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      Lingokids is the playlearning ™ app in English that teaches children the basics through games. Lingokids is designed for children ages 2 to 8 and teaches more than just English for children. Your child will practice over 3000 English words and can learn about 60 different topics! It practices the alphabet (ABC), listens to audio books and sings songs in English.

      Lingokids is ad-free and 100% child-safe, so you can let your child (s) play alone. Don’t worry, you won’t be alone on this learning adventure! The cat Lisa, the chick Billy and other plush friends will accompany you all the time. Millions of families and teachers around the world use Lingokids as an entertaining learning tool. Join us on this adventure too!

      Your child will have access to hundreds of games, activities, songs, audio books and more. Our content was developed by educational staff and approved by our Oxford University Press partners.

      What will your child learn thanks to Lingokids?
      – Numbers – Learn the numbers in English and their pronunciation
      – Alphabet – writing and grammar games to learn sounds, pronunciation, phonetics and emphasis on spoken words and their spelling
      – Colors – Learn how to write and pronounce colors
      – Shapes – Describe and remember geometric shapes
      – Animals – spelling and pronunciation of many different animals
      – Food – vocabulary and phrases related to fruit, vegetables and words related to the kitchen
      – Up to 72 subject areas to be able to communicate in English

      What are some of the main features?
      -Kids area
      Here your child can expect hundreds of games, activities, songs and much more. Our writing exercises enable children to practice their fine motor skills, while the sticker album offers a way to practice pronunciation. And everything is very easy thanks to the child-friendly operation.
      -Parents Area
      Designed just for you! You have access to progress reports, you can see all units and topics in the curriculum section and you can keep up to date with your child’s learning activities thanks to the timeline. You can also access the account settings.

      What plans can I choose from??
      Lingokids Unlimited – Get access to hundreds of games, special features, additional learning materials and weekly progress reports. Sign up for a trial version of Lingokids Unlimited!
      Lingokids Basic – Completely free, forever. But you only get access to 3 games a day and cannot enjoy any special features.

      Subscription details
      -This app offers a 1 month subscription to Lingokids Unlimited
      -There is also a free, limited version of Lingokids Basic from this app
      -Your payment will be processed through your iTunes account upon confirmation of purchase
      -Your subscription will automatically renew every 24 hours before the current period expires and your credit card will be charged to your iTunes account, unless you have disabled the automatic renewal option at least 24 hours before the current period expires
      -You can disable the automatic renewal option at any time in your iTunes settings
      Unused elements of the free trial will expire if you subscribe.

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