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The ‘Alliance for the Heidelberg Family’ takes up the diverse desire of parents, at this point an overview of upcoming ones Children Flea Market Dates in Heidelberg and within a radius of up to 25 km. You have the option of entering your appointments directly here, we will then activate your entry. This is usually done within two working days, but can e.g. also take a little longer during holiday periods. We reserve the right to shorten long entries (especially for the "high season").

Please remember to be precise address Your flea market. For this we have generated a new input field, via which the location can be viewed directly on a map.

The dates are set by independent third parties, so we assume no responsibility for the accuracy of the information. We look forward to numerous contributions!

Friday 17th January 2020, from 7pm to 9pm, children’s flea market in Neckarhausen! With sparkling wine & morsel & delicious pieces of cake (also to take away). Breastfeeding area and baby changing area available. In the St. Michael parish hall (in the old Church), Hauptstr. 365, 68535 Edingen-Neckarhausen. Organizer: Flea market team + parents’ council, St. Andreas Catholic Kindergarten. Stand fee: 8 € (tables are provided) + 2 € (for clothes rail brought with you). Registration at: [email protected]

it’s time to make room for something new. Therefore, our flea market in St. Maria Kindergarten will take place on February 1st, 2020 from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m..

Setup is possible from 8.30 a.m..

Registrations can now be made at [email protected].

The stand fee is 9.00 EUR, in addition there is a 1.00 EUR for a clothes rack.
The tables (approx. 1.50 m) are placed. The clothes rack is to be brought along.

The physical well-being is also taken care of!
(Cake to take away too!)

The popular flea market for children’s items from the Catholic kindergarten St. Maria in Hockenheim will take place again on Saturday, February 8th, 2020, from 2 to 4 p.m. (set up from 1 p.m.). Stand rental 8 € / clothes rack 1 € (please register). Registration takes place at [email protected]. For our little guests, face painting and glittering tattoos are offered. And nobody has to go home hungry or thirsty &# 128521;
We look forward to To you. Your parents’ advisory board at the St. Maria kindergarten in Hockenheim

On Saturday, February 8, 2020, the parents’ advisory board of the Kiku Children’s Land in Heidelberg-Kirchheim is holding a flea market again! In the period between 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. everything is offered for the baby and toddler (clothing, baby equipment, books, toys and much more). The physical well-being is provided with coffee, cake and waffle sales.
Information for sellers: Stand fee 8 EUR or 10 EUR (with clothes rack), tables must be brought (max. 2 meters). Registration at :: Kinderland-kirchheim@kinder or 06221/7145562 (Ms. Blumberg, facility manager).

In cooperation with the St. Christophorus kindergarten, Eine-Welt organizes-circle a flea market in the Eugen Biser Saal, Merianstr. 1, opposite the Jesuit Church. Clothing for young and old, toys, books, CDs, DVDs, junk of all kinds are sold. Stand fee: 5 € plus a homemade cake. Tables are placed. Delicious cakes are sold in a cafeteria. There is a children’s program with face painting and puppet shows. Registration at [email protected].

date address description
01/17/2020 Hautpstr. 365
Edingen-Neckarhausen 68535
Map It
01/02/2020 Kindergarten St. Maria, Hans-Thoma-Straße 3
Schwetzingen 68723
Map It
02/08/2020 St. Christophorous Catholic Community Center, Obere Hauptstraße 6, opposite the Catholic Church
68766 Hockenheim
Map It
02/08/2020 At the village 9
Heidelberg 69124
Map It
02/15/2020 Merianstr.1
69117 Heidelberg
Map It
date address description



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