Exciting gift ideas for children and teenagers

Exciting gift ideas for children and teenagers

Gifts for kids & youth

Fun and adventure: adventure gifts for children & youth

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Have wonderful photos of the whole family. Please smile!

Learn to dive and experience the fascination of the underwater world up close

Chase through the idyllic winter landscape on a dog sled ride

Record your own CD

Be a popstar: be a singer for a day and show your talent

Cooking class for children

Practice early: give the little ones great pleasure with the cooking pleasure

Experience modern treasure hunt with technical equipment and have fun

Climbing fun in the high ropes course: Running through the parcours high in the air

Learn to ski from plow to sporty driving

The perfect gift for all animal lovers: be there for a whole day just for your favorite animal!

The cool alternative to a hotel room: spending the night in an igloo like the Inuit

Let off steam with the spray can and create fabulous graffiti pictures

Scraps for scraps of treasure!

Overnight in the castle

Like real castle owners: Spend wonderful royal nights together

An interesting and varied lesson on herbs and medicinal herbs in the great outdoors

Learn basic techniques in the climbing course and then conquer the mountain

Spend the day with the incredible huskies and drive sleds yourself

Diving course for children

Great fun – here the little ones learn to dive with professional equipment

On the drums with Tomtom & Hi-hat let off steam & Learn rhythms

Taste delicious types of chocolate and learn everything about the secret preparation

Conquer the steep face and reward yourself with a breathtaking panorama

Learn snowboarding: from the basics to the advanced movement

Go hiking with the meek companions

Experience wet adventure on the raft

Glide over the waves on the surfboard

Petri salvation! Learn the supreme discipline in fishing with tips from the professional

Adventurous sleeping on the tree – a different night

More fun snorkeling with the right technique – feel like you are on vacation

Llama trekking tour

Get to know and love the cuddly animals on a hiking tour together

Get going on sledges on the Husky Adventure Day

Holiday camp for children

An unforgettable experience! Adventure and lots of fun for children in the holiday camp

Spend valuable time together on a family adventure

Children’s treasure hunt with dogs

Scavenger hunt with the four-legged friends

For young and old: fun on a special sleigh tour

Happy Birthday! Make a child’s special day very special

Ready for television: train animals for programs and films

Husky adventure day for children

Give small animal lovers an entire day with their four-legged friends

Father child camp

If the father with the son – Have fun in the father-child camp!

Adventure and nature together: spend a holiday in a camp or camp

Ship swing was yesterday – pure adrenaline on the mega swing!

Winter break: spend a day in the mountains on skis

Adventure in the wilderness: getting to know nature from its challenging side

Learn everything you need to know about bread and bake fragrant loaves yourself

Swimming with seals

Get closer to the cute sea creatures in the water

Excavators drive for children

Here the little ones can drive themselves and let off steam on the excavator at will

Whale watching in the wild

Dog experience day

Spend a day with a dog coach and four-legged friends

Above the clouds. – experience training like astronauts!

Live like Winnetou: An unforgettable overnight stay in a real teepee

Chocolate can also be hearty: cook a delicious menu with the well-known delicacies

Train driver for a day

In the frenzy of speed: ride in the cab

Surprise little bullies and cool princesses and create unforgettable memories with unique children’s photos

Swim with dolphins

Experience pinball up close – spend time with the sweet bottlenose dolphins

DVD evening with a difference: rent a cinema for a private film screening with friends

Exciting adventure in snow and ice: building an igloo like the Eskimos

Create sweet temptations yourself under the guidance of a chocolatier

Self defense for children

Sport and fun: self-defense course for children and teenagers

Learn rhythm and drumming under professional guidance

Abrakadabra Fidibus – immerse yourself in the magical world of magic!

Summer Beauty Package

A beauty package for the hot season – with smooth skin in the summer

Up and away: Enjoy relaxing holidays for the whole family to the fullest

Fly a model helicopter or a model airplane

Recognize potential early on and promote strengths – the horoscope for children

catwalk & Co: Feel like a real model and pose

The special kind of sleeping place high up in the tree tops: Good night!

A fun girls evening with fun and photo shoot

Football training for children

The most popular game in the world: Learn to play soccer like the pros

For skiers and hiking enthusiasts: Climb the snow-covered mountain and whiz through the untouched winter landscape into the valley

Why experiences are the best gift >

Nowadays children and teenagers spend hours in front of the computer and the Playstation and miss all the carefree afternoons in the great outdoors. Experiences are the perfect gifts for children and adolescents, as they allow them to experience childhood and adolescence directly. It doesn’t matter whether you stroke a zebra in the zoo, go on a treasure hunt on a geocaching tour or go skiing on the water – children and teenagers can get excited about everything and let adults experience the world again. Make the youth happy with an experience that they can show off to their friends and that they will not forget for a lifetime.

What is particularly important for children and adolescents when it comes to gifts?

Gifts for children and teenagers should above all be fun and open up new impressions. It is best to experience it in a group, because you have more and more fun together and can immediately share the experience with each other. Children and young people always wish for a very special day on their birthday, so why not choose one of the experiences from the gift ideas for children and young people for this occasion?

What kind of adventure gifts children and young people are particularly happy about?

Get out into the fresh air and go high up for the youth in the high ropes course. Pure thrill when the kids swing from tree to tree, cross the abyss with a bike or master the final descent via a slide. The cheeks of the children and adolescents will be reddened by the effort and their eyes will shine with enthusiasm. As proud parents or grandparents you want to capture every moment in the child’s life in a picture. At a baby photoshoot, the little bliss of joy is staged in a professional manner and held for eternity. At the sight of the delightful pictures, the children will be amazed how small they were once years later.

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