Dentures »what costs and prices can be expected?

What does dentures cost and what are the options?

Dentures that look deceptively similar to your own teeth and can hardly be distinguished from them are available in different versions. How much you have to spend on this care depends on various factors and the subsidy granted by the health insurance company. In an interview with the cost check expert, we will inform you in detail about the different options for dentures and the expenses you will incur as a result.

How much does the supply of dentures cost in comparison?

Check cost: The costs differ greatly, because individual factors play a major role in every denture. Therefore the price range of this dental care is very high.

In the following list, we have not yet taken into account the reimbursement to be expected from your health insurance company, as this depends on the bonus granted:

Type of denture cost range
Single crown 500 – 1200 EUR
ceramic crown 700 – 1,000 EUR
gold crown 950 – 1250 EUR
Bridge, tripartite, ceramic EUR 1,250 – 2,000
Bridge, tripartite, gold 2,500 – 3,000 EUR
Bridge with implant pillars EUR 7,500 – 17,000
Partial denture 500 – 900 EUR
telescope prosthesis 550 – 5,000 EUR
full denture 450 – 850 EUR
Dentures with implants 1,400 – 15,000 EUR

What is a tooth crown and how much does it cost??

Check cost: If a tooth is largely destroyed by caries or an accident, it can be restored by a tooth crown, provided the root is intact. By replicating essential tooth parts, the original shape, appearance and function of the tooth can be reconstructed. For this purpose, the partial or full crown is placed on the remaining part of the tooth and firmly glued to it.

  • Size and extent
  • the place of the tooth to be crowned
  • and the material used

you have to expect considerable costs for these dentures.

Health insurance companies now only pay a subsidy for dentures Since 2005, health insurance companies have only taken on a fixed subsidy, the amount of which is based on the findings, taking into account the current state of the dentition. This covers 50 percent of the average cost of standard care (standard therapy). Even if you want more aesthetically pleasing crowns, for example in the anterior region, you will only receive this grant. This means you have to Dental crowns between 300 and 1,000 EUR apply yourself.

I need a dental bridge. What does it cost?

Check cost: In the event of tooth loss, the gap between the teeth must be closed by a bridge. The costs vary widely as they are dependent:

  • of the material used
  • the number of teeth to be replaced
  • the type.

In this case too, the health insurance company only pays a fixed subsidy for regular care, so that patients often face high costs. For one fully veneered, three-unit dental bridge, you have to expect an additional payment between 900 and 1,500 EUR.

The type of health care subsidy depends on whether it is in the visible or invisible area:

Area standard care
Visible (front teeth) At least partial veneering
Not visible not veneered dental bridge
upper jaw Veneering up to and including 5th tooth
lower jaw Veneering up to and including 4th tooth

Always pay yourself:

  • Additional costs for a full veneer with tooth-colored layers.
  • Cost of a veneered bridge in the invisible tooth area.
  • The cost of more aesthetically pleasing care.
  • The cost of higher quality materials.

As a result, the prices for dental bridges vary considerably. The Own contribution amounts to around 800 up to EUR 2,000.

What does a denture cost??

Check cost: Partial and full dentures can close larger gaps in the dentition. This removable denture differs in design and shape, depending on the number and position of the missing teeth. The condition of the remaining dentition, in particular that of the abutment teeth on which the prosthesis rests, is also reflected in the total price.

The cost of the denture poses itself

  • the fee for the dentist
  • the material cost
  • as well as the laboratory costs

What does a full denture cost??

A full denture is comparatively cheap Check cost: This is the cheapest version of the removable denture that is used in the edentulous jaw. The material and laboratory costs are relatively cheap. The dentist’s fee is billed using the BEMA fee schedule and is therefore within the limits stipulated by the insurance company.

The own contribution of the costs for one removable denture amounts to around 150 – 500 EUR. However, producing a prosthesis for the lower jaw is somewhat more complex, so that the costs for these dentures tend to be in the upper range.

