Dental treatment: anesthesia in children is the last resort

Brandenburg dentists advise timely prevention of anxiety

Sweets or sugary drinks: there are many dangers for small children’s teeth. Without good oral hygiene from the start, tooth decay can be the result. The first visit to the dentist in pain is a bad experience, especially for the little ones.

In some cases, anesthesia is required so that the dentist can treat the young patient at all. Local anesthesia, hypnosis or anesthesia – there are various methods. But not everyone should be the first choice when treating children, as the Brandenburg Dental Association (LZÄKB) explains.

"Anesthesia – both for children and adults – may only be used in exceptional cases. The fact is: Every anesthetic poses a risk of complications and for this reason it must be carried out in appropriately furnished treatment rooms and by a trained specialist in anaesthesiology", explains the President of LZÄKB, Dipl.-Stom. Jürgen Herbert.

Children prefer "enchant"

If pain relief is absolutely necessary, the dentist first advises other therapeutic options. “Hypnosis is a procedure in which the body relaxes, the pulse and breathing become calmer. This can also be used in children." Unlike adults, young children cannot concentrate for a long time. With the help of small tricks, stories or hand puppets, they can usually be “enchanted”".

Basically, it is the dentist’s responsibility to find the right treatment option in consultation with the parents and interdisciplinary experts such as the anesthesiologist. “The first priority is to educate the patient and parents about possible risks and to clarify the general state of health. One thing must be certain: anesthesia can and may only be the last resort of choice", Jürgen Herbert emphasizes.

The best way to prevent such interventions on a child is to maintain good oral hygiene and a regular visit to the dentist. “The parents are asked here. The sooner the children are introduced to the toothbrush and dental chair, the better for their future oral health."


The ZahnRat 76 with the title "No chance for the fear monster" addresses the fear of visiting the dentist and gives tips on how adults and children can deal with the panic.

With the help of anesthesia or general anesthesia, the patient’s consciousness or pain sensation is completely eliminated. The goal is to carry out diagnostic or therapeutic interventions. In contrast, there are local and regional anesthesia procedures. The pain is eliminated by blocking nerve fibers only in individual regions of the body.

A press release from LZÄKB dated December 18, 2012. Photo: proDent e. V.

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