Emergency dentist lucerne

Emergency dentist Lucerne

. we offer immediate help on the same day – 365 days in the year

With competent and attentive procedures, we will find the cause and a targeted solution for you to alleviate pain as quickly as possible and to solve problems – even on weekends without surcharge.

Please fill in the following fields and choose your preferred date. For very urgent appointments, please use our emergency number on 041 417 40 40.

Dental emergencies in Lucerne

Emergencies never happen at a convenient time, and dental emergencies are no different. If you live in Lucerne or the surrounding area and find that you need emergency dental care, please contact us directly. We are a dental practice that specializes in a wide range of different dental services. Dental emergencies should never be ignored and when you call our practice we will do everything we can to ensure that you are treated promptly.

Most dental emergencies have specific characteristics: severe pain, swelling, or a broken tooth. For the best possible therapy option, it is important that your situation is assessed and treated immediately. However, there are also times when you are not sure whether your concern is a dental emergency or not. This may be tooth pain or increased sensitivity when drinking cold or hot drinks. This may not seem like an emergency at first, but should not be ignored. Any kind of pain or extreme sensitivity in or around a tooth is a sign that something is wrong. The earlier you draw attention to your dental emergency, large or small, the faster the relief or therapy that you need can be found.

Common causes of toothache

  • Hole in the tooth – Pain can be caused by any type of infection or caries
  • Tooth Sensitivity – Gum retraction can leave the roots of the teeth exposed and cause extreme pain
  • Grinding of teeth – Bruxism or grinding of teeth can cause teeth to become sensitive and damaged
  • Loose fillings or crowns can be painful
  • Broken tooth – a crack in the tooth can cause pain deep in the tooth
  • Severe, persistent toothache or other toothache
  • A broken tooth
  • A broken or broken tooth
  • Injuries to the soft parts of the mouth, including the tongue, cheeks, lips and gums
  • A partially knocked out (extruded) tooth
  • A lost tooth restoration, such as a lost filling, crown or bridge
  • A broken denture

Depending on the cause of your toothache, our dentist will recommend a treatment that will restore your oral health and prevent future damage, infection, and pain. Contact our dental office today to make an appointment for your problem.

When is there an emergency??

  • Do you suffer from toothache? Is your filling, denture or dental implant broken? You urgently need emergency dental treatment in the Lucerne region?
  • If you have a toothache, wisdom toothache, broken or broken teeth, or broken veneers, crowns, bridges, dentures, gum disease, a crown or a denture that has fallen off, tooth injuries, chipped teeth, lost teeth.

What do our dentists offer??

  • Our dentists treat dental problems the same day. Our competent dentists are experienced in the treatment of nervous and anxiety patients. With us you are in capable and caring hands of a dentist.
  • Our emergency center for dentistry and implantology offers excellent immediate dental services in the canton of Lucerne. Emergency dentists are available daily to help you with your dental emergency.

Take action in an emergency

  • toothache is the highest occurring dental emergency, in which patients must seek emergency dental care nearby. General medical suggestions for dealing with toothache are to rinse your mouth with warm water, then try flossing to remove any obstacles that can cause the pain. It is never recommended to use aspirin directly on a toothache.
  • Broken and cracked teeth are the second most common complaint from emergency patients. These are very common incidents that can be quickly remedied by visiting the dentist. You should take the broken piece of tooth with you. Using a cold compress can help relieve pain and keep swelling down.
  • a Tooth lost having is a serious matter. Most often this comes from a gum disease, but can also be from a traumatic tooth accident. Be careful to clean the tooth with warm water, not brushing or damaging the tissue. If you cannot reset the tooth, keep it milk until you go to the dentist.
  • Lost fillings and lost crowns are common incidents in the dental office. Especially if the crown or the filling are very old. Dentures are usually never permanent, even if the materials are very robust and long-lasting. If you find yourself in this situation, try to find the missing piece and bring it to your emergency appointment.
  • Suffering from one abscess can be very painful. You can get this type of infection at the root of the tooth and touch the nerve, which causes a lot of pain. It is important to contact an emergency dental clinic as soon as possible, as an abscess can make bad progress over a short period of time without a visit to the dentist. This can cause tissue loss (gums and bones). In the meantime, you can try rinsing the area with a salt water solution to keep it clean.
  • at broken braces or wires There is a risk of oral mucosal injuries from your braces or retainers. It is recommended to buy dental wax from pharmacies, actually, or to use wax added to braces for such occasions. Take a small ball of the wax and roll it up in your fingers, then carefully place it over the wire that is bothering you.
  • There are different types of injury, that you may have in your mouth, tongue, or gums. These types of injuries can lead to blood loss and can be dangerous if not treated properly. It is recommended to rinse your mouth with warm salt water to clean the affected area, and then use an ice pack to numb the pain and slow the bleeding. You will usually want to see a doctor or dentist at this point.

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