Government, World Bank and donor countries to counter child labour in mines

Two 13-year-olds search for gold in a small mine in the Mbeya region of Tanzania.

2013 Justin Purefoy for Human Rights Watch.

(Dar es Salaam) – Children as young as eight years of age are working in Tanzania’s small-scale gold mining industry, risking not only their health but also their lives, Human Rights Watch said in a report published today. The Tanzanian government is to curb child labour in small-scale mining, including informal, unlicensed mines. The World Bank and donor countries should also support these efforts.

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No fear of the dentist

Text: Anna Castronovo

Why do horses have to go to the dentist?

The horse’s teeth are no longer evenly worn with our current feeding methods.

Photo: Anna Castronovo

Even horses have to go to the dentist regularly. Their main problem is not tooth decay, as in humans, but the irregular wear and tear of their teeth. There is a fundamental difference between human teeth and horse teeth: The molars of horses rub more or less evenly through extensive chewing and grinding. “The tooth is pushed one to three millimetres per year from the tooth socket for the rest of its life,” explains veterinarian and dental specialist Dr. Sophia Parzer from Karlsfeld. “Therefore the teeth become shorter, the older the horse is. If the abrasion is not uniform, malpositioning of the teeth or razor-sharp edges on the cheek teeth, the so-called hooks, occur. In horses, the upper jaw is slightly wider than the lower jaw, which is why the teeth do not stand exactly on top of each other. In addition, horses usually eat a lot of grain, for which their teeth are not actually made. “The more concentrated feed a horse eats, the less it grinds,” explains Dr. Parzer. “And the more roughage a horse eats, the greater the abrasion. That’s like eating wholemeal bread or yoghurt as a human being.” When eating grain, the horse grinds the grains in the middle of the chewing surfaces, making only small chewing movements so that the food does not fall off the side of the teeth. This results in sharp edges on the sides of the cheek teeth, which can injure the tongue or mucous membrane of the cheek. When the horse chews hay and straw slowly and for a long time, the cheek teeth grind with even and wide chewing rashes.

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publication history

Publication Date:19 February 2004 (online)

Summary of the

The aim of this study was to collect information on attitudes towards dentists and other factors determining access to dental care from German and Turkish parents. In addition, 829 parents received a questionnaire in connection with their child’s medical school enrolment. 811 (97.8%) questionnaires were collected and 778 (93.8%) could be evaluated. Compared to the German parents, relatively more Turkish parents had a negative attitude towards the dentist. In particular, communication with the dentist was rated more negatively by the Turkish parents. Thus significantly more Turkish than German parents agreed with the statement that their dentist often burdened them with feelings of guilt due to inadequate oral hygiene (31.2 instead of 5.6 %). 7.7 % of German parents, but 23.9 % of Turkish parents, found that they were not sufficiently informed by the dentist. The purely linguistic communication difficulties also played a subordinate role among the Turkish interviewees. 12.6 % of the German and 19.3 % of the Turkish interviewees found that they could not believe everything their dentist told them. Only 54.0% of German and 28.9% of Turkish parents knew that fissure sealing, for example, was covered by statutory health insurance. Dentists should be better trained in dealing with patients with a different social and cultural background. In addition, dentists should be taught a social rather than an individual approach to dental health problems. In order to increase cost transparency, dentists should display a price list of services that are not covered by statutory health insurance. Independent patient counselling should also be provided.

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Playing, researching, singing – in two languages

Our Berlin Kids International Kita is a bilingual day care center. The group work is carried out jointly by a German-speaking and an English-speaking pedagogical expert. The two languages English and German are thus offered equally as languages of encounter – just like most of our bilingual families at home. Our educators follow the principle of “one person – one language”. Morning circles, projects and activities are all conducted in the mother tongue of the pedagogical specialist offering the activities.

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Bottom maize in the Bavarian Forest

An incomparable nature, extremely hospitable people who feel bound to their traditions, a hearty, down-to-earth cuisine, many great sports and leisure activities for the whole family and accommodations that meet the highest demands. This and much more makes Bodenmais, in the heart of the Bavarian Forest, one of the most popular holiday resorts in Germany. Make Bodenmais your new hunting ground!

Bodenmaiser hiking tours

From the Silberberg to the Großer Arber, the Harlachberg and many other great destinations in the Bavarian Forest!

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Gabriela Gerstweiler | Health & Well-being | 23.08.2019 Health+%26amp%3B+Well-being

Dentist laser treatment: The laser is used, for example, for caries or root canal treatment. Photo: Adobe Stock, Robert

Gentle to tissue, painless and sterile – this is how dental problems such as caries, periodontitis or sensitive tooth necks are to be overcome by laser. Sounds fantastic. But does a laser treatment at the dentist deliver what it promises?

What is a dentist laser treatment?

Laser therapies are considered more gentle than conventional treatments and are therefore enjoying increasing popularity in dentistry as well. The dental laser (dentist laser) is used for

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Home ” Editorial ” Children of the Eifel ” Louis Wirth – American Sociologist

Louis Wirth – American sociologist

Son of a Jewish woman from Butzweiler

Louis Wirth is one of the great American sociologists of the 20th century. With his enormous versatility, he became known above all for his fundamental analyses of urbanization. It is part of the irony of the history of science that this eminent theorist of the city had his roots in the rural world of the Eifel and Hunsrück. Born in 1897 in the Hunsrück village of Gemünden, where the Jewish family of his father Joseph Wirth had lived for generations, Louis Wirth descended from the rural Jewry of the Southern Eifel through his mother Rosalie Lorig (1868-1948), who was born in Butzweiler. The paternal ancestors of Rosalie Lorig, a daughter of the Butzweiler cattle dealer Abraham Lorig, can be traced back to the 18th century in Butzweiler and the surrounding area. The assumption expressed – for example in a book by W. Vortkamp from 2003 – that Lorig’s mother came from a rabbi or scholar family is not correct.

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In the future, dentists will have to treat more and more elderly patients in their daily practice. Thanks to successful prophylactic efforts of our days, they will enjoy quite good oral health, but they will also suffer from restrictions and illnesses that come with old age. It is important to adapt to this growing group of patients in good time. The author of the following article would like to support the dentist in this and describes what new treatment concepts and age-appropriate practice procedures could look like.

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Warth is winter pure. Look forward to the snowiest ski area in Europe with up to 11 m of natural snow per winter and one of the most modern snow facilities in the Alps. Feel the unique snow quality on the slopes of our Vorarlberg mountain village at 1,500 m during your skiing holiday.

Directly opposite our 4 star Superior Wellnesshotel Wartherhof is the ski lift! Relaxed ski in and ski out for your winter holiday at the Arlberg.

The Arlberg: The best ski resort in the world 2017

The skiing fun here is huge: With us you can spend your skiing holidays in the Ski Arlberg network, which was awarded the best skiing area in the world in 2017 and is one of the 5 largest skiing areas in the world. If you wish, you can ski both in Vorarlberg and Tyrol in one day during your skiing holiday without having to take a ski bus. World class!

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