What does a prosthesis cost??

Check cost: If several missing teeth cannot be replaced with a bridge, this type of prosthesis is the standard treatment. It is more complex to manufacture than the full denture, which is reflected in the price. The Own contribution for the staple prosthesis amounts to EUR 250 – 550.

What does a telescopic prosthesis cost??

Check cost: Telescopic prostheses are also called combined dentures because they consist of a fixed and a removable part. They are a good solution if the number of teeth remaining is too small for a bridge. The hidden telescope system is not visible from the outside, which is why this variant of the denture is aesthetically very appealing. There are no disturbing foreign bodies on the palate, the handling is extremely easy. The telescopic prosthesis also acts like a stabilizing splint, which means that the chewing forces are distributed evenly and the remaining teeth are protected.

This is not regular care, so you will only receive a fixed grant from the health insurance company for the corresponding care. you own contribution is therefore significantly higher and amounts to at least EUR 550. The very expensive double crowns make telescopic prostheses up to EUR 5,000 costs.

What does the denture with implants cost??

Implants are the most stable but also the most expensive option of dentures Check cost: Implants are artificial tooth roots that are firmly inserted into the jawbone. These serve as carriers for the dentures, for example a fixed crown or bridge.

Prostheses (locator system) fixed on implants are the most convenient and safest option, but unfortunately also the most expensive. For this, two to six, in exceptional cases even eight, implants are inserted in the jaws, on which the locator system is anchored after healing. This works in a similar way to a push button on a piece of clothing and offers a connection between implant and prosthesis that is as simple as it is secure.

On Dental implant for a single tooth costs about 1,400 EUR, fixed dentures using the Locator System cost between 7,500 and 15,000 EUR. Since this supply is not a cash benefit, you can only count on a rather small subsidy in relation to the expenses.

What does regular care mean?

Check cost: This is the name for the standard therapy for dentures, to which insured persons are legally entitled. This restoration is not only the cheapest solution, but also a denture that achieves very good results in terms of durability, stability and accuracy of fit. However, this does not always fully meet aesthetic requirements, despite the fact that the cash registers subsidize a tooth-colored partial veneer in the visible tooth area, for example.

How much is your own contribution to dentures??

Check cost: This depends on the care you choose. If you choose regular care, you have to pay about half of the costs out of your own pocket. These can be reduced even further by means of a regular bonus booklet; a visit to the dentist per year is sufficient. Be sure to have the bonus booklet stamped, as you must present this to the health insurance company as proof.

Complete bonus book bonus grant
up to 4 years 0 percent 50 percent (standard care)
5 to 9 years 20 percent 60 percent
10 and more years 30 percent 65 percent

My dentist offers me "similar care", what is that?

Check cost: The "similar care" includes the cash benefit and additional benefits. It can be, for example, a more aesthetically pleasing denture such as the ceramic veneer in the posterior region. Parts of this treatment are not a cash benefit, the dentist bills the additional costs incurred privately.

If the dentist offers you a "different kind of restoration", you will receive the fixed grant, but the denture is not a cash benefit. The entire treatment is then calculated according to the private fee schedule for dentists (GOZ). You will also receive the fixed grant in this case.

Why does the own contribution vary so much?

The own contribution is quite different Check cost: The costs for the dentures add up from different positions. An important cost factor is, for example, the price of the dental laboratory, since it is not tied to a fee schedule. If your dentist works with a cheap, but still good quality laboratory, this is clearly reflected in the costs.

Of course, the dental fee also affects costs. This can vary even within the same city. A thorough price comparison can therefore save many euros on dentures. Maybe friends and acquaintances have had very good experiences with a cheap dentist. Comparison portals on the Internet can also help.

Our tip: If you have little money at your disposal, you can apply for a double fixed allowance for dentures. If costs arise that go beyond the double fixed subsidy, the health insurance company also covers these in hardship cases. The denture is then completely free of charge due to the hardship regulation.

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