seating area with grill, this also meets the demands of the young family.

In order to be able to launch the rubber dinghy on the Senftenberger See, the family prefers to travel by car. With 520 km each way and an estimated travel time of 5 hours, the family can expect to pay petrol costs of € 121.24. (Calculated on 7 l / 100 km; as of 04/04/2019).

A weekly food purchase of around € 100 is also planned here.

Total costs for accommodation, travel and food: € 554.24

A package tour for comparison: For a one-week stay in Egypt, the Bergmann family would pay € 1710 despite family discounts on a departure in Cologne – almost three times as much (found on vacation).

Editor’s tip: Center Parcs often offers great promotions. The holiday resorts are particularly recommended for families and nature lovers.

Diverse Germany: forests, lakes, mountains, big cities, beaches & more.

4 unbeatable (price) advantages of a vacation in Germany

Short arrival

A big advantage of domestic travel destinations is the short journey. Up to your holiday domicile in Germany you probably have to travel a lot less kilometers than abroad. (Unless you live directly on the border or in the vicinity of an airport.)

For example, it is even conceivable to travel by long-distance bus – and also to save money. An early booked train journey is also cheap thanks to savings tariffs. Children up to 15 years travel free of charge.

If you are planning to travel by car, you should make sure to refuel as cheaply as possible beforehand.

No exchange of money

Since you do not come into contact with a foreign currency during a holiday in Germany, there is no annoying conversion into a foreign currency. You are also spared the fees for withdrawing money that often arise abroad.

Rich natural and cultural landscapes

In terms of landscape, Germany has everything that some people think they have to take hours of flights for. Mountains, forests, fields and the coasts of the North and Baltic Seas: everything is represented here. Active vacationers in particular are increasingly enjoying the diverse nature of their own country. Fans of the Waterkant and its charms will also get their money’s worth on German coasts.

A wide range of leisure activities and inexpensive accommodations

In your own country, it is often easier to plan activities because you simply know what you can do where. You can e.g. B. Take your own bike with you on vacation or even let your boat into the water at a suitable location. If you prefer to plan everything in advance, you can look out for local deals at Groupon in good time: Activities there are much cheaper than on site. You also move on safe terrain when renting equipment or booking tours and trips, because after all, there is no language barrier – even if some German dialect can be real. This also makes it possible to simply hike or cycle and look for suitable accommodation in the evening.

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